A Cast of Characters

These people are mentioned in some way throughout my journal. I am no longer in touch with the vastest number of them. Aside from a few relatives and others, I believe most are still among the living. If you know where one or the other might be found, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Tom Carter
Friend and co-worker at the Joliet Public Library.
Julienne Cienkowski
Student at St. Francis Academy; fine singer.
Miss Kate Clobucher
Was affectionately known to us as "Crazy Kate", queen of downtown street-life. Believed to be deceased.
Fr. Rock Colosimo
My senior year English teacher; no longer a Carmelite priest.
Barbara Cooke
Student at St. Francis Academy; fine singer.
Wally Dimmick
Classmate at JCHS.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards
Neighbors down the street.
Mr. Gannon
Sociology teacher and coach at JCHS.
Hopeton Gray
My Jamaican pen pal; introduced through Miss Jay; never did meet him.
Karen Green
Good friend who worked with me at the Joliet Public Library and took me seriously as a poet.
Fr. Gerry Heinen
My senior year Religion teacher until an accident put him in the hospital; survived the accident, now deceased.
Fr. Jim Holup
Assistant pastor at St. Paul the Apostle.
Miss Charlotte Jay
Friend of Mom, gift shop owner, very nice lady.
Sr. Jeremy
A Franciscan sister; friend of the family.
Dave Jerzycki
Kid who worked for awhile at the library.
Mark Jones
Friend; one of the guys I'd hang with at JCHS.
One of my bosses at the library.
Fr. Phil Kenny
Director of freshman seminarians at Mount Carmel College; no longer a Carmelite priest.
Gary Kezele
Friend at JCHS who entered the Carmelite seminary with me...and eventually left.
Linda Krumlinde
Funny friend and co-worker at the Joliet Public Library.
Larry Lindholm
Friend who ventured out with us to see Mt. Carmel, Niagara.
Mary Kay
My friend. I do not give her last name because of some things I have written here...not to keep her from reading this, but to respect her privacy.
The McCarrens
My aunt, uncle and cousins. More fun to be around than I suggest here.
Mike McHugh
Eventual friend who took the trip to Niagara and signed up with the Carmelites...and left much later.
Fr. Bill McMahon
My senior year Advanced Placement U.S.History teacher; no longer a Carmelite priest.
Fr. Gordon Michels
Founding pastor of St. Paul the Apostle Church;deceased.
Fr. Finian Murphy
Guidance Counselor at JCHS; no longer a Carmelite priest. No relation.
John Murphy, Jr.
My older brother.
John Murphy, Sr.
My hard-working Dad; deceased.
Mary Margaret Murphy
My beautiful Mom.
Mary Therese Murphy
My older sister.
Tom Murphy
My wonderful self.
Tom Musich
Friend from JCHS.
Bob Petrusa
Freshman at Mt. Carmel Niagara, from Joliet.
Aunt Marg Peyla
Uh...my lovely aunt of some kind; deceased.
Joe Quigley
Kid from JCHS who traveled to Niagara; nice guy.
Sr. Rochelle
Director of plays at St. Francis Academy. I am much too unkind to her here.
Felix Rossi
My awesome grandfather; deceased.
Fr. Kellen Ryan
Carmelite priest who took over Fr. Gerry's religion classes after his accident. Later died in an accident himself.
John Stager
Freshman at Mt. Carmel Niagara; talented artist; we got to know each other better in Milwaukee.
Bill Theobald
Friend in Marquette Gardens.
Fr. Ed Ward
From my older brother's class at St. Paul's; friend of the family; still a Carmelite priest.

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