The Colonial Dinner Party

Authors: William Bradford, Jonathan Edwards, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Phillis Wheatley, Thomas Paine, Olaudah Equiano, Cotton Mather

I. The Invitation (written or approved by whole group)
Who is hosting?
What is the occasion?
Where and when will it be held?
Formal or informal dress?

II. The Seating Chart (approved by whole group)
Who must sit next to/across from whom?
Who must not sit near whom?
Will you seat to promote ease or controversy?
What shape table will be used?

III. The Conversation Scripts (written by subgroups)
What is said before during and/or after dinner?
Who says it?

IV. The Letter (writen by individuals)
What does your author have to say about the party once it is over?
What will this letter reveal about the deep beliefs of your author?
When will your author be writing this? The next day? Ten years later?

Learn as much as you can about your author's life.
For example:
What do you know about his/her wife, husband and children (if any)?
What was important to him or her?
What were some of his/her high points and low points?

Learn what you can about ordinary colonial life in the 17th and 18th centuries.
What did they eat? How did the dress? How would they travel?

Divide the work (that which can be divided) equally among your group. Keep everything well-organized.