I'm Nobody!

An Emily Dickinson
PowerPoint Project

During these two days in the computer lab, you will each be preparing a PowerPoint slide show on selected poems by Emily Dickinson.

[1] Select the Poems

Go to The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

Spend some time (15-20 minutes) browsing. Select two (2) poems for your project. It would help if you liked these poems. But you might also be puzzled by some aspect of them. Do not choose any of the poems which are also in our class anthology or posted at the message board. Your selections should be your own fresh discoveries that you want to explore and share with the class.

[2] Create a PowerPoint Slide Show

Present each poem in an attractive, READABLE format (use more than one slide for longer poems) -- and do all or some of the following:

  • show, discuss, indicate, or explain the qualities of the poem that appeal to you;
  • paraphrase the poem
  • discuss the central metaphor or images of the poem
  • raise questions about your own uncertainty over some feature of the poem;
  • explain difficult or significant words and phrases
  • include VERY RELEVANT illustrations; the image search at Google is handy;
  • relate the poem to our contemporary concerns.

[3] Hints

  • Use your time well; we only have two days.
  • Visit Virtual Emily for biographical information.
  • Another brief biography is at The Columbia Encyclopedia.
  • To read some of the "edited" versions of her poems, visit Bartleby.
  • Save everything to your own floppy disk. Save it often.