This project should be well-planned and well-executed. Keep the focus on your theme. I am looking for a very classy end-product. Please choose wisely.

It is due on Tuesday, March 4. If you have a creative idea for the exploration of your theme that is not listed below, see me about it.

Each of these projects must be accompanied by a one-page, double-spaced reflection on your own learning process throughout the project.


Write a song that explores and explains your selected theme from the story. Use the style and language of the book to help you set the mood and tone of your song.
After you have written your song, design a poster or sheet music cover for the song to display in your classroom. Actually singing and/or recording the song is required.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider as you begin your composition:
Is the book written in a particular dialect that sounds like jazz, rock and roll, or country?
Who will sing your song (the author, a reader, a main character, or a minor character on the sidelines)?
Will you compose your song to the rhythm and melody of a song you know well, or create your own original piece? Either is acceptable, but the lyrics must be your own.
What musical genre will you select (e.g., ballad, rock and roll, rap, pop, jazz, classical, country and western)?


Write a theme analysis essay, citing passages and evidence from throughout the range of the novel to support your own good thesis. In other words, write an essay that shows how your theme operates throughout the book. Cite specific passages to support your thesis. Standard MLA form is required.

A THEMATIC BOX (Huck's memory box?)

Your grand finale for our study of Huckleberry Finn will be to create your own Huck Finn theme-box. The contents and design of this box will focus on your developed theme from the book.

Here's how to do it:
Get an old (or new, if you prefer) box of some kind. The size is also up to you.
Use permanent ink markers, paper, cloth, wood, paints (but no oil paint), glue (the sky's the limit here, folks).
Cover the box with favorite lines from Huckleberry Finn that relate to your theme; also include designs. You can also add sayings from Mark Twain (relevant to your theme even if they're not in the novel). No part of the box should have any BLANK SPACE once it is completed.
What can go into the box: whatever fits (both the box and your theme): physical objects (related to or symbolic of the theme) and verbal relics (letters, posters, tickets, newspaper clippings).


Design a CD cover and liner notes that implement your theme from the novel. You will be judged according to artistic ability and layout.
Come up with at least six original song titles that demonstrate aspects of the theme in the book. You will need to WRITE LYRICS for one of the songs to appear on the liner notes.
Choose at least four existing songs that fit the theme of your album. You will include the lyrics for these songs as well on the liner notes.
Examine several sets of liner notes as you prepare this project. I will be looking for: a discussion of each of the songs (yes, I know that you will have written only one, but imagine what the others might be like and describe or comment on each), acknowledgments, instrumentation, songwriters, recording date and location, etc.


Same as the cd case; design a book cover that emphasizes your theme from the novel. To begin, study the design of several actual book covers; notice how each of the various parts is treated.

On the FRONT COVER you need to create a strong graphic image that expresses some aspect of your theme. You need to include Huck and Jim; the other two will be your choice. Draw the characters. Tell me what each character's main role was, his/her importance in the novel, what he/she contributed, his/her personality, etc.
On the SPINE you need to include not only the book's title but also the publisher's name and logo (an image related to the theme?).
On the FRONT INSIDE FLAP you should provide an introduction to the novel that emphasizes how your theme is a major feature of the story.
On the BACK INSIDE FLAP you should introduce the author (this should include a picture of Twain) with some biographical information that highlights his attitudes regarding your theme (maybe you can find a non-novel statement from Twain on your theme).
On the BACK COVER you should present some real or imagined blurbs from the reviewers and critics.


Create a chart/poster/visual display that presents to viewers your understandings of how your theme is used in the book.

Examples should range from throughout the book. Use exact quotations, summary statements, illustrations, maps, or other graphic devices to communicate your understanding. Create a visually interesting, intellectually satisfying, comprehensible display.

Design mini-posters/layouts on ordinary paper before transferring to large poster.

As an example, consider these types of questions. If your theme is "Conscience": How will you visually present your understanding of Huck's struggle with his conscience? What are the key scenes? What are the conflicts? What are the one, two, or three main things we should know about Huck and his conscience? What images does Huck himself use to talk about his conscience?


Construct a website or blog that a significant character might design. This should reflect in many ways your understandings about your assigned theme. See me to discuss the possibilities.

WARNING TO ALL: If you will be preparing a project that may be viewed or heard by the public (any displayable items), please do not use quotations that contain the offensive n-word.

Many of these ideas appear through the courtesy of Mr. Del Hughes, Paradise High School, -----------, Ca. All have been adapted by Br. Tom