Losses: A Poem in Response to Anne Bradstreet ("Upon the Burning of Our House")


List everything you have lost in your life. This should include not only objects but also people, places, times, events, information, etc.

Begin with a section that introduces your list and/or the idea or feeling of loss. Perhaps begin with an image or short list of what loss is like. (Loss is a silent pool, a dull bruise)

Arrange your list in an interesting fashion. (Maybe let every line begin with "I've lost..." or "Gone are...")

Let your conclusion answer one of these questions (or a question of your own):
What have you learned from all of these losses?
How have these losses changed you?
Of all these losses, which is the greatest?
Why do human beings keep on losing?

The power of this poem could come from the vast accumulation of particular losses, detailed in interesting ways.