A Modest Proposal
for the Immediate Benefit of All Concerned

An Exercise in Satire in the Spirit of Jonathan Swift

Discover a Problem - Global or Local - which can be attacked through satirical means. Then write your own Modest Proposal, and include the following Elements.

1) A description of the problem. Use general examples or Particular Situations to illustrate how it is a Problem - and how it is harmful to Communities and Individuals.

2) An explanation of the Causes of this Problem.

3) A careful description of your Plan to attack these Causes - and thus to solve the problem. This Plan should be silly, absurd, distasteful, or outrageous; but it should be presented with a Straight Face, so to speak, - or any appropriate Face you may construct.

4) A detailed explanation of the Benefits of your Plan, accompanied by a Consideration of at least one Major Objection and a Response to that Objection.

5) A satisfactory Conclusion by which you establish and assert that you have only the noblest, most unselfish Motives for offering this Proposal for the Community's consideration.

Hint: Choose a Mask (character-voice) through which you will speak. It should be a person who can present in all seriousness a position (your Proposal) which you personally and we as a group will find silly, absurd, distasteful, or outrageous. As we know from Randy Newman's work, this Mask (and its Attitude) can be the Real Object of your Derision.

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