Orwell's 1984 and Human Rights
Orwell's 1984 and Human Rights
Orwell's 1984 and Human Rights


Using your understanding of two Articles from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and your reading of George Orwell's 1984, create a PowerPoint presentation that compares and contrasts Our World with Their World (of the novel). Your presentation should include the following elements.

~ Each of your Articles quoted exactly then paraphrased into your own clear language.

~ A description of an actual event that illustrates each Article (see online newspapers for current news The Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, New YorkTimes, etc.). Cite your sources.

~ A minimum of two specific and distinct moments from 1984 - for each Article - that shows how that right is honored or violated by the Party. Cite page numbers.

~ An exact quotation from both Winston (or the narrator) and a Party member (O'Brien or others) that expresses the conflicting 1984 position on the issues raised by each of these articles (For example, if your issue is torture, you would quote Winston or the narrator on its negative aspects and O'Brien on positive reasons for using it). Cite page numbers

~ A poem or song lyric (your own original composition) that expresses a single character's feelings about each issue.

~ Annotated links to at least three other internet resources related to the specific issues of each of your two articles (as starting points consider Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Freedon Forum)

The elements listed here are in no particular order. How you organize them is up to you. Create an order that makes sense.

Design Requirements

Do not cram too much text onto a single slide. Use a readable font and size.

Consider designing your own background to meet your own needs instead of using a pre-made template. This background must contribute to the ease of reading and viewing your presentation.

Use illustrations that add to our understanding of the issues raised by 1984 and your two Articles.

Do not overuse movement effects. These should help to create an atmosphere and pace within your presentation and should contribute to our understanding of your issues.

Do not use automatic timings for your slides.