How to Write a Poe Story

Based on your reading of a number of stories by Edgar Allan Poe and your tracking of "ingredients" from those various Poe stories, compose an essay, story or poem which will be entitled "How to Write a Poe Story" or "How NOT to Write a Poe Story."

The emphasis in this work should be on the "how to" or "how not to".

I am NOT asking you to write a story in the style of Poe.
Please do not write a story in the style of Poe.

I may be asking you to write about someone (perhaps yourself, someone else you know, or an imaginary character) who is trying to write a story in the style of Poe - or not.

Please Note: At some point within your story you should include an actual recipe for the composition of a Poe Story, as if a Poe story could be assembled in the same way you might bake a cake: What are the ingredients? How should they be combined to produce the desired result?

Your work should display your understanding of some major characteristics of Poe's writing.

Your work should be a s l o n g a s i t n e e d s t o b e .

Please consider this to be a CREATIVE assignment.
I hope to read work that is imaginative, humorous, thought-provoking...

...and insightful about Poe's work.