An Ugly Name for a Wonderful Poem:
The Prepositional Phrase Poem

I bet you've heard that a prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and ends with a noun. Well, it's true! But nouns by themselves can be pretty dull, so we spice them up & create crazy head-pictures by tossing in unusual adjectives.

Notice how each section of the following poem contains three prepositional phrases followed by the same simple sentence.

Notice how some of the lines contain two prep. phrases together.

I'm sure you'll also notice that the adjective and the noun in each line are kind of surprising because they are unexpected, strange, weird, stupid, goofy and absurd.

That's why I like it.

Along the startled corridor
Beside the polluted mirror
Through clouds of baffled insects
I run to you

Before the last exam
During a heartbreaking disaster
In the month of shattered promises
I run to you

From behind the mountain's pain
To beyond the window's concentration
In a rumor of fire, in a shiver of newspaper
I run to you


Consider the following prepositions:
above between over about after beyond past since by across
through against concerning along throughout along down to amid during
toward among for at underneath until before in behind into
up below of with beside off within besides on without from

Consider the following adjectives:
bitter open deepest truest impossible broken small little every crazy
mad black straight last blind warm silly stingy careful old
raspy shiny bloody secret embarrassing silent busy thin blue strange
stupid thousand famous countless dead wilted rare tiny hungry anonymous
national foggy yellow red stolen public terrible several hard brassy
gorgeous dull fortunate gray artificial plastic soft human pale pretty

Consider the following nouns:
rain pigeons failure cigar lakes devices vacation sky books burials
accordion coffee gorillas morning museums death life wildflowers movies staples
boys girls dances fanfares youth century fruit mustard eyes newspapers
hair children breath lipstick pool crayons words contradictions band cops
religion scars shiver arrest predicament juice poetry time windows pocket
heart knives job eggs bruises

Now create a simple sentence that you can repeat at the end of each section. It could be something full of passion, fear, love, hatred, anger, joy.

And then start constructing your own PPpoem. Aim for at least five sections (poets call them "stanzas").

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