Friday, October 08, 2004
as if he couldn't catch our breath.

reassured and ready to move.

here i am. you there treading

one notion thin. here i am.

an escalator. a fish migrating.

a deal so bloody. count my fingers.

from cuba. norway. the salmon

sprouts and rice pilaf. a report

on the sentence as we've come

to know it. a report on trips

taken. poetical turns. here

i'm. the soot of sun and moon.

as fire. what absence or scarey

life goes up. not down. planned

and. in cheap rooms. poetical.

Thursday, October 07, 2004
a priss in the political. knock me down.

islands of conscious misbehavior. because

any time you need me. i'm in the goose relish.

i'm yr deviant catastrophe. acrimonious as moonlight

coughing. i said it over and over again and again.

matter fact it's me. all standing

trembly toed sloth. some help

here. a gurgling that portends

renovation. and big words like

tremor. nobody uses fingers in

the salad slab. nobody but me.

a good engine lasts a while. so.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
tears ain't anything. blinking forests or reasons. look

this year's city unflaps. concrete avian mercies. driven

here. i'm the winter's point. cold in romantic places.

the story i told put you out and i told it on the hour.

manic music for the circular clowns. a drama.

bowls and clappers. precision for the pens.

partial. to the dream world of our results.

my feathers molted. mute beak. wild eye.

if in a barrier normal conditions articulate

a slant down the lane. let sun shimmy on.

welcome hard matter. push. razzled by

rain tokens. if found when found. pinch it.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004
parcels. poems. but no trains. some part

of the appalachian range. that series.

or fascination with six. and subtle weeds.

why the pieces float. when i go.

when i break for money. longing i forget.

my argument.

a sliver of white cheese.

a book of even.

an arch. an urge.

mine. my instruction.

a pretty ditch. pollen.

any tendency.

and mighty sore.

abused in my argyle. angelic nurse.

a terrific view of the fight. boxed as

uneven riddles. you took me there. i

bent your trees and. bloody reasons

drooped. an archaic drama. tempered

pools of. remembering and making up.

Monday, October 04, 2004
withered asks a hush. terrific eyes

made me forget. you are the true

form. my masculine cur. go see

me. an arrow in my atonal prayer.

a cord or a cancellation. tired of the fuss.

what you need is. all things bursting. out.

a fissure the size of my old neighborhood.

the day turned me over to the musical night.

i know yr stupid. do you know

where danny's. i'm running. gotta go.

as flooded. as deer to brook. i said

like three words. like an angel. so red.

Sunday, October 03, 2004
still. yrself as a round object

correctly on a plank. all white

guesses. saintly as any wall.

forceful in darkness. criminal.

narrow as a cat's butt. friendly. too careful. too clear.

hardly procreative but a mess of.

this clock's upside down. tell me

annually. how freedom goes low

into the dampness. telling me so

visible as sunrise. an archive yet.

suitable. for becoming. as breath.

Saturday, October 02, 2004
going out to eat with all my racist friends. is.

a musical stretch. but why isn't. you get it.

george. one of us. full time as my first real

girlfriend. going out to eat. he is one of us.

my mystery. over my mysteriousness. a knit cap.

hello. hollow dark cloud at my feet. i'm a space

accounted. for the forest of catholic voters. so

called to. kneel this time. borrowed notions as

buttons to button. over blue questions. heavens.

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