Friday, October 22, 2004
safe dry. barren room. our unconditional blunder.

what willie thought sammy said took all afternoon.

human figurines. not painted well. swapping these.

always with me. a knack for fog. a gut punch dialect.

that you deemed unresponsive. as the capitol of idaho.

i'm a thin vine round yr rainspout. checked out. a leech

in the shallow end. imagine a list of unimaginable gifts.

Thursday, October 21, 2004
a hesitant willingness to go all aphoristic. and bungles the dance.

i'm an exceptional speller. i'm an expensive fact. i'm joy. you saw

me rush. i'm an injury an option an icon. you picked me carefully.

of meanings among small people. small enough for the box in hand.

my next war novel goes west a few blocks to ashland. finds

itself lost. as a pigeon never. dismayed by the right square

facade of some temporary masterpiece. international style.

poop upon it. poop. dear bird. upon it all. the river

in flames. needs an excuse for the next chapter. all in love.

t coming like edges. h wanted no walls.

every good boy likes. a wide array. a full array

of. colorful guns. tentative. tattooed.

a puff at the horizon. flash mother. beautiful sky.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
if anyone chooses a just path. the path

will be paved thick with oranges. oranges

not the shade of sun but old maps. maps

of legend in sweaty pirate hands. hands

for bloody work. a carving comes. comes

near path's end near egret ponds or. or

sundown. once a just and private life's.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004
us as a portion of the harvest. us as the insult.

us harridan imposters rising. us a long way off.

us commuted to death. us in the vinegar soul.

us by harps and willows. us devoted to razors.

us coughing into morning. us as the next voice.

us in the source. us as mercy laughing down.

us as why the shaking. us as dining with intent.

us for good. us lost as in set aside and. as.

us to market. us up the slick aluminum portico.

us as thinking tunnels into the body. us alone.

tuesday's sarcastic melody. fingers and hair. a thrum

in the butter cart. however we call it. anybody says

these public cornerstones bug us beyond all thinking.

then a bell. then a bell tone. suffers toward an axiom.

Monday, October 18, 2004
the richness takes us in. or we'll forgive a little

misstep. oops for example. but the rich we hold

like broken glass. up to our lips. a window never

completely shut. or washed in daily dust. reasons

back to gardens. without regret. just a wing. or a

Sunday, October 17, 2004
triply in the back room. condensed

we're stubble. smoked about what

the church required. offered a pinch

of. language. burst into flaming

bloom just under angel's rough eyes.

no mind, honey. just you never.

he'll be hard put to say. or where

the words went. say a lady comes

over. with home-made pudding.

looks gray but it might be. the

windows. he'll get it out before

night and find. thinking comes

slower once he's done drinking.

here come the bottom. here it

Saturday, October 16, 2004
now let me tell you about myself. say

was that a seagull or a hawk. uncertain.

i. stood and pretended. to be walking.

i took all the loneliness. i ate it. i pretended.

haven't the cars come. ain't i any smarter.

without the names. i wasn't. it was

just nature. i meant love. without shoes.

see. what happens for good with a dog.

then turned into action by some freakish whim.

i manufacture. took it by hand. by the handles.

even poured it out all over you. all so sleepish.

here's a good girl's portion. like the stringy one.

i was saying yr a pretty good reader by now.

from the point. say of power. yr in trouble

the minute you. say i. who is reasonably

shakey. tortured behind the elbow. water

pencils. divergent as verbs. indifferently

rain. point me in the right the right direction.

back to finish your phrase currently

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