Friday, October 29, 2004
turned into the apostrophe's. sly joke. now

bleeding from a deep concision. watch out.

old fashioner. than a trail. the ice goes

tense as the truth goes lopsided. juniper

or was it pinon pine. we slid down sharp

pink stones to the creekbed. i was like.

Thursday, October 28, 2004
yeah. yr driven cattle. i'm a stutter of paradise

and shoulda stayed home. keep yr engine hot.

that way the geese can't poop it. that way it's

an assignment we'll have to braven out. a skit.

noodled by hungarian paprika. we set off

for the broken kingdom of. here. where i

knew you once. as a princess knows her

pea. slats and all. we set off like camels

over sand. like movies all sound and color.

toward the sparkling breathy darkness &

Wednesday, October 27, 2004
my twisted top's a cripple. bloody well done in

by nor'wester. sou'easter's intentional pudding.

found myself oozing language like a drunken.

personality needs. a filling blank for. a guess.

won't hurt the fish

to eat the sky but

hurry the blue wolf

rushes. a pointing

says the river went

hungry. gets to empty

all our finding

into red clay pots

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
who you meant to be. an article left over from a dream.

any preposition. you still smell pretty dry. you wrote a

list for. turning into a mystery. it came to you in pieces.

so i'm left inside. wholly lathered and ready to scrape

all yesterday. away. it makes some sense if you don't

cordelia's bad tooth on the lookout. alludes to hope

in the most desperate time. for instance. you vote

and wait. then the hard rain. the flood. so terrible.

and still a paternal ghost. yawning advice. will leer.

Monday, October 25, 2004
which greatness. of a play inserts. laughter most

appropriately. i said most. appropriately laughter.

justice none but a good laugh. well. over doom's.

Sunday, October 24, 2004
who digs in a flour pot. deep pain for roses.

whose migration calls us out early mornings.

i'm a lingering. fermentation troubling. hun.

little fat god calls us up. we go up like noon.

make it a plessure. a zorone vault in the globe.

what these tempers do. they measure our disease.

we're taking stock of the riverbed slander. goo.

aren't you coming back. aren't you going off to

cut the machine's white heart. broiled w/ lemon.

Saturday, October 23, 2004
hard. as harsh but not these leaves. a welcome.

on the television we can't see. no more ladies or

gentle. men collapsing in their collars. centuries

ago we meant. but now. a counting comes across

wherever the shush. cares to know a bunch.

and alleviates the vocab list. trampling dogs

one up one. down. just like an architectural

fillip. all eyes come to us. and we're worth it.

a tub. but witful on the inside. burning tree brain.

all of this is possible. take me. going like crayola

martians. but coming back once i get my wits right.

from stumbling. as toward an opening. we're

pledged and battered. for the pan's rite. a

back to finish your phrase currently

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