Friday, November 05, 2004
which switch blends my impatient. there must be

some pleasure at the end. to end as to recognize

a simple thought. you wanted and wanted. light

and rolling. responsibilities. under the blue leaf.

put us out in a field. we sweat a lot more. dream.

munksblud. as cunning in the borders as vixen.

that cliche for dinner. well. lay me down soon.

foist a pattern on the jellyjam spill. call it work.

or find yrself weary with it. beat as a dog but

flowering in crevices. as some children do days

and nights before sleep. look. i'm done with car

futures. bought a cambric shirt for love. a loop.

and you. yr art don't shimmy don't be. barking home.

Thursday, November 04, 2004
no matter. how many flies you kill.

i'm reading that poetry. may i crack.

that poetry no more pictures than

say god. so my clock means business.

you may kill two flies. now listen.

no matter we breathed. sure matter.

all the nervous and the possible is.

two flies more than we counted. two.

stationary solutions. as safety.

what it knows. as it knows it.

don't know. can't say. so. so.

this ticking comes from trees.

all my terrorists get smarties.

we'll rot with them on the floor. or roll.

a sign trembles and our thinking suffers.

wind's dark matter counting on us. kids.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
if in sailing a smirk. then dancing

messes that cannot help themselves.

here then for swimming. a shark.

bombastic heralds whistling. time.

if in the woods. this frightened.

then a leaftumble. an ungraded laugh.

this bombast thrills a column of

geese. this bombast flattens time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004
some pomes these mad. these. corruptions

corroding. i'd vote them out. who said we

can't take it. i wasn't afraid on the feather

but in class where work suffered. i worried

poetry liked long drugs and cancelled time.

these sparrow kings. these nights and. mad

or disconnected. i made my mind a drowned

boy. and burnt him on the shore. and said.

say reading shakespeare. reading shakespeare

marked him at an early age. a puppet say

deleted halfway but coming up shines. fully

five. now blown into prescience. anchored

where magic draws real blood. asleepy arms

his and yours for the trench. in the small. say

there's a dog circles. a whistled boom in small

cities now voted out. he's making again. o no.

Monday, November 01, 2004
all hopped up on chocolate and. confusion.

i'm in a beaker all a swirl like here come the gypsies.

can you spare a. calm. moment. can you

help them stop. yelling at me. i wasn't the knife

in their butter. i wasn't the tooth in their cake.

Sunday, October 31, 2004
since. if there's no you in the song we'll be glassy

figures as far as light lets. us. since there's a good

chance you've marked me in the stolen book. took

my minute. pushed it good into the stolen book. of

the crack. the portal. that. window.

the just left room. a collision. spots

around. dark enough for wind. all gone.

traffic or candles. in thirty day mirrors.

here's. where one true answer. comes.

Saturday, October 30, 2004
they run left and then a bit right. but left again.

when the guns come. or the horses. they'll run

again. like leaves. it's a riot under the big lights.

grainy old russians like mice. causes. effects.

blue eyes for an historical pome. sung in fat

blue light. they come running and we guess

they're running. color falls. in street clothes.

so waked up to

banjos going off.

tired. home's an

itch. a bottle.


a sky for leaves

sanity. perforations

or a hole dug.

tighter down. gray.

burn it or pluck it

weather. says.

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