Friday, November 12, 2004
when i stop being smart i'll say enough and cough.

have you wondered what counts as too many too

much in any given. ordinary day or heaven. which

is just as boring. not smart. as i've been in perpetua

speaking. as mastering the lightning arts of. distance

i'd say it over. but your looks. said.

i'm the hero. i stood up. money comes

simply. around the neighborhood. finds

we're sleepy friends when everything

smells like burning still.
i'd say what's

true. but it's too sad. too mad for friday.

Thursday, November 11, 2004
a pod here. insufferable. demonish as turbulent.

for the wind says we're final. impermanent so.

me. i'm momently gone. but in a minute back.

to cut a space. more breathing than anyone's

a right to. a pod. unlegislated. proficient here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
which tetherball flung out. mine is fancy. yrs not

so new but obedient to flight. and a purple patch

in the face for days. now we're ready. riper fruit.

whatever turns up. some time in jail. a big scare.

we're finally handled. as the principals of our time.

a pocket of stones. set loose. whatever storms

complete the day. finally home in our living room.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
with climbing you get to laugh. a feudal engine

plucks us into gigantic fens. but we don't care.

we're graceless. unintentional on the pink side.

more trees knowing more and saying. ok. here.

but getting out of poetry. as poetry getting out

believes in itself and we. unwound or frightened into.

have cancelled our subscription. because. look these

trees and normal clouds won't limit the day. extra ice

for the nether lines. but carping nudges me deeper in.

Monday, November 08, 2004
and sons. who could never choose and tired feet

blue stones in a tiny aluminum pot three novels.

just ask and I'll be flicking off death the juicey eye

to get you out of a very old man when you finally

closed your skies your fingernail your memorable skin.

Sunday, November 07, 2004
at choking time for the wrought. phrase. be me.

or collapse into farmer john's. thistle patch no.

everybody brings their botany back. in a blunt

fragment. forgotten line. foreign chimps compose.

in fire. go red and take it. given wild as leaf.

never use blood to make your point. be fire or

a plank in the hull. suffer noise and make it.

put reason in the mason jar. grow it furzy on

a dark shelf. watch what happens in the trees.

Saturday, November 06, 2004
not more specifically a character. pushing a chair. his

grayness and a rope tells something. her dead lips in

a crisis. painted as from a height or under big lights.

look closer there are spiders. but not understood so

we won't paint them. this is not a soap opera but in

some warmer countries. people do know what they want.

12 hours of mystery and suspense. as coverage

of the glistening barn. vehement beetles. dragons

on the edge of color. i'm looking at you in folded

hands. yr symbolic. of a tendency to alphabetize.

yr the 13th hour. a burst melon of life. instructive

just to fit the spanish or portugese models. fully

illustrated as i am companionable. secret. operatic.

stepped back unusually. and put the phone

back on the book. pages and pages of goo

in the voice. hear it and then. get some for

all yr friends. good goo. put the phone back

in the twentieth century. make words clubs

if just. in that borrowed moment. wasn't we

an army back then. o wasn't we a force to.

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