Friday, December 10, 2004
go ahead count. we'll wait.

a treasure we named. june.

pushes you to numbers. we'll

wait. a while.

harvard says it. on the cold edge. but for today

a warmth. not unlike chocolate rises. the abyss

casual as a daydream. markets the sky. i'm in a

specially tampered moral boutique. particular as

a guppy.

Thursday, December 09, 2004
these are in general. many poets coming

a tramp. sore as the windows. wanting

new blades. these are for youth since

they're possible. and coming less a song

than a miraculous custom. some pronoun.

time it wasn't for the belly.

a brief spin misses marks

put out. for dinner given

freely more. moral and in

time. i'm not mine. but will

be by. utterly. and by. so.

my means. i'm in the corroded starting place.

where yr suffering tumbles. take me back i'll

be better. there's no you no me. just birds.

a long flight means the wretched worry. kids

win plastic trucks. to carry us as. voices out

for the dumps. where we sang. a moon apart.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
but i'm not bored. i woke up with an egg.

and smoking jeremiads. kick the kleenex.

i'm weepy in the shallows. so jumping.

from call it the bed. i'm not bored. weasel

bores others. with all this sugar. tapping

out into daylight. i take it black. no salt.

stingo. what's the matter.

the combination trips us. aslant

down the corridor in pieces. we

mistake us for diamonds. glassy.

ha. there's yr matter. sir. a boo.

a booby on the path. mistook for

a faint. a falling at her feet. did.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
faces never the same. as the shadow. sometimes part

of the going. the boys like masks. but only one gets to.

at last. he isn't mad. so. nothing happens.

let smile let him. i'm a mountain of nuclear smirks.

say a confusing thing. you are a small man falling

a little distance. a tiny woman's hands. that will

never play great piano. but the monkeys. o boyo. hark.

gone and sent. so walk with me. little bitty

baby. we broke the drum along the old path.

we danced and went. sent from the gospel

what. what. what. or how the gate resisted

a push. who was born. was born in the place.

Monday, December 06, 2004
mine is invisible. mine is broken.

from the maps of the early explorers

mine is luminous and layered. mine

is culturally active. these are not folk

art or murals
. mine is in exile. mine

entire. is in fort lauderdale. mine

is a memoir. mine is high pop. mine is

a thousand toys. a tribute to brazilian

art and culture
. mine constructed as

confidential. mine in the harvesting sea.

is a patient awake too soon. mine follows

fruit. mine as mere cloth. against cold.

mine a comfort. original. important. alive.

seriously taken. as funny if in small clothes or too large.

coming and going with a watermelon. no smile. then fall.

taken yourself. too. not so full but. why not. important.

nobody likes importance. but to be. without a smirk. we

will get it. you'll be fully funny. we won't. turn but love.

Sunday, December 05, 2004
fought to remember. placements were not pieces

of chess games but. disembodied oracles. moments

like kites. metaphorical perfume that wouldn't leave

any of us. for days or ever. considering we're all poets

of one nature or another. older. so younger in much.

make the arrangements. i suppose it had been

some kind of evolution. but the socks were so

loose. emblematical. as we never cared enough

to sign those papers. just. trembled in coffee

shivered up the night and the next morning. said

here's the southern garden. disco come undone.

him in the shadows. sick and thumped. raining.

one of those men in the arch. taken for a chef.

cynical in the contemporary. sleepy days later.

Saturday, December 04, 2004
parts. the pump. the branches and leaves. tolerable

beauty. unless you refer to the guts then. diffusion

knows i'm lying. all the time. in excerpts from a latin

childhood. leaking light bent freedom. in taboo green.

as white photos these. selfs in song like winter.

are given. matched as any exotic journey. always

available a few layers down. a comfort. asiatic.

and yet to love things. painting under screens.

why not for pages at a time. as the perfect cell.

calls weather rivers. streets readers. laminate.

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