Friday, December 31, 2004
some days i could make these. regardless. hopped up

on coffee and hope. forging predicaments. powerless

persistence. a well-researched arpeggio of mirrors.

bruised but not busted. a carol of the new school.

resonant parkway

resonant procedure

resonant performance

resonant perfection

resonant pleasure

resonant pebble

resonant poet

resonant pet

resonant perplexity

resonant plum

resonant perk

resonant puffery

resonant pine

resonant puzzle

resonant peace

Thursday, December 30, 2004
an acceleration as we earned our pauses.

then a pulse toward. new year's breaking

over but how much more. above. terminal

levity. a grounded delivery parks jack

as i'm jill. we go trembling all morning

then. surrender to the bluster. a sticker

a surprising parrot sounding the thin sky.

me and my practical announcements to you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004
tear me. i like poets who say

to the living. detection brings

us to the heart of the human

bookstore. a process feature.

i like poets who say thanks to

reason we've got collections of

non-returnable information as

unique chronicles. of a haven-

seeking ideal. i'm out back. cut

as the fanatical shadows. home.

not drowning. but waving.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004
unsaying. and it goes without. i'd get it

wrong and. called to carpet. they'd get

me wondering. what if i meant it. then

got it wrong. what you think about. so

others might finally know. saying i get

nothing. but for christmas i get. shoes

in faulty sequences. they got it. called

once and then i'm no hero. reading my

own enthusiasm. saying. say this and

clearly. without understanding. clearly

good for fiction. but not for audio. i'm

looking past the mundane treaures. so

you see. these beloved tales. depict a

one of us. amusing the other without it

saying. we're lost. but i am providential.

lost as one of a kind. coming of age. and

eighteenth century. i was a version of the hat.

i managed plenitude and thistles. as canticles

for our time. i organized pleasure as units of

adulation. surges appended to a thousand words.

here in lost time the seams. show. as doubles

sent to retrieve babies and dads. as magazines

Monday, December 27, 2004
not me. i worked in the library. blaming

the books for the vacuum. breathing

paint. one tongue at a time. blocking

happiness. within anger's day. bleeding

as an architect of. punk weeping. boxing

without the power to arrest. beaten for paper.

street language in the background. rough style

as alphabet. translate fear back to my tongue's.

you the reckless. lover of all. rendered life from

dread. tear. look out. a word's inhabited. haven.

literally home in force.

nothing's more important. to put it the other way.

nothing. in my marriage dream. for instance. turn

around you'll see. yourself in a changeling basket.

relative to any beautiful landscape i was etching.

from heartlore. centuries of intemperate religion.

Sunday, December 26, 2004
time for wigils. a snow-pricked bridge from there

to here. for warm rooms converse as happens. delight

on the stressor. delight in the many purposes unfelt

but substantial in their calling. here's to jumping

high enough.

Saturday, December 25, 2004
my christ. my christmas takes time. follow

a stapled path to a book of eating. torn red

oranges. lights as one white goose. friends

of the imperial condensation. incorporate sky

of cool anyways. take me suddenly musical

to the races with steve mcqueen. iced urges

and pictures of my christ. my christmas says.

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