Friday, June 18, 2004
faster. cat goes wishing nightly

for fishy substance. a sigh delivered.

we're translucent in our pedigree.

a. soluble mercy. in our stomachs.

also said i there the corner tumbles

into the center we're heaving into

gregarious celebrity with eyes ticked

music twisted into equal pronunciations

said i also there the calling utters

what girl or boy meant to understand

hasn't a career... where words appear

grim gnats... voluble curmudgeons

pay the price for an effigy in breath

just as demands a certain poison confidence

so demands the slip of an icy heart... i'm

a granite tempest slung across griddy time...

come drown... with me... o... daisy days...

Thursday, June 17, 2004
as an axiom it was coffee-jiggered... astonished... axion

nowhere in the dictionary... elytis unread on the shelf... starts

a burrowing through the room... to the desk and... here

what?... an actual moment out from under... summer

mornings... good for shattering... good for thunder...

hush-worthy for timid shudders... a sip of common wine...

things of naught... the sheer... mere

multiplication of words... a stammer

in the heart of an open day's... phrase

you get one and then another... unasked

as unsaid... all gone metallic in meat-fire...

feels like conditional surrender... a blank

space between the table and the wall...

saying this business... a soldered portrait

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
i'd like to be a slash of fire...

a monument of frowning carbon...

herald of the brownish postures

coming... with an axe of moss...

for each of yr pretty pictures... i'd

pay a great price... an urge...

i hear yr a catholic. scratch

the inner itch along the mississippi.

right there in the sun. a question

in a cat's call. you say i am. who

stands outside the rumor. become

the one where many shuffle. ask

for toes. fingers. yowl in a box.

for yr children. numbered clouds.

Saturday, June 12, 2004
too far from dirt... not even paper... light is not a finger

was an idea required. my tie

took a breath. an idea for

smiling when the smile is on

my mind. required for service.

but i was not one of them not.

an engine touched by god grace.

suspended in a smile's tick. i

had an idea. was it required.

in his simple city. yes. no.

does not matter when the comet

strikes our telegraph shop.

ideas in the soil find worms go


our flatness. on my hands

irrigates an insect or. drives

me hundreds to the desert.

me. thousands of guesses

me forlorn and a duck here

wasn't i smart. to duck the

swingback... flat or hollow?


i push

one word toward


well... okay

i'm a rabbit


the coreopsis,

but to link


word with

others... offends immensely

back to finish your phrase currently

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