Friday, June 25, 2004
the plow. just after aborted

co-ordination. minor dread

forging ahead to pick me.

pick you. in a cup of ice.

in fields with manure. or.

a length of jute. moist

propositions as funny. it

readies. and starts alone

here. i like to say.

or as the petal

gets out of the way.

in a crisis there is no

good time for now. i'm

a perceptive idiom when.

this graphic device

nodding out

as an arc. to the stem

i'm here. certain

this device as


might be sleep's


coded for color.

Thursday, June 24, 2004
psychologically and emotionally i'm feeling odd.

blank dumb. roughly incorporate. financially.

the lines accelerate toward. my heart you know.

with eyes out back. romantically bent. acoustic.

some day to you a random fall. welcome home.

a portion of goodness in a mechanical frame.

mine was red. not green. i stopped by mistake.

and bit it. by mistake. and the sky.

never binge and purge. it takes yr breath away.

it takes our time to go so blue. as all this joy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

cord suffering... nets and all

that catching... fevers done

gone... home for now... so

stop pretending... a chill

when i touch the bass...

you... you... poem...

my proven arm going for sadness. a linger

on the soft noun for a stool. pretty longing.

clarify these illustrations under orders. i've

spent you spent your dog spent your silly

tick-tock. but never the music. a personal

answer comes back. that one feels tempted.

my stubble tongue going to risk. you a good one

fortunate in your hearing. smaller birds. chopping

shadows into perfect verse. mine in a bucket. gorey

but human. inconstant. unintelligent weeds. still.

but never still enough. pleading for punctuation

that's a final grace. ice cream not popsicles. air.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

as slow. then projected in porous light.

for a good time call. me. an idiot.

as an integer climbing. a rude metaphor.

taken apart and put. beside the calendula

we've got a cat. forgiven by all the gods.

more said in. the interjection of a zipper.

during this family moment. he's going away.

and the father. foolish. going on and on.

zips. one long hard zip. for all that.

taking flowers nowhere... just grinning gets


attention of the wrong kind... a small person

headed west...

an internal examination down to the roots...

and rocks...

taking notes on a blue sky... just expecting


Monday, June 21, 2004
one's gone... because that's not what i meant at all...

a slice off to the dark and dampsick woods... a mealy bug

please drop your scoundrel pique... an octave

and operatic on a single note... inspected i'm

and convinced... a life worth living without

torque... is no theater for blooming... bright

still hardly breathing tips me... over red

over yellow over blue... out into raggy night

marginal green angles. taken rudely

to the camper van. and punished

for heaving light toward these...

western states... punished nearly

broken in the landscaped heart...

painted and left. to be alone...

i'm a never burnt... hero

on the lower left. seated. eating.

Sunday, June 20, 2004
let's articulate what a sudden sinking demands...

a careful step... a miserable delay... a knot of piña...

growth of spongey lassitude... an armored tongue...

renouncing foolish notions... all demanded by such

sudden sucking... downward... inward... forward...

1. my flag's an indirection

culled. our field finally

free of us. brown.

2. make me. turnipseed.

brutal sky bowler.

titled and numbered.

3. heads for silver.

been reading verdi

stumbling homer.

4. tries to get me

some soul. diced

and chilled in yr debt.

not in coded stone. not in rubber.

not in faces. not in corroded adjectives.

not in nerve. not in nervous dealing.

not in standing up. not in forgetting.

not in blushes odors veins corrections.

not in true religion. not in the last glass.

not in killing time. not in killing.

not in spit. not in speech.

not in heat. not in a bath. not.

not in clean underwear. not in television.

not in collapse. not in freaky escapades.

not in hovering white or blue. not in plaster.

not in sudden certainty. not in ends or means.

not in fingers. not in noses.

not in love like a short film. not in this.

not in convenience. not in what's done and undone.

not in the question. not in the hook.

Saturday, June 19, 2004
all for the possibly framed. this is coming.

formally indigent. to wait. whistling power

makes me want to. rip out the lines then

call. me. on yr mighty glimpsical. steely art.

i brood a conscious tremor as a spotted pony

here's the answer... more machines and much

louder music down the windows of the day...

we're all cancelled... under contract to other

plots... fragility is for the tiny ones... not us

when i smile in prose you take the farthest hook

as if it were a budding branch for landing blue

fish... because i'm clashing feathers and fins...

suddenly poetic... my heart punctured randomly

by the old edition of... cowering bright numbers...

here i'm an egret's minnow... silver black line

and gone... o... on the silent banks of o

back to finish your phrase currently

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