Friday, July 09, 2004
that an album conditions memory any way.

that a room's wall punishes seeing any way.

that we're tied up now but soon will not be.

that an answer comes. that it is interpreted nicely.

that you will understand any way. that and is turned over.

that we become a string of answers.

that we try over again and is understood firmly.

that to play it on the stairs improves us.

portrait of young boy holding bow and arrow with drum on floor.

a gender loss. the signal turns him into a toy. a tin. flat.

junior green in blocky trousers. described. i wrote him out

. and tipped the empty room. out. my century's loss.

wilson's flatness. a nearly uninflected plain wallpaper

heart. a blues-free zone. or white on a wall. when beauty came.

leaking tundras into clouds. saying stay and stay and

Thursday, July 08, 2004
everybody screaming and thumping. no it's the horns.

we're modern and lack harmony. we voted the last time.

against cruelty for horses. who'd nuzzle to the center

on the xylophone. path. the merest sanity. saintly.

all of what's wrong with it. right here.

one-stop. the end of the road. mutant

kindling for the junkers. take a number.

piano. pulled my dry chicken. apart.

pieces from black. stung awake so.

these poets forgot the plumber's no.

these notes overcooked. a string of

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
sarge... this is tense in a roundabout way. isn't it quiet

enough or subtle. so. for the rangers here we're beaming out

like moths into a bleary wet insurgency. we're knocking off

tunes for bread. say. going over and under for the team.

cranked on a dream. he's the teacher and will not say

a thing. probably enough. just to have arrived in camo.

he's invisible. he cannot say how the little stones go.

world of things make me fly. big cloud head.

plastic wings take me. it was one breath.

was a fundamental dirge under me. going up.

that kept us happy and concerned. sonorous

as all beginnings. i'm here again. lavish. antic.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
inappropriate and. uninteresting. both seconds

from the tempest. bind it. bind it up and. go away.

where we're not uninteresting or limp. in some shade-

pushed lunacy lending to literacy a bruised earth-sea arm

well the ambiguity says a nice thing and a foul

thing. but i'm perpetrated. i'm suddenly prismatic.

okay in the last twenty minutes. or so. an agent

such pushing that the dirt comes up. with the light.

even if you never did again. i'd judge. a blister.

soul barrier. soul rush. soul demonstrations.

make me nervous as the dirt. when it comes up.

pre-recorded for the flounces. a red explosion

in these heady times. and a vote. made to break.

i was in trouble and the newly bled vision too.

we couldn't get started without murder.
so tired.

pre-recorded. set to go off like a book. or a dance.

Monday, July 05, 2004
norther than a puddle. a cool inclusion bridges. havens

in heat. so the white called grey pretends a serious point.

we're studied and released for going. moved like pieces.

along the edge i'm seeming. swollen faces made me go.

a vulgar term is used here... don't read if such offend

in these charming keyboard suites. the old poet

is nowhere. a gorgon piety survives. elsewhere. but here

there's none for the cure. only the old man. poet. can

save that word. fuck. i'm sorry but it's likely. not

a woman. this is not a challenge. but noted. somewhere.

i-55. north of odell. soft and sacred in the ear. precise.

Sunday, July 04, 2004
to be a minor. a thread in. a bit.

this dust blown. or away in some black river.

fishbait. made a minor bug. parted

in the middle. photographed once. and that

should be enough. one hair of the dog.

who jumps.

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