Friday, July 16, 2004
took a passage. a tin pastoral heart. a

cousin in the night port. smoking and sung.

to day. i'll remember you forever. here

on the breach. where you promised.

this next mountain. for the woman on it.

a topical desire to. belong in the sky. this

transport. a ledge and a small fire. turning.

she's bolted her feet to the stone.

marking my laser. an elementary education in chalk.

scores me low. i'm an urgent suburban calypso cat.

reading gets me. common. unhealthy predispositions.

study my laser bets. the brightest technology. tunes.

Thursday, July 15, 2004
as gaura supposes there's no end. once

we try to get it. all. in the picture. some loose

end. says one it's one just one. one. what

else. on our hands. this viscous likely. sun.

teatro de los monkeys. carbonated by the jungle foot.

here's a simple. open it. take a sniff. test. we'll wait.

for the turbulence to subside. then we'll cut the old growth.

which is code for a temper tantrum. remember you said.

anything worthy of me stumbles. i thought you meant

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
when we were surreal our center fled to istanbul. helsinki.

our plodding ease. took interest. we smoked the tune.

and sang it otherwise in blue shoes. that was how. we.

bent farther in hipboots. tempted some flags with a joke.

an arrangement in twenty-seven parts for scars.

write soon... a raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control...

prefer the coffee black... upend tidy scenes... believe in a weeping god...

these teeth need buckles and... hundreds of bugs...

guessing makes me wide-eyed and charitable... write soon...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
somebody put a grey war in my pocket. a period of struggle.

a red corporation. tatoo logos. in the beginning. we thought

alpha held the moon. the guilty stars. now i know. help me

wear new empire shirts. or eat my dust. in seminal virtue.

who stole the world i fit.

walking dogs. in mist. make me nervous.

their grammar is stunning. and ridiculous.

how they parse the day. i'm nervous and

ridiculous all over monday and part of tues.

light verse. a pop. in the personhood of

dogs mist grammar and nervous walking

walking dogs. in mist. makes me nervous.

Monday, July 12, 2004
imagine i said go buy some pretty clothes. i said teach

me the word for spreading. the night's harsh signal stammers.

over there in the scattered branches. my rabbit heart or.

a few classes made me. ringing spool. a dream weary way.

saying. because. The best thing to hit the Internet in.

no one there. because we have made it. saying. then going

to the plant. because we have not made it. plenty of space.

The best thing. filtered through the plant. made of

nothing we made. and so it can say. telling our time away.

Sunday, July 11, 2004
play the single target. this lonesome dervish.

a country station wriggles in and out for us.

then we're a. single target. on a red tangent.

then we're molten. precisely thumb-stuck in.

curtains come up on the pair. a beat.

service at the end of the kinetoscope. flick as one

drops. mine in the orange field. mine in the burlap

flippant noon where we amalgamated ice. winning

mine in the worsted suit. the bestest animal suits.

me fine. united bright and that car goes. on and

an urge on. and a lateral flatness inside us going.

i'm in the sunflowers. the beans in the sun.

know me sliver by stump. a peach or cherry.

pit. i'm a book of hard things. around here.

Saturday, July 10, 2004
with difficulty a bridge. centered. well-

rusted. a capable dog. a foot soldier's

antic version. these are the pebbles

we took from their smiles. don't they go

well with the moonlight.
a symbol of

no more body. parts. always the body.

worn square on the outside. but here's

the idea. take it in for howling. take me

a crumbling prayer. more foreign. more

than questions and sweat. over what.

add any. more fingers. no ink.

but a terrific click. stubble think.

it's coming out full of couldn'ts.

another persuaded. smile. so.

why say. pardon my foot. with a windowsill

ready. here's a bird. more dinge than flight. gotta.

make the sentence with a new knife then pack it. up.

he never understood what morning required of him.

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