Friday, July 23, 2004
tougher things. in life. than these small

failures. disgust. weak connections pose

for lucky days. i'm a corpse of fortunately.

teasing out the innards. a blue gooses.

big hearts. mighty on the far side. of us.

arms and foraging in trees in sky.

this makes us present to the day.

holding notions up to decipher them.

combining reason. abusing superior men.

these kindle a useful animosity. to sort.

to sift a coarseness from our doing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
let's barge out. eager escape promotes

new jokes. justice in my small hands. is

this your first time losing. my lost self. i

took it. don't pretend you haven't. once.

i'd need a bigger vocabulary. to say you

as a technique. my arms go round. go round.

my head appears. a usefulness. my feet

surrender brightly. and the stars compose

what the day. fought. inches and inches of

broad-mindedness. dancing past the exit.

airs and notions. i'm baked for the tournament.

you too. whose hand held up to my face. pushes

the idea home. here we are. until we go. there.

the scandal of space-time. the kid's betrayal. hope.

it's all on the worn sleeve. we're zooming in deep.

Monday, July 19, 2004
when i got to the border the code broke down.

parched digits. alphabets. at last a saturated.

one. for softer days. a saturated. mission.

sentenced by the droopy eyes. to big flowers.

where the river met. a cancelled garden. some

prow or plow. a woozy game of it. guessed.

pulled to skinny utterly harsh.

isn't going fortunate. these eyes

tempered and blue make us.

make us. lucky dogs. my faith

made me roughly analogous

what breathing means

when the birds come down small.

or in soup as they taste us. too.

what it's about. is to say

i'll be shy. you misunderstand

the closet has one. door.

in the third act. i'm hired

to sweep and do it. well.

thousands concur. the shore

is distant. the night lake

deeper to sing. to. about.

Sunday, July 18, 2004
or whitman. what he earned and took.

my silence. that's the ticket. borrowed

me in texas and. returned. with enough

light. now i can see it. what road. now i

can forget. what the lazy path demanded.

or longfellow stuttering before the end. a guess.

takes his waterglass with him. tells the river. go

on. here's my blue rectangle. enough for a taxi.

he's buttoned and zipped for. the trip out. in time.

to think a crash. we're mid-pause smothered

in reasons. then the ceiling burps. o sure

somebody clinging to these wires. chewing it

down to the cadmium. dirt. would tell you.

no reason to buy a. thing. just to fill.

Saturday, July 17, 2004
you shouldn't. watch television

with those eyes. kid you're

so utterly. refunded. in pixieland

is nowhere. now a book. a book

is otherwhere. paperland. hand

haven tilts down. up. a core

ordered a western exposure. the window slot.

and put us out. i'm all the sun you matter. less

if we pay. these prayers come true. by design. sink

letters like a scalded foot. short shorter.

put your hand there. where the light.

no. woman no. man. not to

speak of. unincorporated. so

flimsy less. than a breath. go

make a pome. bark and bark

some. grey true. voca. vocat.

we know it now. we knew.

my allegorical nerve points

up. then i go. telling so few

here is the table. your finger

on the table likes. touch.

your eye likes. simple scale.

having seen all the clocks.

stopped. a string of days. then

i go. to burn these brave.

ones as pages. going for clouds.

back to finish your phrase currently

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