Friday, July 30, 2004
needs an arm over the stuffed back

and gets it gone numb and wobbly

takes a date. for instance as an aim

horizontal in time. then goes driving

official and present. to a tough spot.

as bestride an.

ardently out. to

insult the next

for. i'm taken

by. your pose

under. counting as

fortunately as a tool. for pondering out.

this kind geometry undermines. a blip.

have you any property. slim. hump it.

sentence lags. my sentence behind in the shady dell.

now collect the answers. they are all correct. you win.

Thursday, July 29, 2004
i was in the british underwear for a year or two.

i justified my hymns and vertical tremors in twos.

i mean you've got hurly notions of goodness.

and if under goes useful i'm a rose a five a spy.

forlorn hole. some refusals count for more.

my inner guts. my gall. and yr forgiven freely

as a bluet might signify. all our desperate

configurations on tiptoes. i put the pen

out in the foggy night.
and snickered.

alouette under consideration. or a star

the prelude comes back slightly bruised. but

the tree's an elm. and the road under important

reconstruction pulls us forward. might also

insist. the speak of a word never goes below.

i meant you in the corners. in brass.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
not for the ugly voices. not for ideas.

not on an icy cake. not in the cousin's

violence. not for hoping. not for going

through with it. not winning lipstick in

the margin. not her only chance to see.

not the good boys. not their sins. alone.

or polluted. as ferocious in spite.

and still we're the heralds. come out.

very edges. coughing edges. or clouds.

Monday, July 26, 2004
short enough and a ruined. my mortal.

on the inside. we're bolted as captain

merry as diogenes. and i'm short enough

a rough version of elfin corrupt ability.

alright. approach the hedge with a book. turn me out

a good blight on the formal plots. let all the leaves go

barking into night. i'm a customized moisture. dew bent.

Sunday, July 25, 2004
seems and understanding. returning faces

before the library closes. i met you. simply

in the dictionary. any relation assumes this

mixture. blue and indecisive. a puddle of it.

proceed north on sheridan. then quiver loss.

here a slander. portrait of goodness bulimic.

casual generations swept like. ashes from

home. or take public transportation. be safe

and nervous. picture us standing as one who

held himself above
. all necessary expirations.

supposing the farmer is finally supplanted

by the agribusiness worker.
a gentle slide

from the center. rush the results farther home.

i'll take you milking. i'll take you to the woods.

burn these shoes. yodel up to the smokey star

wiser than a dog. winker than a blind barn owl.

Saturday, July 24, 2004
accused of a wooden precociousness. my blade gets

a thrumming. remember toledo. all the carcasses set

end to end along the woozy lake. yes in a boat's eye

tin silver pressures. mine in the movies. reassembled

on the hearty edge. send otherworldly. dim. retribution.

decided to go away. then buy everything. live

blind. on a small hill when the war begins. i'll

have my reasons. packed. ready to sleep any

time. a good book blundering down. to say.

plucked and wilted. then paved in a rush. some silences

can't retrieve their faces. snippers come to hard places.

where's the evidence of our doggy revolution. a kiss then

spinning back. me in the porches. of a vast damp tyranny.

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