Friday, August 06, 2004
turning away beats it. us. we're here in the words.

tall enough for the moonrise. but an angle plods in.

home studies. us. we're nine feet away. then sky

a screwy compulsion to type clouds. assorted reams.

that sound and then blind... i am one.

for the passing. comes calling and deaf.

for the signals at night. in a sleep.

one of the forests. coarse. free.

not some small symbol of. impatient.

but to hold. that sound and then...

twenty-six fingers and toes. as mad-making congeals

or flourishes tumbling. i'm a plate of smothering goo.

yr a guided missile. yr a hookah sentence.

sleepy at the inn of the twenty-seventh hello.

Thursday, August 05, 2004
attentive to differences. my critic made

of harsh germs. dialed something new

into precious company. and we got

sick of patterns. broke our tongues

said enough terror. i want content

in his absence. in level memory

i'm hip. to what trees get.

figure the oughts into dailyness.

that winter spelled only. control.

the next sentence didn't. fear.

to the difficult. birds. and paper.

a thin border then an opening for play.

we've got the best jams and preserves.

tell me again that the sun says. breathe.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
i'll be yr narcoleptic basketball.

baby. you be my fuliginous crab.

what versus attention you called me stupid.

well then resurrection. i'm pattern upheld.

you can count it. on me forgetting what you.

but the pencil broke. or i never had one.

for example when it's very wet. or.

just because you paid me to. then suffer.

then the pome made a comeback. and sold.

turn the problem. justification or this abstract.

i'm reading what you wrote and finding it here.

then a cloud formation. then a flicker off left.

the issue folded looks. calmer in the overcast.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
threw my book to the window. harped it then broke

a plane. in a second. threw a book and the mirror.

strummed the nightshade. down with new joy. all

pocked from the running. here's a mad one running.

its intention to follow sight lines established

in the nineteenth century still interested

to become. packed my cinema with flowers.

packed my cinema with blurting. signs of.

trouble. near boxes in the detritus. time.

disguised. undistinguished small parts.

say this comes every day. daily come

the drafts with winged or. with a plan.

Monday, August 02, 2004
two parts just as one. follows a rough road

home. brakes for small theories. our wild

yes on the limb. confuses and pleases. a spin

for the night calls. our short spelling. heart.

devises earth for height not width. and burns.

if you have to look it's not. to recognize yr here.

whose advice tips the sales. my big board selling.

and smiling. face the fact. we're sold and looking.

Sunday, August 01, 2004
why. don't you talk about jesus.

o. i need. to do. some of. that.

just as we. say. a river's edge. or sky.

that keeps coming no matter

what fountain or metaphor

pouts into the morning. keeps

at it. pricked into light. sound

as an if. and matters in seconds.

in the way. always. still.

harmless enough. a moon

gets fired for timidity.

a boy lost his reasons.

by the way. it smiles.

you can measure yr plot.

Saturday, July 31, 2004
the diagonal heaves. a stretch

gone lighter than a black pot.

irregular as i'm. ovoid but tough on.

the block we pushed. off. from.

youth will be served as in italy

where excellent design and old stone

chaos on the radio in the camera dei

still for youth the somber expectations

mustn't stumble as here we've given

everything to pleasures punk and stout

there isn't any more i than a poke.

and we're ground up for it. i put it

under your roses. you pulled my left

gear. and suddenly the door knocks.

and suddenly locks. no us. no more.

capable and incapable. of the ground

that takes us. sooner and later. any

pace. by the river dump we loitered.

singeing swallows for their song. o.

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