Friday, August 13, 2004
part of this. normal. coffee string.

an imposter flings herself. hussy.

insult the finland station. archives

graded and tenuous. looks. white.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
seems the plug goes surly out.

then. off goes the river. down.

talking to sky. face into facest.

then. night comes back over.

spelled inside as fruit.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
and you said. this

guy is a. what. a.

professional. a

pillar of. fire. or

set. you know

to the program.

that's it. isn't it.

i'm afraid it's a feeling i'm afraid.

i was a hoop of trembling ice.

when i mattered and shaved.

listen to i down the block so gone.

if it doesn't come from somewhere hot why bother

sees the cool way. down in a minute. for the evening.

i was placing pebbles. small fish telling me. pieces

of an old shirt. whereon you wrote inspiring passages

from whitman's 1855 preface. we were all going south.

without music. there was no music at all. where we.

cleverly a thing again.

entirely a ruse no more.

fortunately gambled i'm.

parched in your tidy pond.

go for silence. deep thing.

Monday, August 09, 2004
is of jazz where. it's going this long.

a reached around now. true and bent

covered back in black. this is my word

and my intent. hoarse rendered song

put it someway farther along. unheard.

the place where that disturbs. gets wider

for the morning or marilyn monroe who's no

more this combination. no more than i making

you listen to. a piece we only heard once before

and let the kids make themselves while we got.

depending who you read the turn to daily

pointing gets serious as song. some time

beyond the last century's picket fence in.

reasonably rich garden walks quiet as strange.

Sunday, August 08, 2004
tolerable seems lucky enough and good

for us. then a big wind and the phone.

possibly an electrical malfunction. alone.

given the angle and distance we stood.

of her like an arrow over how an arbor.

come down. in a blue gazebo. it's 1913 genuine.

ponderous. reading books that smell like rabbits.

we come upon. we come upon a hero in a word.

a slamdunk porch. by golly. by gum. under glass.

video. the analyst left his country for good.

taking literary badges and edges forever. we

miss his video of all our talking. slipped on

the last comfortable slippers. re-evaluated

furniture positions. plugged in and read our

speech in all of the shiney glassy faces so.

Saturday, August 07, 2004
defining day as another. seriously.

you should take the course. in hopping.

turning words into faces. or doubt. prayer

as in an old forest. skipping under past time

for a new dictionary. o standing. louver.

only. known here by a few.

plus or minus. the attacks.

and the burning later. say.

famous for falling. tepid.

an imitation of a fine contemporary poet

tells lies about rivers and mountains just

after the snapshot reveals us to be snow

men yawning. about the center of the shot

there melts a bed in the center of a chapel

at the Center for Recuperating Ur-Poets.

the rivers run inky and bright up mountain

traces to my hand pretending happiness too.

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