Friday, August 27, 2004
got the planetary itch got the heavy grey abyss

got an orchid's oily temper. baby. got the swallows.

got yr northern yr southern o yr rich blue bird word.

but they never expected what eventually appeared.

a cold opposition by one. a gale for the occasion.

markets. and brave. where the revolution's copper daydream

flips and flops. we've got the song. for shadows. catchers. no

delirium on paper. no jumpy wallops. ascendant by the river's

count. we forget and versify birth going on to stop. hungry so

Thursday, August 26, 2004
normally good tippers will not understand contemporary political.

i'm in a stew. i was duncing. i bent my hustle. i merely didn't.

signals meant us from the sky. wired out kindness in a beep.

to her past no. an empty professionalism.

a sorrowful valise. reckons. i urge escape.

old trains are the best. trains. compel you.

along a range of successful mythography. quick.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
allowed by a minimalism i took.

permission. sifting into every act.

containing a free. sample in every.

having taken. a subtle gift.

meager says meager days.

none of this puffing. harbored against

a grey line. what did you call that sentence.

a pinch of orchidean wilderness. ribald miasma.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
key to the old poems.

it is always sex. he

is always god except

on thursdays. she

appears. rare and. dots

are scared of you.

holding on tight. and

everything means. and

wholly granted. we the

poems are day's cool.

trouble. i is a guess.


unheard the brood.

considerate and coincidental.

instigated on approval. mis-

heard yr sudden request

now we've done it. slowly

as is done in tropic lands.

well water makes me wanna holler. voices.

mine in a semi-circle. deep and high. birdie.

i'll be going now. worried and unsorted.

my politics. by politics heavy. lunar pies.

thicker sweet. swept level by the side of your hand.

still. rough on the streetside. singing to myself

when you ask. when will you be going. now i sing.

hadn't time to dive home. before. and now too late.

too heavy on saturday. voting for the bent. cutthroat

me. common enough. misread. pouting over candles.

complicating the simpler. studying to please. you.

Monday, August 23, 2004
tested. arrested. contested. infested.

attracted at last to. a stone. this field even greater comes

farther toward us than past. a stone or us. toward farm.

this. typical of illinois limestone. long suffering topsoil

sundered in waves and softened by the book. jane and

jim like black-eyed cows. this turns us into farm. folk.

i can't remember how. i was a stone. or the plow's faulted

signal. this field felt. cornered as rain instigated a cut. none

lies fallow. oats. flax. the gaping veins. pursuit of something

in the street. an electron. forbidden hoe. the list of turnip.

rump as a pigeon. we do not know the facts of farming. jim

and jane in a thin orbit. relish the dog's hole. reason from it.

that. first and last breath of doing. around the place we took.

for rights to put us through public school. private. a pension

fingered. a clod. the sun spent less. the intentions the wine

the barley the corn. provided we see it. or seek it's pulse.

Sunday, August 22, 2004
wiry for a spell. then my femur twitches. song picks me.

i wasn't. with a big red nose. and combustible postcards.

i was losing beauty. combing reasonable portions. sent.

here goes more for rockers and rollers. lips coins prayer.

custard as the world's yellow.

smothered pools. by me.

i'll name the pieces if you like.

the sun goes violently up.

with us it's all in the preview.

my manners took you off. so.

here's the news. the blues.

we grew and cooked our own dessert.

pliers for the frenchman. a borrowed. stretch me.

while the gulls denounce. a lopsided dance. a tree

laughs. the world made simple not fluid. but hard

enough. more wind for the oboe's turnip. teeth of.

Saturday, August 21, 2004
or known to be condensed by sunlight. who'd

steady himself at mass. one voice. then one

voice. what have arms got to do with it. jesus.

more fruit. then puritain i. raw as a rock.

these breaths. are not punctuation. but

reasons. in a soft rain. telling me about

rinsing before. consuming whole baskets

the sentence. gives up. a headache. limited

for then we're collusional. herd and flock. a

reading. undergrown subject. predicate says

taken. all boys and girls flying. carnivores even

shuffle. the sentence incorporated a bluster.

and goes on. fingering with words. at dinner.

he let himself. study.

and what passed. that

other word for light.

time. or. desire. there

we go. the small cycle.

red yellow blue. as such.

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