Friday, September 03, 2004
o how the turtle bolts work. turning box

turtles bolted as wonder. brown goddie

slinging worry up in a viscous pool. says

look... the good duck... so eager to please.

far as the red action pushes home. then obeys.

a tissue always gets me. it's a one-note portal

that lost a gal. a gurl. again. so smothering o

yellow views in the wall. o days for yellow harp.

coming around. a clabber dunce. a wizard in the barn.

how was it. for freedom's sake. the hoot took root.

art made pennies. on the go round. left us stilly. as.

Thursday, September 02, 2004
liking salmon. as the rising. or you'd say

leaping. offering a canny structure. for

our immodesty. it was. a tent of shadows.

deleted. as in the first story. an older man

ringing. the moment furiously. descriptive

and very creative.
from belt to shelf. so.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004
well why not the trees are interesting

as calm and settled. on the other side

the window preaches. a whole thing.

and parts come with seminal process.

all my soft purpose. gone tough in the noon.

i cradle like. i cradle under particular notions.

they dust down the path i go. here i'm gone.

tough in the noon. of leaves and a blue sun.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004
short but not funny. heroes testing the wait.

twenty-six minutes and a bucket instead of

a meaning. my universe sent you out. you came

glued. a series of special looks. disapprovals.

my foot through it. then yrs a sign of clear thought.

it was a cabin. then a lake. four geese three ducks.

four geese three ducks. and listen. my foot through

row upon row of blistered. bungled. autobiography.

terrible season of cups and poultry. you understood

nothing very useful. you vague. you wedded pump.

assimilate and forge the new. loping reassurance.

we push each penny back to line. we injure poetry.

Monday, August 30, 2004
hazard in a series of flukes. you go then i'll. imagine

the coarses of art. we'd take bold steps to sleep.

forty bicycles dreaming. a goblet of bone once gilt.

i'd been the pixie for so long i'd become a doll

you look for me. you mope. i'd seen a blanket

under. the pixie. it's full of grief. and lost which

made my funny again... a knife of mystyping...

to say. see you again. as giants see. saying.

here is a good thing to eat. a trifle smelly but.

take morning. take reasons. take willing faces.

Sunday, August 29, 2004
marge. keep wanting to say. marsh or marginal.

so intrepid so quizical in the mouth. o summer's gone.

here tripped over the rough edge. scaling down sleep's

trembling escarpment
. escargot and carp in pockets.

hands burnt and bloody. ready for a blue line. mercy.

coo. forgo shuffles to porches. rockers. dawns like medicine.

Saturday, August 28, 2004
stop. sober telegraphy. erratum.

a gumption. threaded. ordinaries.

unusual as history makes. the clowns

committed. here another gesture

broken. path as tried. then arrested

for better place. where being goes.

mine good as yrs. as well. too.

came to the fascist moment. stick

yr marx meter in a sea chest. drown

yr baby litterbugs. some pomes

need a good spanking. in theory.

what little good as feet. loss and purpose.

i'm. doing the yellow vine. vague as prose

stitched in. for thistles coming porcelain.

i'm. universal and conjugated as morning.

what seems gone. built of incidents.

mine a verse of daisy. daisy. so

timid. to say never expect sumerian

lords. raking down the sun in horses.

grief in the oranges. all flat stones.

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