Friday, September 10, 2004
for the world shatter. as an organ of the previous god.

still in the firelight. savage heart denuded. torn elbows.

cruisers. bleeders. homers and drips. labile invasions.

you forget it and go. just. you forget it and go. and go.

was this coming back. i seemed a good.

i seemed a good moment. then came back.

a stash of phrases. a bucket coming back

from perfect. evaporating soon. was this

a game i laughed. a pain. a cookbook dog.

Thursday, September 09, 2004
offering to stand. or deliberately modify

the room. i picked that mediocrity. up.

in sight of a blunder my soliloquy goes

tumultuously brown as a fart in view of

the century's passing. all in suits. ties.

i. there. done and happy to be.

as significant as. any one.

which feeling gets. noticed.

says the pure page. of light.

for typing faster tries the air. a quest.

but heavy as dirt in the doing. a bludgeon's

descent. man's heart's complaint. tried as

the bassline. a song of plenty doled out.

we've got just what you need, mister

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
my woman days behind me now. a tremendous shudder

rocks the craft we meant to keep us steady. a tree

or a kite. my man days buttered on both sides. drop.

this is your turn. shallow vaults over us pretending news.

bladed as for a dunce. whose ears pop on active verbs.

coming home nightly i'm worried. in a state. ready for it.

cousin to the anglo-saxon insult. a free tongue.

placed in a jar. a cloud. new ether for us. ours.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004
dirty after paleolithic concert. broken after dinner.

your title. to it. an obscene preposition. tiled if

reading all the passages. from. my pretending. time

when i was dutch and micronesian. an extrovert and

captain of the bully watch. drunk of an evening's egg.

where three roads. looky. there's us and here's

the chance to. anybody'd take it. hasn't seen it'd

think a lesson from the skyway. calls us pretty good

grafters in the garden of perhaps. one of these goes

up. we're busy being. enough. and this cloud opens

a jar of nuisance. spread it thick. as from a jar of

no aversion to subject predicate clarity. yet.

whose feet are those. in the hall. a shout.

a nervous twinkling speech. concern of objects.

standing for themselves. we gloat our way. in.

scored and patient moonrise. blue palms. black.

heresy tells us. the sky listens. to regulate a dog

point to your finger. i'd weld it to bird song.

Monday, September 06, 2004
in this rude spell we're a flume... a fluke of 19th

century ill humor spewing decisive tell-tale verbs.

losing the bustle. snuck into the bigtop for visions

of horses versions of riders. flame behind us. look.

down the creek bed. mud in our dream makes day.

without the day's cruciform blinders, i'd overflow. told and sold

a pair of small white butterflies. believe it rains then. or thought goes

to old canvas. which you meant when we startled you out back. color

stuffs our. or our laughter butts heads with. the organ nobody plays.

aubergine. at odds with the company. severely stung.

fronds. a plurality. a groundswell. we're the ones.

insignificant. lollygagging in a balm. not swollen.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

whether talk. sumptuous bark. skitters blues.

nouns enunciate. verbs very. still. sunny one.

yr coming birds. yr newly howled. hush hole.

what's that you got... a ticker. engorged.

mainly a crawl. to the door. you said

you'll find me. i remembered. smiling or

teeth. to the troll's grey door. while.

nervous youth. meat. signed for birth.

heroic starch. isn't it time we.

or push through to daylight. arsenic.

arsenic ice and gold. these treasures

trouble us. and isn't it time we. got.

gone to tuck it in. as if a flight of bee. veers out.

these reasons foment disaster. as if engines idle.

as if permission comes. as notice takes the last slice.

Saturday, September 04, 2004
anechoic. i dropped it. as. coming from somewhere.

here my thought. uses enough oxygen. as. they say

there is no space in sound. or a tremendous liking.

rises. burns. stereophonic... plump and attractive.

irregular as an option. the light path. morning

in red light. or the dark. you may prefer traffic

gnomes or satyrs. syllables torn out of mist. say

this comes heavily. old voice. the author coughing

to say lepidopterist... an aphoristic old coot.

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