Friday, September 17, 2004
must have been in sleep. a quarter and some smaller coin.

geriatric in a blender. anything can happen. eleven yous.

a nose the size of any panasonic remote. noisy window.

always awake or. or recylables stuck to our bootsoles.

turns or. puts or. recommends. no war this year.

reasons distance and i'm walking. or farther than.

i'm thinking music tempers. and grilling them. still.

no war this year. and fix the poor. they're leaking.

Thursday, September 16, 2004
even if you count the. even alone they. noticed

us flat. weary stale unprofitable. in short even

if you count the kings. even alone they offend all. in

theory. but here we've counted. pegs in holes. found

the holes. found them sighing. alone. counting us.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
keyboard faces. sidled all up. drunken galoots.

designated pose. at the bar. our feelings lit.

i. the finger makes me. all lopsidled up. for it.

wars and pop stars opened my signs. you took yours and closed them.

hasn't the resistance found peace and celebrity. isn't the winter a living we can make.

you took yours and marked it with an orange crayon. my signs relax.

all good pop stars slumber back home. all good wars surrender.

in thought. here. abridged as dog.

solutions come nattering. belief and grease.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
nobody taking time to measure. thinking thin or as a blanket.

insert necessary image here. and pray for it. let it expand.

into reason we're. a crease of unintentional fumbling. a sign.

out any road. this one. weathered loons. a patch of egg.

turn back o sinner. turn back. type the moon to mercy.

we expected something. something. and this. your woods.

are lovely. mask and glove. rouse us teeth. and true.

Monday, September 13, 2004
sorry. sometimes it's just. ugly.

don't you like it. consistently parks

in the vast lot of useful excellence.

one for the toolbelt one for the glove

compartment. one for the eye of the.

beholder. the mere pleasure of. god.

what comes and sameness for the garden rope.

what else delights in corduroy ducktape whistles.

what you forgot of us to tell the rest.

what spends a circuit of noise on poetry.

what it comes to. what it. what it smells in.

these and only these. are said to have begun.

what consists of roots and lips. what goes in.

what will vote. what the bastards knew. what.

what isn't tender anymore. what coughing comes.

Sunday, September 12, 2004
blessings and pieces. to you

these account for. morning.

yes take the angels. you

ordered. arrested. morning

supposed and sunny but you

don't know. or say. morning.

the people say whose not good enough always

gets rolled over. if a fixer. or if a preacher. if

no boss or a politician. has a fit or a mind or

notion or an itch. the people straightens up

a second. slouches back to noon. later. morning.

questions nobody answers. looking for whose. day

an accidental, trifling man. measured. a matchbox. a chalice.

forgotten. in clothing. we stood around. in useful hoping.

the directions put us next to god. america. it took

all of a good morning to move how many pounds of gold.

Saturday, September 11, 2004
the drift as such. not falling dreams.

even turning. floundering in the sun so.

we were surprised. and blushed. at nine

doors flung open. nine blue virgins lit.

recent history exposed us to. delay.

the army composed. if poets. as sleep.

taking the nation's moment away. its

longing for songs. going on like this.

into a phrase. vagrant cobweb. look.

gaura blooms. says the small. whole.

i prefer waffles to pancakes. black

coffee. attentive to variable weight.

as the bee. the butterfly. the book.

punctuated as a force for day. break.

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