Friday, October 01, 2004
the hill's part. rarely apprehensive about mushrooms.

as to. how they. would dislike tension as reassuring

what friend. what effect. o wasn't it a life. a pocket.

i ran for office. he saved my life. not five but six.

or a month full of teeth. and i liked all my classes. for

feeling alive every day comes down. comes down in bolts.

a sign. a train. as maturity. my trademark

behaves all morning. winks us over to friendship.

i was being for hard work. never the paper pusher.

what ideal. a pig from love in it. as time forces

my business. dark. let's jump out of your eyes.

smoke and varnish over days. trees a new job.

Monday, September 27, 2004
watching it around or. going around in it watching

here's a black a white a tight cave around in it. go

watch it something for. the air of it is a battle shoe.

isn't worth a button but we'll. give you twenty-two.

what are they. in french a string of voices.

i made them out of hair. you knew them all.

they understood us. coming with full mouths

toward the new development. crippled houses.

all we wanted was a dance and a dram. lichen.

Sunday, September 26, 2004
mocking me... are you maching me... mister...

an orbital renunciation. i checked all the books.

we stuff mondays. tuesdays. but wednesdays

we snake a cool blue liquid. run down the hall.

off the menu. past the old soldier's statuesque.

burden. teach the helpless circles. wait.

lordly as these. someone's banal epiphanies.

collections in doll's cloth. a purple or mauve

decision makes me squirm. and you too. you

fidget around religion. composing what god

meant. to suck a breath. and pass the ammo.

Saturday, September 25, 2004
my hand. o country star. the bottle of it. said

laughing. my sweetheart foot. o country star's.

to strum it unconscious. more casual than

causal. i remember you. these potatohead

daydreams. called for a dance. & got it.

you have it. say. or.

not having it. you. say.

so it makes you say

you have it. or either.

you don't say. having

neither it makes you.

or say it. you have to.

after. the guts are relaxed as any loon portable.

or a silly bark distracted me. then. singling itself from

approaches morning free as. any cow. after

sentiment. then a crow's reason. prescribed this simple

and that. a frame for burning men. after johnson's book.

we'll make these come our way and dispose of the rest.

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