finish your phrase

index of first lines 2003
index of first lines 2005

number = week of composition
1 = week one (27 dec 03)

1. my flag's an indirection 26
12 hours of mystery and suspense. as coverage 46

abused in my argyle. angelic nurse. 41
a carnal justice right where the first violin swoops 27
accused of a wooden precociousness. my blade gets 31
a cold hopping for the queen's day 10
a colossal knocking always steers me off... you too... 12
a conditional gravity sizzles me... i bubble on the morning skillet... 10
a conversation the brute tongue. changes. a chat 34
a cord or a cancellation. tired of the fuss. 41
actually violence... hundreds of oboes... skeletal pianos 3
add any. more fingers. no ink. 29
add renoir... fils not pere... he'd slice it thicker... but 12
a decent spot for the underbelly... down there... 14
a foggy string of little things... a line of johnny faces... dreaming jacks... 8
after i broke my murder into quiet parts 16
after the. any year of the. excessive mother. 47
after. the guts are relaxed as any loon portable. 40
a hesitant willingness to go all aphoristic. and bungles the dance. 43
airs and notions. i'm baked for the tournament. 30
a is for the adipose we're growing... 7
a jar. this holds madness. back. 48
a lake flying... this transcendant edition convinces us 4
a less than thorough understanding... strips us naked... 6
all for the possibly framed. this is coming. 26
all hands at rest 47
all hopped up on chocolate and. confusion. 45
all my soft purpose. gone tough in the noon. 36
all of what's wrong with it. right here. 28
allowed by a minimalism i took. 35
all these matters underserved... follow me into the night... stranded 9
all they want 27
almond... the purest most useful... spontaneity 15
a long question to thin us. forever. night 24
alouette under consideration. or a star 31
alright. approach the hedge with a book. turn me out 31
also said i there the corner tumbles 25
always begin with A... 9
always with me. a knack for fog. a gut punch dialect. 43
a lyrical has a farcical entropy... fly out it says go on... 8
a mass 13
a matter of shoulders... their width and leverage 14
a mockery... a folding yesery noery... compact as an egg 3
an acceleration as we earned our pauses. 53
an accidental, trifling man. measured. a matchbox. a chalice. 38
an affinity for doodling... alien animals on an arm... amuses 2
ancients reassemble justice... a mechanical loss in the wind... 12
an awful bleach job... a risible goon... tempting the calculus 9
and another thing... taken from virtuous nature... an island 7
and letters come a drizzle... stolen pieces 14
and sons. who could never choose and tired feet 46
and stitchery... coming up scarlet... profuse as leather 16
and useful touch. at dusk the information lost. 34
and you said. this 33
anechoic. i dropped it. as. coming from somewhere. 37
an imitation of a fine contemporary poet 33
an incoherence of vowels. and consonants gets me going. 48
an island a blue window 9
ankles and purposes reasonably firm... my fingers 12
annexed and underserved... our choices draw fire... 3
an o poem bubbles... consistent pressure demands 12
answering the folded map... betrays the day's dependency... 7
any day's ordinary... in the usual shoes... 4
any game limits the eccentric... i'm pouring 16
any geometry confirms solitude... one line or many... a whiteness 4
any mouthful of italian breath sustains breakfast... 4
anyway... that piano goes vertically through the wall when pushed 2
a pod here. insufferable. demonish as turbulent. 46
a priss in the political. knock me down. 41
arc as an error. following the wedding 27
arguably left behind... the rapture's poor god... gone... 7
arguably the brother appends an urge... or 3
argued with lulu... said her yeses need new eyes... said 4
arms and foraging in trees in sky. 30
arms... mine... mine arms are somebody's arms... 22
art sending you a happy death. human. on time. 27
as a hole comes up... its flower makes me 9
as an axiom it was coffee-jiggered... astonished... axion 25
as an improvement upon the way. 47
as a technique. my arms go round. go round. 30
as bestride an. 31
as degeneration phrases a new ironic economy so too i. 24
as gaura supposes there's no end. once 29
as if everything could be talked... v. woolf... and then the spaces 3
as if he couldn't catch our breath. 41
as is... a circle of onion bagels... and 19
asked for opera in the baseball park... found it forgotten 19
asking is a usefullness. pulls it from 48
as liking or refusing a distance... as firing home... 8
as long as you. i persist. it's partial 49
as many seem to begin mid-thought. as many as 47
as rivers go humping past any reality you or i may care to know 22
assemble the violins... nobody cares that they're apolitical... 7
as slow. then projected in porous light. 26
assuming that kind of death... dissatisfaction with a picture... 2
as tied up we were as... forbidden to laugh so we didn't... 16
a sudden this... a shadow in the eye 14
as usual... just... on the verge of paradise... 7
as we make. the chorus jerks upward. craning 42
as white photos these. selfs in song like winter. 50
at choking time for the wrought. phrase. be me. 46
at last. he isn't mad. so. nothing happens. 50
a tone in the air... pretends to be music... modern energy... 5
attentive to differences. my critic made 32
attracted at last to. a stone. this field even greater comes 35
a tub. but witful on the inside. burning tree brain. 44
aubergine. at odds with the company. severely stung. 37
a vulgar term is used here... don't read if such offend 28

beaches on the adriatic... venice... a thump down 2
before he cannot say he says 24
before no body... there was 11
begin a purpose. clear and reason. talk like a real person. 34
being happy in yr wardrobe silk woven in a shack 34
be in that... be to insist 22
believing the sparker couldn't convince us. to take a left 49
between the floor and my step over it... a diamond 18
beyond the curve past the last tree... i'm allergic to visions 13
big fat doubts... and a day to do it in... drastic monotony 17
blessings and pieces. to you 38
blue as a bald game 14
Both poems, essentially, tamper with death...
boys had to turn it off... boys had to tape it up... 10
brown through white... then a field of mourning 5
but for how his bottle took him backward 7
but getting out of poetry. as poetry getting out 46
but i'm not bored. i woke up with an egg. 50
but the pencil broke. or i never had one. 32

cabriolet. my. how it shines in sun rise. 39
can i fold your interesting arm 24
can say because. all 1,500 inhabitants build. 52
capable and incapable. of the ground 32
cardinals in five. not counting the reds. 47
cat stilling a very puddle of native fate 12
caught me traipsing into toxic domesticity. a ladder of faults 47
clearly my irrelevance stood next to anyone's rises 10
cleverly a thing again. 33
coded for blue eyes... a selection tipping the new 19
coffee forgiven. chocolate sunshoes. as breaks in the humming 52
collaborative on the sidewalk... fearsome boogie-woogie 22
coming around. a clabber dunce. a wizard in the barn. 36
coming soon... this excellent cucumber... drab insomnias... 17
commodities... subtle inquiries behind snow pines... 2
common as country tunes i've forgotten 13
complaints through the ceiling like a fiery planet. 27
complexity. here on the beanstalk. 52
complicates the room... quicker than books... a flood 23
converging to. guess we're smiling. 42
coo. forgo shuffles to porches. rockers. dawns like medicine. 36
cool sun monster i'm making cool 24
cordelia's bad tooth on the lookout. alludes to hope 44
cord suffering... nets and all 26
could i know my difference. o it was your fist. 47
couldn't you tremble the puppets a bit... when i enter... 3
counselled to breathe. here's my exhalation. 51
course it's unusually whistling now that you've come... 18
cousin to the anglo-saxon insult. a free tongue. 37
cranked on a dream. he's the teacher and will not say 28
custard as the world's yellow. 35
cut like a diamond... through air... seems a line 10

dams are failing... our huddling walls... so 6
darn. i got no. letting go 51
day asks... what the shoe says... any mystery... 18
decided to go away. then buy everything. live 31
defining day as another. seriously. 33
deleted. as in the first story. an older man 36
depending who you read the turn to daily 33
didn't see anything today... ate too much with eyes closed 23
didn't sound like anything 14
did the terrorists steal... did anyone 23
dirty after paleolithic concert. broken after dinner. 37
do mourning. lost uses. believing in saints 48
don't worry about this. here the story puts 49
don't you like it. consistently parks 38
dotted and doubled you get all the credit you need 21
down. by. around. on. under. the river. 42
dressing... i have to go... it's offline and contaminated 3

eighteenth century. i was a version of the hat. 53
elo-quance... 10
english novelist... author of black chains on their feet... 17
enough of this seeing... i'm seeing you curdled 10
even if you count the. even alone they. noticed 38
even the odd thing goes in... you have to assemble it... 3
everybody screaming and thumping. no it's the horns. 28
ever since. i put a foot i been a fool. 24
ever the teuton. a brash geometer. 47
everything haggard everything swift 11
excellent position... the eyes of intrepid seafarers... 19
ex nihil... nihil... with a latin jones 13
expecting a day here's the minute... the minute 10

faces never the same. as the shadow. sometimes part 50
far as speaking goes you. heard me fall 48
far as the red action pushes home. then obeys. 36
faster. cat goes wishing nightly 25
fear as beauty tells it... that any trick plays us... well hearts 8
feeble or better than winter... some things leave quicker 2
finish your hard candy. in a brain making it hard to figure. 23
first our time is precious then we forget something... 9
flash gordon's theremin broke 11
flight from it running... away 22
flogging's a verity... a cool influenza of the urges... 2
for a bridge take these... what you might call arms 12
for colorful detail. stand in the shadow. 51
for east i made a corridor... for west i took a comic book... 8
for growing tear a list from the air... 12
forlorn hole. some refusals count for more. 31
form said... here 22
for the world shatter. as an organ of the previous god. 37
fortunately as a tool. for pondering out. 31
forty-five across... 4
for typing faster tries the air. a quest. 37
fought to remember. placements were not pieces 50
four of everything... red green and black grey... flat... 8
freaking urgent and told me it's lost... it's lost... 18
free buckets of... free tensions... freely humble... 17
Friday's soup will be Vegetable Beef... alone 5
from stumbling. as toward an opening. we're 44
from the point. say of power. yr in trouble 43
fuses for loosing memory... power planks depending... 7

gaura blooms. says the small. whole. 38
generous... no fault but tolerably worn... 22
get these ghosts out a my salad
... isn't hurting 27
girl of a noble family
... matter of fair exchange... 19
go ahead count. we'll wait. 50
going out to eat with all my racist friends. is. 41
gone and sent. so walk with me. little bitty 50
gone to tuck it in. as if a flight of bee. veers out. 37
got the planetary itch got the heavy grey abyss 35
gulping whole buckets of air... filling a stomach with holes... 7

handles. present to themselves along an axis. 51
hard. as harsh but not these leaves. a welcome. 44
hard business haiku. long fingers. 39
harbors of rude timber... yards of burgundy silk... 8
hardly procreative but a mess of. 41
hark. a ukele's condensation. warps all my sentimentals. 52
harking and nursing... here i come... a timbered range 17
harvard says it. on the cold edge. but for today 50
has his singing tended... has his ruined corner seemed... 21
hasn't a career... where words appear 25
has we done it... comes the thief and a point 21
have some troubles append a small list... escape or resignation... 12
hazard in a series of flukes. you go then i'll. imagine 36
headings... terrific noise in the works 22
heard in the music... a bargain and a threat... you'll cross me off 10
he buys a house... a castle on the back of a truck... 18
he let himself. study. 35
he'll be hard put to say. or where 43
here and here and... here 19
here a slander. portrait of goodness bulimic. 31
here hand me the river... i'm not frowning backwards... 6
here... here's my grammar... my slow medicine... 23
here. i like to say. 26
here's the cat... an extension of our normalcy... 13
here's a kid's game... active in the mouth... 9
here's the thing... in the park small packages tick 2
hermit... he's a bundle 10
heroic starch. isn't it time we. 37
hero stooping. 23
he's for stories without arms... lucky to be... 19
he teaches high school in an ambulance read backwards... bleeding 10
hey... how... can he be... 24
hey if you listen... dramatically... the double king sighs 5
hides well. 23
his leader... impractical instructions from 15
hola... the sun rising stumps him... carriage corpse... 3
hollower and a good thing... two days... 16
howlin' in whitey county... 18
how much for the parade a single one... a known trumpet 18
how much less funny. i'm paying you for it. and laughing too. 47

i always. and insist finally. 34
i ask for the regular sky... a plate of fish... 15
i ask him... 19
i bent the carvers my way... i meant the warners... 5
i brood a conscious tremor as a spotted pony 26
i can read half the poem... but clocks... stopping now... a kid 12
ice cold and feeling the love
... formative notions 5
i'd been the pixie for so long i'd become a doll 36
i'd like to be a slash of fire... 25
i'd say it over. but your looks. said. 46
if 25
if about me. then never mind. if something 42
if anyone chooses a just path. the path 43
if a tragic hole... if a gaping came 22
if i didn't do it... every day... the strings and horns gone white... 18
if i'm limping so 27
if in a barrier normal conditions articulate 41
if in sailing a smirk. then dancing 45
if i stay my. thisness. takes over 23
if it doesn't come from somewhere hot why bother 33
if it doesn't matter... i'm busy so long my fingers crack 8
if it stops calling this mine... and puts in a tree... well... then 19
if it weren't. for. this inconvenient. day. we might 39
if i understood it myself... i'd stop doing it... 22
if i waited for the precious angel i'd never get around to eating... 6
if i wouldn't didn't have to... string you along... with a barcode 14
if not for political involvement. on this scale. reading 47
if she doesn't have any, i do... then some head butting... 16
if the word is important enough it will find it's mate 7
if you feel that weird x-ray thing. bad words. 51
if you have to look it's not. to recognize yr here. 32
if you have to pee you might as well write 27
if you post a philosopher. and id. going to sleep. 34
i got more difficult as i went along. what you expected came 51
i hear yr a catholic. scratch 25
i keep the sun out the trees out... what passes 12
i larded it so good. i belindered a song 27
i'll be going now. worried and unsorted. 35
i'll be yr narcoleptic basketball. 32
i'll have nothing to say about it... any day now... 10
i know yr stupid. do you know 41
i'm afraid it's a feeling i'm afraid. 33
imagine an italian stage... old mother hubbard struggles 12
imagine i said go buy some pretty clothes. i said teach 29
i'm an easier fumbling... cradling good intentions 15
i mean you knew sounds and hurt them... 12
i'm hip. to what trees get. 32
i'm pretending i don't know what i'm pretending that you. 34
i'm purling. and overt 48
i'm standing outside like the rain changing 19
i'm the falling roman empire... i'm the lusitanian princess... 9
i'm farming sublunar timidity... you farming it... too 9
i'm getting ready to say something... a true line 11
i'm insinuating a thousand wheels and one cloud 23
i'm in the sunflowers. the beans in the sun. 29
i'm not a big fan... the doom of the day burbles... 9
i'm not carving anything... thin geographies must find 9
important things. imps. about yr mama 47
i'm praying... haven't you noticed my black fingers... 9
i'm reading under the pale green sheet... you ironed 13
i'm ready and dancing... heroically modern... 11
i'm saying this cricket nature goes underestimated 8
i'm there talking a new circus or a subway tunnel groaning 15
inappropriate and. uninteresting. both seconds 28
in blue the blur attacks 10
in buggish certainties. in stead of the terror we 49
inexcusable attributions... the worst of it... that we pushed 7
in fire. go red and take it. given wild as leaf. 46
in not naming the world... a slider comes pretending me... 21
inside a bright hill. call it crete. or self 49
in signs. an edge. a sill for starlight. 24
in the background... a deep grief... 19
in the service of a larger truth... or dinner 6
in the way. always. still. 32
in this rude spell we're a flume... a fluke of 19th 37
in thought. here. abridged as dog. 38
in yr pictures. where. are we by the water. 47
i put my smallness on. a ledge and 42
i ran for office. he saved my life. not five but six. 40
irregular as an option. the light path. morning 37
is 22
i see chairman mao very small i see him in paper in silk 20
isn't it... sensible a brown field goes thrashing... 19
is of jazz where. it's going this long. 33
i stopped wanting to say things... and bit my finger 12
is what i do. you shooting stars. can't you 34
italian ease... in a rested villain's hoop... 6
i. there. done and happy to be. 37
i took color. to leave you running. 49
i tried to be a funnier guy... but these things... 4
it's his class the elbows know how to sit 11
its intention to follow sight lines established 32
it's the new building... the new science... that keeps 5
it was a cold... and then... the baby ducks shivered... 20
it was... an italian satisfaction... welling up from the south 9
i want words. to from in on and 51
i was a sad miscreant... bubbling up virtue... from confusion's gut... 8
i was a small figure... with nearly invisible hands 7
i was automatically stung... i was a renegade and fat 8
i was imitating a string of birds then i 11
i was in the british underwear for a year or two. 31
i wasn't asking you for anything... i was coughing... 3

jagged and pleasant... an edge of burnt toast... 22
jumpy leg all jazzed in a drummer's brew 21
just as demands a certain poison confidence 25
just now hurling into what makes us go... a pump... 2
just turning time. till the next major minute for poets 27
just your three ones... not your fives... 6

keyboard faces. sidled all up. drunken galoots. 38
key to the old poems. 35
kindness the wheels
and youth the flour 20
knocked of a pointer... i'm the wild zeppelin 20

lately since... i was thinking you might 15
lately... the c.i.a. wanted... versions of trembling... candles 8
let me 9
let's articulate what a sudden sinking demands... 26
let's barge out. eager escape promotes 30
let smile let him. i'm a mountain of nuclear smirks. 50
let's understand frames as they understand us... 23
let the one among you... let the one... coordinate 2
life with my attractive wife. young. son. 52
liking salmon. as the rising. or you'd say 36
lines of string. lines of song string. a slope. 39
literal about lithography... and sensible 14
logged for the modern. my period's in holding. it was 39
lordly as these. someone's banal epiphanies. 40
lots of dolphins or those manatees... slurping around... 3
lukewarm. as poetic. or poetic. 39

machine's red pulse in the center of us... 14
mainly a crawl. to the door. you said 37
make it a plessure. a zorone vault in the globe. 44
maker gets to riot... insurgent... a flux for example 19
make the arrangements. i suppose it had been 50
manic music for the circular clowns. a drama. 41
many come at you with... longing 22
many more than. a sore bunch here we go. count them. 24
marge. keep wanting to say. marsh or marginal. 36
marginal green angles. taken rudely 26
marginal maker... crisp in his own 14
markets. and brave. where the revolution's copper daydream 35
marking my laser. an elementary education in chalk. 29
marley's gut. from there a fashionable delivery. 47
martin's inappropriate buzzsaw plugged in... how every outlaw's 8
martyred material... turn my tack to good use 10
marvelous junctions these red birds... 15
mashed while singing... balanced on a wire... i was metallic... 6
match mine... i'd ply you with cellophane... orange peels... 17
matter fact it's me. all standing 41
maybe. if you say it. uncles have it. 48
Maybe I oughta get stuck into something... maybe 16
maybe john ashbery sneezes or i sing out gesundheit anyway 20
maybe next time i'll let it go to the machine... 3
mckinley avenue surgery... they're taking out the garbage... the fine air 8
meager says meager days. 35
megaphone voice in a close space... hurry down the hall... 4
merging small then going puddled... proven 22
mid. being known in the letters. this romantic fascination 51
military sadness in a flower box... instants 7
mine good as yrs. as well. too. 36
mine is hidden... ask around... you'll see... 2
mine is invisible. mine is broken. 50
mine obscure for yours... blushing ripe pears... ready for yours 13
minimal in our collection of 19th coping tools... my forest of pictures... 20
mining hasn't been the same since... hunting hasn't been 17
misses any one thing... terrible tunes know it 19
mixed a 11
mocking me... are you maching me... mister... 40
monk's arsenic must have slipped the day 13
more fruit. then puritain i. raw as a rock. 35
more language than coin... i was saying everything nicely 18
more said in. the interjection of a zipper. 26
more than strong tape... a complaint... a violent plea... 8
mounted eyes on paper... exaggerated disciples... 12
munksblud. as cunning in the borders as vixen. 45
mur... der... laughing at me 20
mush. of breathing water. as hard language. 34
must have been in sleep. a quarter and some smaller coin. 38
my allegorical nerve points 30
my ancedote comes in any number of words. you might like 48
my animal eating its animal 10
my approval comes. flaming arrow through cornsilk. 47
my argument. 41
my christ. my christmas takes time. follow 53
my distortions perfect enough 19
my fault that the summer went all nerdy... in my heroic account... 9
my foot through it. then yrs a sign of clear thought. 36
my fun... this Arched tendency... to Flutter 14
my hand. o country star. the bottle of it. said 40
my heart stone o my heart 13
my income tells everyone to come home... come home 4
my martyrs as geese. flopping in the yard. 48
my means. i'm in the corroded starting place. 50
my mystery. over my mysteriousness. a knit cap. 41
my nest. my next impression wasn't going 27
my next signature will follow an old ravine... i'm cut 9
my next war novel goes west a few blocks to ashland. finds 43
my practice encouraged 22
my proven arm going for sadness. a linger 26
my single idea just flowers... an extra politician for lunch... 14
my smarts in green shadows. in heroic. fat. plantations. 47
my sonnet yr sonnet... all been et by the Ancient Rite... 13
my strong story goes like a skinny creek down the hollow... 23
my stubble tongue going to risk. you a good one 26
my sway suspects a terrific wind... we met and said 14
my thought clumbers... a loose board 18
my twisted top's a cripple. bloody well done in 44
my woman days behind me now. a tremendous shudder 37
my zero. yrs truly counterfeit. 52

narrow as a cat's butt. friendly. too careful. too clear. 41
natural bonus pills y borf rauwch...
and a sensible life 19
naturally the poem is not a train 10
nature's gone
... an argument in the stairwell... 9
nearly there... didn't i say i'd take you with me... 6
needs an arm over the stuffed back 31
nervous and contagious... here's the deal... 5
never had. nothing to say. and busy. 24
never my index... a testimony in clouds... an accurate count 23
next to a red tie... these surprises get bolder 4
next to umber a seated portrait i'm winking... any new math 18
next train seven thirty-two... a dose of trembling doubles 5
nicotine. a lightning part. of fog or. 39
no aversion to subject predicate clarity. yet. 37
nobody taking time to measure. thinking thin or as a blanket. 38
no friend of words
... not in the usual sense... 3
no matter. how many flies you kill. 45
no more body. parts. always the body. 29
none of my bleeding. none of it. newsworthy. i'm dust 27
noodled by hungarian paprika. we set off 44
no one should do this there's no reason anyone 23
no pulse... no theory... 5
normally good tippers will not understand contemporary political. 35
no room for brilliance... shuttle back 13
no room for misery's black thumb... any fortune tells it simply 8
norther than a puddle. a cool inclusion bridges. havens 28
not for the ugly voices. not for ideas. 31
nothing new orders a regime of infinite tapping 4
not in coded stone. not in rubber. 26
not me. i worked in the library. blaming 53
not more specifically a character. pushing a chair. his 46
no tools... an assembly requires breath... 10
not right but... i was never 20
not satisfied he's hard to tell... i say he's given 23
not so... for the scraps... they make me itch... 16
not suddenly empty... but here's the polestar longing 16
not that this one needs to say 7
nothing 19
nothing happened. these are the words 49
nothing's more important. to put it the other way. 53
not knowing well. mine useless or wounded. intelligence offered 34
not this sentence... the sax veers into italics... for free 9
not yet perpendicular but precious enough... i intend 10
now... 6
now a tack... a gentile borrowing in horror the breezes 21
now heredity set these words to charlie parker tunes 7
now it's a hole... we like to imagine 5
now let me tell you about myself. say 43
no. woman no. man. not to 30
now pray... that... the morning makes it possible... 14
now the integer hits us... we're ready for anything 8
now you can't say you'll never say... if the last word 4
nurms and rundles. a party of thessants comes. 42

o a pronouncement... suggest a topic... eat fat... fly... 2
o baby... i been waiting on you... in my ordinary 17
o don't it make you want to squeal... o don't it hurry home... 27
off blue windows we called 24
offering to stand. or deliberately modify 37
of her like an arrow over how an arbor. 33
o how the turtle bolts work. turning box 36
o i'm sorry... who yodels in the hallway... not a football cheer... 3
o... is it a whippet... 17
okey-dokey the heaps collide and a finally free mighty mouse 2
old fashioner. than a trail. the ice goes 44
once for the shaking fever brought on. 24
one day spun... it was an archaic language full of blenders and cathode tubes... 21
one more headline counterindicates... gravity... in the head's 1
one part ticket one part door. one 42
one's gone... because that's not what i meant at all... 26
on it 14
on it as. from a private book. or swampy guess. 48
only defense... a formula parched in the sky 15
only. known here by a few. 33
only the corner of yr eye... off the red part 20
only there's no answer... it was no cuss... just missing 18
only this... about the refusal to soldier on 7
or a gang comes rushing down... ready to believe in tapered shirts... 4
or deny yourself the pleasure... 7
ordered a western exposure. the window slot. 30
organized to say... anything... mouthing footsteps 19
or how corrupt of us to go on slanted 6
orifice and portrait on an urgent theme... a long display... 3
or known to be condensed by sunlight. who'd 35
or less on the perimeter. we bounce. 24
or longfellow stuttering before the end. a guess. 30
ornithology and memory... looks like a grouse 16
or now the raga is not... manic... even now... 17
or polluted. as ferocious in spite. 31
or take a box of crickets... shouldered by tom thumb... 12
or whitman. what he earned and took. 30
or zones in which we finally collect... rest in being 4
o take a breath... o fit a motion to that name... 10
our flatness. on my hands 25
our stories nothing and... the smallest light 6
out any road. this one. weathered loons. a patch of egg. 38
over again into the fuddled weeds... paper words knocked out 19
o. was i talking 52
owe it to know the name 24

parcels. poems. but no trains. some part 41
pardon me polite. yours come around for time. 34
part of this. normal. coffee string. 33
parts. the pump. the branches and leaves. tolerable 50
pasted over the herald trees a dozen windy crows 14
pennies found... daydreaming or blind on the road... old 24
personally... how could you tell i wasn't at my best... 9
piano means be quiet... be a stone in the street 23
piano. pulled my dry chicken. apart. 28
pick up yr feet... you scraping them down the hall... 5
piece of a bad violin... kind of sweet in the right mood 15
pieces on stilts. or cheeses in a crossing. 51
place... holder 15
played like a woodwind... or critical of me in moderation 27
play the single target. this lonesome dervish. 29
please drop your scoundrel pique... an octave 26
pliers for the frenchman. a borrowed. stretch me. 35
plucked and wilted. then paved in a rush. some silences 31
poetry took a bad turn. hurt me like 42
portrait of young boy holding bow and arrow with drum on floor. 28
possible. it's any posture. we're all said 34
posted for the march past your green house 18
pouring silver. a doubter's pace. in pieces. 49
pre-recorded for the flounces. a red explosion 28
psychologically and emotionally i'm feeling odd. 26
pulled to skinny utterly harsh. 30
pulling down the wind of my god-face... here's the deal... 11
push my circus back... my wheels under sand... why 10
put me there and still don't understand putting... 6

quantity a nuisance... i haven't counted 11
quantum bullets... a slanter pulling from the right hears 1
quicker steps this animal grounded black as my remembers... 9
quickly climbing to the number once position... 18
quick so a flop in broad pants. or we stumbles 42

rain and in between sun with birds... 23
read us milton pope or that other poet... to prove it... 1
reasoning from the edge... blinkered like a rat 2
reassured and ready to move. 41
recent history exposed us to. delay. 38
rendered. or tasty in small portions. 42
resonant parkway 53
ripped and famous... accidentally torn 13
rootbound... or just a blanket around what i wanted... 4

safe dry. barren room. our unconditional blunder. 43
sand for the coffin... 19
sarge... this is tense in a roundabout way. isn't it quiet 28
saturn's delirious and invisible... here's the collapse 11
saw the corners disappear and flare out 7
say crooked straight. what ache 51
(say garcia lorca) 24
saying. because. The best thing to hit the Internet in. 29
say reading shakespeare. reading shakespeare 45
say the city is not a cage or say we're pigeons 11
scored and patient moonrise. blue palms. black. 37
scratch my tin ear. the text reveals. he 52
sealt sent delivert... under time under tentseam... 11
secrets make you deliberate... dull in splinters 27
see me shaking... it's a holiday 24
seems and understanding. returning faces 31
seems the plug goes surly out. 33
sentence lags. my sentence behind in the shady dell. 31
seriously taken. as funny if in small clothes or too large. 50
service at the end of the kinetoscope. flick as one 29
she just figures the day will get better... something slides from the printer 13
short but not funny. heroes testing the wait. 36
short enough and a ruined. my mortal. 31
since i did it all over it's been done all over 20
since. if there's no you in the song we'll be glassy 45
since this isn't europe 15
since you asked... i was recognized in the back 14
skinny scored line... put blue and red together 23
so collaborate. 23
so few words to induce... a mortgage on the moment... 5
so finally lost in the trees 42
soft corrosion in the blinkering light... a stout bundle 11
somebody put a grey war in my pocket. a period of struggle. 29
some days i could make these. regardless. hopped up 53
some day to you a random fall. welcome home. 26
some in a flock like an ocean. some kinder. and yet 49
some of these. have an advantage. don't tell. 42
some of this is just bad... bad... 10
some orchestra gets in the way... to insist on this... feeling... 4
some pomes these mad. these. corruptions 45
some ran away... some walked... any brightness 10
something like wine... or a verse up the rungs of pleasant time... 3
something too precious in... his ear his hearing goes 21
some walls are made of dictionaries... 15
so mister i'll read yr next book soon 22
so moving into the pages of any catalogue. death's 51
soon. my edit before the clock. without a plow 47
sorrow's ridiculous... a weed... and boney surrenders... 7
sorry... i meant the sky unseen... the field paved 11
sorry. sometimes it's just. ugly. 38
so tiny in the day... all sentiment wished out 6
souther... 23
so waked up to 45
specifically. 35
split from the start... it got worse at the sign-up... 13
standing in yr saxophone... shadow martyred to extinction... 22
stand up for draining the world... starting with words... then 18
starting here there's no way... you can't go 2
stationary solutions. as safety. 45
stepped back unusually. and put the phone 46
stepping down for their sha... la la... la... la... 22
still. yrself as a round object 41
stingo. what's the matter. 50
stop. sober telegraphy. erratum. 36
storm for trumpets and tiny metal bits... a long spell 21
storm surge... and blind as a porcelain cup... 18
strafed by the painted scene... it's best not 22
string like mine a slow becoming a difference 13
strip of paper said after a while... 23
subtle inventories... precise and inviolate... rooms 8
such pushing that the dirt comes up. with the light. 28
suddenly stopped... like violins mid-flight... 5
suffering tents... a forest notices us... we march it 2
suicide or television... everybody said it... everybody knew... 8
supposing the farmer is finally supplanted 31
sure i was allegiant... counting on the elephant... the swing... 18
swimming the north side. nasty stuff. he came to the states 52

taken to write. what is it to. 49
taking flowers nowhere... just grinning gets 26
t coming like edges. h wanted no walls. 43
teaching me to bend... a narrow gully looms while 13
teaching never learns the urges utter... 6
tear me. i like poets who say 53
tears ain't anything. blinking forests or reasons. look 41
teatro de los monkeys. carbonated by the jungle foot. 29
technically one penetrates the other... like a wall across germany... 18
tell him to kneel down... tell him to kneel and pray 3
telling raggedy flat lies... all over the blessed country... 4
telling true... while these other sounds... 14
tell us a story we're dark... our pages 6
ten minutes in the same key. fact. one note. 34
term paper flat white... waiting... an expression 8
terrible season of cups and poultry. you understood 36
tested. arrested. contested. infested. 35
testing my filament... now an improper... pretty... critical pose 11
thank you i'll reconsider the dim light i set 20
that an album conditions memory any way. 28
that inexpressible... scratches a window... 10
that keeps coming no matter 32
that's it let's get all surrealistic and brutal on our butts... 21
that's my replica coughing... my source under sentence 12
that sound and then blind... i am one. 32
that story consents... and said softly 23
the biggest flirt or the most organized... here's today 16
the crack. the portal. that. window. 45
the diagonal heaves. a stretch 32
the drift as such. not falling dreams. 38
the Great Man's net hangs on the wall... deliberating... 3
the haste of the seen. a decision to call it 52
the hill's part. rarely apprehensive about mushrooms. 40
the new is reasonably compact 21
then turned into action by some freakish whim. 43
the people say whose not good enough always 38
the place where that disturbs. gets wider 33
the plow. just after aborted 26
the pome suddenly... rises wriggles rinses roses... the pome 21
the position of the artist in this place... a letter here... 7
the real put its foot where i heard laughing... 19
there in east timor 3
there isn't any more i than a poke. 32
the richness takes us in. or we'll forgive a little 43
the romantic assumption that i... that you... 10
these are not enough... waking up in denver... a certain sin... 12
the sentence. gives up. a headache. limited 35
these are in general. many poets coming 50
these window blinds cut us up into strips of seeing. 24
the shape in (the greater part of the given machine) assorting 47
the story took a yellow turn... it demonstrated itself 6
the truck hit the hard worker 16
the turn isn't a terrible naught. the turn's 39
they run left and then a bit right. but left again. 45
they were like... serious about its... i got like 8
things of naught... the sheer... mere 25
thinks it's cool all those big words give 19
this big rock is a lamp unto. dark 48
this could be a small shack... on the edge of a less small city... 4
this couple stands for traffic. in a gloom 48
this day... the permission comes.. it's safe 7
this descent 13
this graphic device 26
this is your turn. shallow vaults over us pretending news. 37
this line has been a private code... fortune's goat... 4
this next mountain. for the woman on it. 29
this pagan display... verifies hope... as in 6
three cups of water... tipped toward 15
three days cut into circles... something left over... a hand 13
three points... one at the cupcakes 16
three spontaneous conjunctions... a foot of mercy... blue... 7
threw my book to the window. harped it then broke 32
ticklish. the spatial requirements. of a sonata. 34
tied eight eight in the seventh and... then... 17
time a skillet hops toward a niceness 22
time for wigils. a snow-pricked bridge from there 53
time it wasn't for the belly. 50
tiny of alphabets. a circulatory problem. 51
to be a minor. a thread in. a bit. 28
to form The Most Effective Assertion i'll have to engrave 21
to her past no. an empty professionalism. 35
tolerable seems lucky enough and good 33
too close to normal... like pretending to gag... 5
too far from dirt... not even paper... light is not a finger 25
took a passage. a tin pastoral heart. a 29
to say. see you again. as giants see. saying. 36
to the difficult. birds. and paper. 32
to think a crash. we're mid-pause smothered 30
tougher things. in life. than these small 30
triply in the back room. condensed 43
trouble. near boxes in the detritus. time. 32
tuesday's sarcastic melody. fingers and hair. a thrum 43
tune's reason has to grope... a very shadow... 4
turned into the apostrophe's. sly joke. now 44
turning away beats it. us. we're here in the words. 32
turns or. puts or. recommends. no war this year. 38
turns out i'm common. as breath. so unremarkable 49
turn the problem. justification or this abstract. 32
twenty-six fingers and toes. as mad-making congeals 32
two parts just as one. follows a rough road 32

under poor. broken. up me. i'm in the portfolio 49
under (stand) the crowded time... nice pockets of words 21
unsaying. and it goes without. i'd get it 53
urgent looks predisposed this morning 9
us as a portion of the harvest. us as the insult. 43
usually too many in raincoats... all these russians 22

very soon the north... a compatible crisis circulates... 2
video. the analyst left his country for good. 33
voice there... but no body... anywhere... and yet... 5

wait a minute... i'll surrender my pieces... they've gone loco 14
walking dogs. in mist. make me nervous. 29
walking gets me nowhere... stingy flowers... and going up against death... 13
waking up... waking up is the hardest thing... getting there 8
wars and pop stars opened my signs. you took yours and closed them. 38
was an idea required. my tie 25
washed when undeserving... a perfect fissure in knowing 20
was it announced 16
wasn't we always. in pieces at the best places. 34
was this coming back. i seemed a good. 37
was trying to undermine... whatever came with cracker jack... 3
watching it around or. going around in it watching 40
we know you flatten spectacles... called them glasses... ironed 1
well the ambiguity says a nice thing and a foul 28
well water makes me wanna holler. voices. 35
well what you say is mean enough... 7
well why not the trees are interesting 36
well you can't be afraid anymore 11
weren't you ready to follow my limbs to the next translation. 34
were we dancing last. were we the air in our tires 34
what a private argument... slivered a finger for... reasons 2
what are they. in french a string of voices. 40
what can be done in such short time... a twisted... 3
what comes and sameness for the garden rope. 38
whatever i made whenever i made it... yr contradictions 17
whatever turns up. some time in jail. a big scare. 46
what had been a low flute pulse... reasons back to drums 7
what ideal. a pig from love in it. as time forces 40
what i got and you didn't turned you into fog 21
what i'll make slipped away... slipped out or past 2
what is he typing... i wanted a less lonely pal... 15
"What is it with this cult of the new?" 12
what it's about. is to say 30
what i wore when the words. went. a blanket and a bucket. 34
what little good as feet. loss and purpose. 36
what present sent dark as old words... 21
what's been bruised or fastened carelessly... graceless ends
what seems gone. built of incidents. 36
what style became when i put it out 16
what the broken mutt said with his bloody 21
what the sung said. and what the strung 51
what this emptiness... sings a field where there's no field... 12
what threat. we sleepy tremors. bombs and cutting. 34
what turns into... the hated thing... once was liquid 4
what versus attention you called me stupid. 32
what was a sturgeon in the rocks. no. an element. 27
what were those flutes thinking... near the end... 5
what what and what the use puts us out 20
when answers happen to places. that's death 51
when i got to the border the code broke down. 30
when i'm telling you. here it's cold. then you say. 51
when i smile in prose you take the farthest hook 26
when i stop being smart i'll say enough and cough. 46
when i try to place myself. this page just opens terribly. 27
when the dark corners... 19
when the wonderful machine goes down to the sea... 5
when they write my salve. tear a corner. chew. 49
when we were surreal our center fled to istanbul. helsinki. 29
where did you bury it... here... in the light... 6
where'd it go... a grey light... my looking for it 12
where he said: Provision for a little 23
where little man... shoes are wet and shirt is ridiculous... 23
where rivers go easily... there's me in the distance drumming 13
where's more in the thin cities than greening... a long haul 18
where's my hill. gone poetry. 24
where sparks sparking thrilled me... i glommed onto distance 8
where the music feeling good... goes for heat... 19
where three roads. looky. there's us and here's 37
wherever the shush. cares to know a bunch. 44
whether talk. sumptuous bark. skitters blues. 37
which brow... a thunder from the pit and a squeak... 18
which clarinet strung the news along... barely 19
which comes to closing. hair lasts longer. 51
which dancing in the clay pit. fumbled up a pot. 39
which drifted or dared me to combine. 34
which doctor snuffled a long stream... becomes himself 18
which greatness. of a play inserts. laughter most 44
which opens to day while we ride in the back. 52
which put my hand through a bristled hedge 22
which switch blends my impatient. there must be 45
which tetherball flung out. mine is fancy. yrs not 46
while but not during and 15
while so common with horses i'm grown. 42
while spanish took us... shrinking away into bones... 20
whoa... 11
who does laundry or knows the lists these days... 15
who's actually looking... comes in a fierce blaze... or sober 7
whose bagel hums a madrigal... mister... 18
whose blue 4
who digs in a flour pot. deep pain for roses. 44
whose dizzy body can't remember... comes pushing desire 12
who stole the world i fit. 29
who the serious poets spotted... and conjugated... 17
who. wouldn't 27
who you meant to be. an article left over from a dream. 44
why. don't you talk about jesus. 32
why say. pardon my foot. with a windowsill 29
why sorry when everything makes a dark green spot... 20
why so shattering... diamond breath... rock star... 5
why so suddenly trying... to welcome these pronouns... back... 17
wilson's flatness. a nearly uninflected plain wallpaper 28
wind... blanket 18
wiry for a spell. then my femur twitches. song picks me. 35
with 27
with climbing you get to laugh. a feudal engine 46
with difficulty a bridge. centered. well- 29
withered asks a hush. terrific eyes 41
with fingers in mouth. all thought 49
without a question in yr face... this disease gallops 22
without saying the pressure builds 23
without the day's cruciform blinders, i'd overflow. told and sold 37
without the power to arrest. beaten for paper. 53
with this paper... my idea of literature 15
with us it's all trying... i put my fingers in the wall... 20
won't hurt the fish 44
words went when... i mismanaged all the big ideas... 19
worked in wood... we throttled faith's cool design... 11
world of things make me fly. big cloud head. 28
wouldn't want people saying 10
write soon... a raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control... 29

yeah even when they're bad... even when they stink 2
yeah. yr driven cattle. i'm a stutter of paradise 44
yes i said of sky... but portraits had to go because 8
yor in trubble... catch my line and pull me in... 3
you'd insist... on a plan i'd prefer 16
you for valentine you... you you everywhere... 8
you have it. say. or. 40
your targets confuse me... see... this interest 22
you shouldn't. watch television 30
you suck and freely delimit the possible... 11
youth will be served as in italy 32
you will get your turn at the wallowing shore 20
you you. you. it was you 24

zero absolute... still threshhold offers time 6