Friday, October 07, 2005
you held a sufficiently small number of students

back from irreversible choices. now as objects

of cruelty laughter and heartburn they revisit

your sentimental fences. take them out to yes.

they're the lost stories of this country we sold.

they've got the oyster cunning our narrative needs.

you understood that you could move around

furnished as we are. books in the walls. start

reading with skin. there's an old saying. you

true as far as it goes. inverted as if

perverted. can't you. sure. i'm waiting for gas.

Thursday, October 06, 2005
most would be better off

silent. rocking backwards.

moved by was it fear. most

used to roam. placing

strange hoarse messages

all over the land.

still. better off silent.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
there must be an immorality for stopping

your throat with guesses. an immorality

for stoned speculations. just don't go

there we say. it's a grim brothel gutter

saloon. an immorality of forgetting how

a moment counts us one body at a time.

of which work we'd never expected

estonian curses. your mother in a

split-soul dugout. haven't we been

jostled onward and upward longing

in cabinets longing in yurts long

enough. our stencils bark darkly

fragile handle with car. with car.

but we're nervous in a new middle

twisted as the dowager empress is

conscious of a new age. for us we

seem tempted to shotgun the past

as floating geometry torn painted

limits we got past. yes curses at

last light shadow down our vices.

& we chip our skimpies out of ice.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
my fish you face

home. stubborn.

shadow rests us

evenly. an other.

round spark. o green.

you comet. come on

my deeps. as deep.

we're abandoning wood. abandoned in

most of the time i wonder what anyone

tremendous fashion. a night for rubber

means by health. you mean there's no

chickens. plastic and counting. our one

sickness and your face is flushed by

straight landscape after another. in

some purely natural impulse unconstructed

talk that comes athletically. we're bent

love or fine accomplishment. we say it's

superior as musical aptitudes tumble us.

pure but have no actual appreciation for

we're gone like pennies. just the same.

the utterly weightless forms all tugging

guess what i'm thinking.

an opal collective. both

ping and pong. strafing

mercenaries. and how

time turns into light just

before dark. good guess.

Monday, October 03, 2005
which comes down to blessing what

instruments we have
. forked lightning

and all noises we make in or out of

calamity. blessing uses up a percentage

of the state and whips it back to fire.

like me in this condition. burning breath

for a time. in the woods too. a wick

Sunday, October 02, 2005
one's a fragile shattery. one's a freak impervious.

inconsequential as the next revolution in cars &

discount superstores. indomitable innocence. see

the red light as one's perfect indigence. lining a

word with buffets and wallops one gets remorse.

i get the objective case. a swaddled unbuckled

Saturday, October 01, 2005
this goes click. a thin rara avis

in ruffled green glass. mark it.

we're anonymous as say pain. one

mixed sum. this still goes click.

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