Friday, January 07, 2005
making messes. floors and ears. it saves what

we who need expect. i'm not one of the lost. but

coming up with losing gets funny. as the clicks

get rougher. the drugs stay home. the animal

goes out past geography to a newsstand. and

there we are. in a bunch like candles. blazing.

if this was what he was. i read it out loud

to read it out loud. but we each have our

own identity. he feels pure and clean. first

hand. wrapped in the wind. then he is saying

that the. the source of all things. isn't death

but then i took br. tom's advice. the way he

dressed. that he was such as nothing. in my

head. this new style of poems. as the source

of young and old men. i think many people.

after reading. looking at the cover. said that

the guy could vision the images in my head

Thursday, January 06, 2005
because i didn't see any of this

i was borrowing paper. i resented the time

and was borrowing paper to fill it.

i didn't see the black light. it was

swinging on her wrist. i was arranging

certain stubborn structures. and it

came. with these results. so

infamous now. my eyes on the pencil

plush as a starling. notorious vigils

count seconds up toward great bellows

of monstrous pregnancy. what fissure

what rifling dawn. beloved boat. i'm

in collusion. called. winged. captain

that's my poetic voice. useful on

fecund. weekends.
all thumbed over. i

o man you busted my orrery. just when i

meant to accomplish a terrific self-delay.

my studded wonders. pause. my prayer for you.

off-center and oriental. bright grey. occidental.

a zero flower. a something porch.

i'm on the russian verge. a touch of

indian cuisine. hands in pockets he's

got. his hands in nightly pockets cuz.

a ruination and tremulous. excellence.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
duly. a monster. seeks literal passages

tough in the warming. settled in print.

a working vine. up from the rich park.

useful as a body. devoted to the fuel.

change of. or disagreement in mind. open

windows. let's forget. if once the sea.

changes any mind. you whisper this. to

my remembering. i disagree. far rooms.

i looked for you. but you were a salty

quick assembly. black energy. open sea.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005
at least an artifact. all that at least.

with handles for sprinkling. a studio

comes with an armful of briny cups.

and a budget. for. all. that. art.

bombast. bombastic. bomba. bombe. bombest.

he'll love to hear himself. ears in all. pies

for a foot of sludgery. next year in a lincoln log.

it's the. as the. for all the. nearly or squarely the.

claims a freshet through high sulfurgrass. look out.

percolators under blue rocks. here we've got feet.

and miles of already. midday carriages coursing. we

a blankness through rushes. peer. to admit shape.

or as blistering. settling commerce to the task.

i was blistering. settling commerce. but helpless

as an orange mooon. i was cornered. the market

made me. with the injustice of pretending hope.

bend. as good for a mile. i smoked and talked.

kissing. you were this argument. a pattern

conditioned by flowering greenhorn roses.

just the final bits. where morning eliminated

all that nastiness. set aside days and diaries.

Monday, January 03, 2005
gare st. gardens. taking my hands over

all those. those others. undrape gare st.

gardens piney hearts. subtle decades.

wasn't old hands for. dinner

millions of reasons. pooping

cathedrals. some unique gifts.

feeling. deeply. tremendous.

wasn't grim service for goo.

Sunday, January 02, 2005
whose lichen punched mine. i'm in a green simmer.

delicate blobs. light me tumult. charms on the imp.

you can hike. or you can paint absolutes. lyrical as

the new pep launch. coveted wings of the serial gap.

fate was out to get him. i hated that

nobility in sneezing such-within-a-story whose

simple music smears the walls. blue. a kid.

his laters were all present. to read

bread with their tongues. let's assume you know.

he can't sleep. growing up. under. the fallen

blue spruce. his mother's a winter ballet.

Saturday, January 01, 2005
i'm your teenage. an effect in joining the foray.

a satirical compendium of aerial landscapes. i'm

your botanical alternative. not unbent. for now.

but as a lecture's father to guide. i'm yours for

a hundred. living driving avoiding falling. alone.

stop hammering brightly or roosting.

i meant the interview justly but you.

stop offering honestly as charging.

i wrote fifty friends indifferently and you.

stop beginning quietly or dying.

back to finish your phrase currently

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