Friday, October 21, 2005
that entry ... supposed the fair way ... dormers and gloom ...

about yesterday's weld ... yes you said ... yes in the bottom ...

look we've gone so ... a flaming ... o back ... to say yes again ...

it's a ruin we'd meant to understand ... and took pictures ...

the same. what i read took off from was it dallas.

a long rubber tread. black as the blownout heart.

there i was unstunted and young as. there same

as any hole. i was incorporate was it compelled to.

the same as breathing a holy prescription as dirt.

limited same ground of starting. as mine in stone.

assume the self. a dreamed doubtlessness.

talking like a couple of guys. or fainter.

doubly attracted to the weather. so varies

with the light. that dream. you know. one

casual superhuman moment. wearing a nation.

inspecting the ceiling. having been watched

and found. both wonderful and lacking. they

come with ice tongs to take that part away.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
took me forever to think of this. think of us

in a sundry country. tanning and prevailing

as a pastiche. would i be in the feathers &

you in something busy. would i be corners

of affirmation & you the withering starklet.

of course. a gaze as conception stipulates

us to deeds of macaronic disentanglement.

forze del handbook. heaven. a screenplay.

thirty winters. a good stiff blink. then rush

to remember where you saw him last. under

cover as a poet. surreptitious italian. spiked

beatness in each hand. then una tosse ostinato.

hard by the gallery they took me. drove my tense

to presents. i was a framing. a madman in the foot

of genius. then the neoromantic period ended. i'm a

chipped fact. you're a new condition too. we have

persistent approximations to sell. to say. to seethe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005
better to stop. just stop it. stop in the center.

stop in all innocence over the chicago river. stop

the windows the garage the back step. stop it

on the orphan house drive. which white window

will be mine. i get the reasonable asphalt stopped

like a gutter. better to stop hauling hatching. halt.

fervently ancillary productions. an opera in an act.

stooping toward despitefully. as roses in autumn.

there's your rheumatical tendency. mr. jesus son.

dragging an inch farther on. for sake of it loving and

renouncing all perpetration in the wings. oboes as

conductors of the regionally heavy-handed. strings

and mezzos in the colloquy. wishing you'd turned me

into tape and paper. settling for handsomeness and

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
you want me to read. i get your bike and shoot it.

there. then collector's start bidding. i'm abraham

lincoln and worth every penny. you never call me.

i was lying and they never saw how heavily it fell.

directly caustic. and you still want me to defend it.

all my world wars are warm woolen scars about here.

not wanting. a snipe. in your purse.

taking and building and corrupting and.

a softness that goes unsaid because

they think. fewer think. truly think. truth

gets me. does it get you. too. far far.

type of struggle. type of. germane conscience.

gone to losses full of fresh autumn flowers. we

in our going on. through tunnels. rude to think

we're headed. headed and hundreds. playful in

a modern world back before one of the wars. a

big yellow guitar made me. a cadaverous melody.

Monday, October 17, 2005
i would like to remove my eyes from it and build a gray sentence.

one for the smokers. where the hugeness of string falls apart so.

i mean we have nice things to say about each other and then.

choosing is a loss. yet one could still say move to memphis. and

then move to tennessee. as the next not so specific confession

tries to get you. one for the saints. where i'm. and even virtuous.

affairs of the minute. this isn't rolling. now

it is and the voices need us. one whispers

tush. understand it in high flourescence

as an approval. just before the denial. and

armored as hysterical cloth. somebody's a

queen for the moment. beckoning. trailers.

Sunday, October 16, 2005
say it the way recap-

itulation assumes a

prominence. then i'll

say it the way cause

seems likely. it in an

ashtray. and i in this

a pocked preambling.

or read reeves as receives and open a world.

it's possible in your spare time to assemble

say the cabinet that might hold an ongoing

completion. one eternally open to reception.

i got one tiny bit here. as all misunderstood.

for lack of oversight. an accumulation of

feathers and tides. walking the limits of

a certain land. here come the geese in loose

line gawking. estuarial codex. infiltration

as the next best strategy. you are thinking

of a sabbatical from this. and decomposition

Saturday, October 15, 2005
i don't know. it's ordinary

and i'm happy to be sub-

conscious enough to need

this breathing


is this explanation adequate and effective.

are any of the holders still listening to the edges.

how about a factory.

why not put these rowdy diversions aside for now.

what slithering applies to the next verse.

am i not the one you were expecting.

how did sundry inexpressive pages hunker down against the dark.

where in the whole does the party go on.

unstrung or.

nerve taxis

in a student lingering

bottled and exploded

on a terrible beach

what's at stake.

is plenitude.

the hearty sky

bird and dry


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