Friday, October 28, 2005
it's not different to pose the divine and get back change.

just specific as we forge a new brew. we meet the characters.

tumbling full of interesting chastities. burials always go well

on into the afternoons. or characters fall like curtains into

walls each other the last supper. just as posing again in

horns or epigrams gets some goats. others will take it over

ice without complaint. small round gods on string. sizzling.

thou in seven

ways. thou in

suspense. handling

which made us

the plots. thou

binge and swoop.

thou on telling


count us to

hang a way

off liberty.

off scarcity

away in light.

thou. not

some god but

window shine.

that useful

murmurs count

a loss. a gain.

a laugh. thou


Thursday, October 27, 2005
foot fleet. aim true.

apprehension quick. heart

glad and high.

killer. as the leader must

scatter the leader's self

hue of some insect or

the inner organs of wild

birds. and smile. the smile

of good muscle tone. and

sing the soft song of one

new. with a clue. and one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
a willow difficulty. and a head sprung for

days we say on end. denuded for lashes.

you can say that it's a risk. ephemera.

like points for pain. mice for muffling. or

you and i in a cab never happened as a

fact or. maybe on the way to church un-

elaborate fumbling. walking farther out a

branch. we've been ecclesiastical since a

thin yellow splatter. and have no regrets.

handling fifty-five in one.

serves a plate of gnocchi.

as i'm attached to adverb.

infants of big saying run on.

i meant to be terminal &.

it adds up when you count.

plain without butter waiter.

still handling that many &.

measured by whose heart for.

the tale recuses itself here.

waiters on numbers retire.

when delights or when bugs.

rise up of me & thrive on us.

as offices we are required. please detach the colander

from its marble base and. if this were death we'd know.

and speak in fullnesses or not at all. my facts ground

with fine coriander seed cumin. or elsewhere cilantro.

a marginal weed not unfamiliar. seated in offices we're

performing and symbolic. our nice caps in poetry meaning

us farther on so far. from palms and sandy bright time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
ok ... put temperatures in ... not brand names ...

not cultural detritus swabbed from dank earholes ...

it's cool ... but no ... i wouldn't say cold ...

this beer ... no ... just generic ... grew it myself ...

my car takes me around when i let it ... i call it

my car ... just as the cat ... yowls what she calls

this daily writer's rawness bothers me.

make a movie of a line of geese. for example.

where's the fit. even without alliteration

we meant to be perfect as these golden gone

maple leaves. and we failed. to come up to it

from one day to the next. to this. extenuation.

my excuses must cancel yours because i am

better looking. well. younger than the world.

& you haven't asked me over for the longest time

i eat very little in fact but as a poet i'll

eat anything. even the scariest chinese slime.

i was making an astonishment when in burst roger

an ermine in his thin arms to say the goats the

goats have all run off ...
instead of the goals thing

our wounds flop over. nightly even. an anchor might

flummox an actor and drown him out of remembering.

then where would we be. a catalogue of shuddering

roses maybe. i'm a waiting. less heathen in my smart

castle than some in their stories. a going on matters

when the other side brings lunch. as strawberry jam.

why wishes him. but promised

a loss of troubling. muskratish.

sunken means. you'd better go

suck fuel and burn. withering

& why doesn't he also appear.

in suspicious half-sentences.

finding a moment to expand an

attack. & goes back speaking

Monday, October 24, 2005
a pretty nice coat. nobody recognizes.

and your heart is burst. old goat. old

carver in the terrible. we in our hats make

scenes. tiny wordless dramas out of language.

a hex on it. the traditional butt. of old

comforts. we'll have the distance up close.

Sunday, October 23, 2005
whose real poet took walks. inside quiet machinery.

queer as coagulation. whose poet singles to right.

under an oil rig guessing. it's the poet whose here

belongs to the gawk. whose poet collaborates. is.

armed for propagation of the faith. clenched. jovial.

i wouldn't have him. whose real poet suffers dolls.

to be. beaming toward the dynamo. who's in the core.

most understand the ripe pear is a maple. as

i was intrigued by both the movie and the film.

an angel in it fine. if you will but. can i claim it.

the maple you see is ripe pear. sky an old sheet.

this approach is cantankerous. but both the play

and the drama were compelling as any smudged

palette. preferring various consumptive devices

we get answers in both our teeth and our incisors.

Saturday, October 22, 2005
i'm working toward a path you'd walk any day


because the plants are strange enough. did


see me. i'd been unhappy for a month or two &


forgotten the shabby cabbage needed me


much as veggie-gro. the stonework means to


delight where it yelps. i'm working toward a new


almost sarcastic enough to blear any sympathy.

it was a shakespearean remedy and i took it.

stand like an essence. look momentous. they

like the nearness of such so bear it forth to all.

say flatly straightly and mean it more than any

thing. check your wallet. vote for more gas. i'm

sure a drop in the bucket but i got plenty. & yr

an apothegm we relish. merciless truth in blur.

but i don't want you writing like me as if

this example fixed us & wobbled us home

or as if winter's ready heat. you know. all

that. like me in trouble again with a lout.

justice coming down & the archarrogant in

me tripling the odds we never get greater.

no heady plinking up against soiled standards.

a long line of nouns & verbs. then quit.

for telling any inner itch goes. under & out.

what hiccup.

blue. memo book
80 sheets.

poignant retractable

i'm an assumption where.
which cloud bothers.

the suspended and the shy.
raised plumb lunatic.

as leather. as pride. as pudgy
noon. a heap

of cardinals
at the bottomless feeder.

we. us. can go deep as
night's plutonium core.

will it. will it.

watching ... one who acts for another ... sad agate smashing

my crowdy purpose ... you thought we were actually the world ...

you paid for it ... pugnacious little ... critter in critter clothes ...

added up you get an extra ... pastoral in flames ... o shepherd

what flock ... you get me standing ... for hypothetical eyes

back to finish your phrase currently

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