Friday, January 14, 2005
you keep saying us & yr going down. there's no

noses can't sniff you out. mammalian. reptilian.

yr last green page. & you waste it. on us. us.

arguably a crime-scene particular. this skein of religion

astonishes even the undried paint. here's a god taking

requests. who will. who shook a script around in our

young faces. in our thralldom we're cinematic. polemical

as the world. timid in the cockpit. one eye in the bomb.

nestling & deranged. on the clock.

for a god's in. time. in books. we

go loving. wrestling. for bodies &

slights. without leaves. with hard

grinning. iron & danger. wild cells.

Thursday, January 13, 2005
i dint now anybody. so bigges dragons much aint

scared a me. but not nowing is to much. for me to be.

i laff at em. ounces or liters of false impressions. bogart

maybe nixon doing me. all wrong. gets me all wrong.

everytime. every. time. every. every. g. d. time.

whose like crying at the paper cup. it was coffee

and not milk. we said in prose here try this stupid.

so the next bird. and the next comes down like a

fresh train. and we're making irrational numbers ache.

encouraged by the knell of the ring-necked pheasant.

a minch in the traces. was he said.

what hardened so around us. a finch loss.

red in the sounding bloom. will it matter.

as brief to finagle a scene. coming over ice.

filthy matter down the swoop hole. goes

as for restraint. here's a forgotten something

we once. or i meant to. but nearly attended.

the birch bark committee. the ant sessions.

i never said you. because its eyes perhaps.

but never put the delicacies. back. my bad.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
why they all begin with w. or i. or s.

i couldn't say. see k. see. g. we ruts

out into day. pretend sight. get sore

when visibility flags. a ride for freely.

spoke the names of incan dances. &

said nothing. muscular en forma masiva

while they all begin with w. i. s. or a.

item more ink. bothers me

item fog pie. a lesson for land

item you comb. taking blood back

item three a. left over silk

item nigh time. i am a factory

item tangible wheel. bothers me

item bothers me. bothers me

gainsay the spiritual porridge. to enervate geography

we've got to find a good masseur. mastiff. matador.

then we've a ruination in our fingers. since we're it.

rubbers are so useless in high snow. we complained

without doubleness. and where might our soup be.

as spirits. with too much perspective. the dumps in

frenchytown owe something to verdi. or bochco. or

koch. a temporary. tick. we're so convicted and sent.

settle something then. send this surplus to the sea.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
no code for the inserts. just an elegance

in the trailer. we were going so far. youth

and truth. one for all that. brings no code.

just. it's only fair. to say. as you say. dance.

what beard. stray cur.

wind out the center goes.

what fine bumps you have.

any sitters. for a small fee.

marry me. in the pencil.

early onus drooping dull.

reasons a slight. as teeth.

all bodies strung lightward.

back. when i was a morning. and you were the trout in me.

such. they go on. one singing the other. a blue sheet at dusk

for example. both light it up. both frigid in suspecting

sleep had removed their carefully shredded documents.

all about shoes on a wet day. their discussion

took time but it was a symphony of voices

without words tongue lips throat or breath. but

you get it. right. there are all these shoes.

to harp. o my god it's really hot. that's ok.

i didn't reserve it. so you'd go. why bend.

made a hive of it and shuffled. yeah. no

sign for that affirmative blow off. moving on

Monday, January 10, 2005
i'm still made of ground. i'm the rules.

you get to announce the spoon. once

the batter's up. this is a back and forth

democracy. we voted and we took off.

our car noises down friendship streets.

what what it. took me for a sonnet. i was snoring.

i was a bland box. stick it in the pacifier. take me

home. wasn't you the preparation. undertook too

slowly for a good guy. make yr friends pay for it.

make them bring food. large boxes of grainy goods.

let a broom cut loose. just once. a rug. o you doll

here i'm being the one. a chorus. a grand opera. be

x enamoured. by silent particles we trestle. time.

all this hoopla comes down. like ringers on a sunday.

still we count on possessions. as on rulers to keep

us straight. enough. xy understood as variable bits

of me losing. heart. all in tears and nothing to say.

so to push children. into next and next for

a link. i'm going out on a. limb. over an arch.

to fasten light a disguise. you will be she in

the large dress. you will rearrange your hair

to frighten children. with lots of ts and ss.

Sunday, January 09, 2005
harsh to say. you've seen the most. i can do

just about this. and leading the rescue. come

hindus. bright wizards. and wheels of eyes. i

include impact. fighting talented accidents or

pieces in the husband's house. you've seen me

in a flitting mood a moth a hawk a leaf of tea.

knocking pleases the deep impersonal. presumption.

what follows the academic abstract. shuns the tune.

what comes up a ballet or whimsy of glue. comes in.

was solace. silence. blooming in the noises.

the studied. parts of. my questions i was a

roofer then a sider. i made maps and lost

them. i bobbed for treasure. i said this is a

lovely morning. flowering vivaldi then a hole.

Saturday, January 08, 2005
where the line went. the preface took mine.

a row of colors in air. said as fire. a death a

match. took inches and pasted them mightily.

arches for washing. tons of pronouns and in

turns. we went looking for the line. and went

if i knew a story. i'd need a few lines. and

put some children in them for growth. and then

worry about their coming up with ideas. and

stuff them with spiced potato soup and rich meringue and

never forgive them when they sputtered white nonsense and

then every morning i'd display them in glassine tissue and

the audience would understand they were not actually children and

our trips to the fallacious islands would be cancelled but reported and

even studied as to their content and purpose. their controversial purchases and

i'd relax in the light of it all.

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