Friday, January 21, 2005
little bricks. has it so hottest.

rectabent. a quirk with a lo

norm deliberant. si as usual.

buy buy buy. a heather. may

comfort to buy. lead from the.

nexus. smartass. it's a nexus.

doesn't it go with the plum do.

i rose not a difficulty. safe. as a fat player

coming through benders. hard stuck out there.

wasn't jungle jazz but close. to the highway

shack. i resembled persimmon and owl sweat

to. ripen. so says yr horn whose a flayer. as

for reasons we're gangrene going flame. out.

read about me. read about me and my dog's dog.

my turned back. or

my turned. back as

my. turned back.

on you. if. you.

were there. would not.

be turned.

back me up on this.

there is no you. who turned back.

when you heard. my back turned.

you wrote. and bored. back. not

to turn. but to

who. put back.

the turning. you.

saw this coming.

marked influence. anxiety of a puddle. a done one.

on the verge. you put your finger. you put

trade. winds down. the page.

so light.

magine being taught. a beige ocean. by machines

coming and going. lush in principle. already edges.

here the birds go. a black pattern riddled with. or

confused. magination. nuther. then a coo. a far so.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
how long it would go. it being this and would concerning

a generalized moment likely in the past. depends upon a

tension in the reader. reader being your self or some other

fashionable concern. it will take time from your life you

may not wish to surrender. already. toxic small bits are

congealing toward your precise demise. to go with this

will cost you. but the light is soothing enough. the light

behind the screen.
being a portion of the world on its way.

toward another darkness. poetic terminals call. us. all so.

no. im. parchment. two foul slanders correct

ourselves. in fine french porcelain. suggested

by a typogr. always create a voice. that way

they won't feel so alone. & dry. page after page.

test. or if he killed someone. action pulse.

to sit through an arm & a leg. i'd become

an authority. a guy. drinking ink. in tights.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
o. let me tell you. for a minute. about

my self importance. i'm here. as an egg

reasonably bright. at dusk. for a rooster

has an armature for spanning light. see.

i've got these yellow slips. that send me.

you see. i am the one sent. i. one egg.

pretending to be difficult. the old way was a lie.

this is a new way pretending to be true to what

needs we have in our modern times. this modern

moisture. you will think it dry. of me or the day.

to take chances seems. as unlikely and artificial.

put just but words you get putting words

rows you can break put else where but put

words down just here you get signs and no

shock no same words just what what what

was it drooling was it a vast slipper was it

with my hatchet preventing the very thing.

a nature. going to level three. full of cold persians.

full of methinks and druthers. with my hot hatchet

nothing but facing the world. mistaking the bay for

the babe. organized a diving crew as figures piled

onto the apparently anomalous place we met.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005
it shouldn't be boring enough. but more shocking than.

didn't we say it was. wild and unusual curtains waving.

it looks like a window out of control. and boring us ago.

boring us to hell. we're in hell. at last with the waders

good as an airport. say. this takes time this tells no tale.

you are supposed to follow your caterpillar. don't

touch the lockers. let's go.
follow me please. yr

caterpillar. volition. by the narrow strait of agrippa

we sat. and became insects. weeping for the trees.

stomach announcements refute the town's pleasure. so

we were supposed to follow our caterpillar. we did.

mostly slang. for pm;u. only. we get a snickers

and forget about it. how were the dexter gordons

coming along. as writing it's a fair guess. slanted

past the liberal eighties. they were come to bother.

Monday, January 17, 2005
heroical proscriptions frighten us. bore us. we will jump

over the books we took. over chocolate centers. over it.

we have an exhausted preliminary. an unshod orchid sofa.

for free delivery. we are not to this world by words. of

should. pushed buttons. tenderly and ran like hell. away.

the norris function. as an eclipse. at zenith or

reason cries for a villanelle. we give it thought.

in small celery units. in vital incremental bowls.

here some a feeble engine startles. a good. a

absent. or from anyone else. one or twenty-three.

on the loading dock. nobody looks there. it was an

optional analysis between. numbers. human and

sufficient. without seeing. as blind. i had already

underlined the word
. dazed. which succeeds as

a repetition. but succeeds in its absence. to count.

Sunday, January 16, 2005
i. a repeater as. impossible. turning with chocolate.

i.e. examples intersect. sent abroad for an education.

what makes me standard. a repeater as put in mirrors.

sits home. inventing. remembering. what you. what is.

i a repeater. collapsing not into silence. then seen

and seen brightly. turning around. standard in a lake

view. i. will have to leave. convinces emptiness

to come. i repeater. such. marks as. i. on an. edge of.

how the male picture holder sways. how the male

sways to paste and paper. how the male kitchen

resounds and thinks of the solids. thinks the male

quilts recognize various male fabrics for eccentrics.

how diplomats rush to the island of one good male.

tenor sax on the increment suffer the old appliance.

reason toward resurrection you get no new instructions.

i'm caught in a storm of molding lasting choosing pegboard adventures.

yr in the willows on a new a contemporary project.

is that drummer from the turn of the century coming over tonight.

Saturday, January 15, 2005
reaching the world. that made me poor. a quantity

sugared as hello or good morning. i've engineered

an eyeless poker who go just so far. o. and over

again. missed curbs surrender. irritably. as a kid

an adolescent kid whose diction clicks. here's my

world a fruit basket. here's my world a conga line.

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