Friday, January 28, 2005
100) some

in public dropping off.

or in developmental writing.

telling what comes of overdoing

every source. was never a cheerleader

but in my book thinking relies on carelessness.

reading got ok. if. the only trumpet.

wild fingers just singe us. i mean. me.

a fraction of myself. reading and being.

time and tights. i mean. squeezes for

peace. reading how the dead make it so.

yr in love with the passage. it got you out

for freely. turns a monkey to a tall infinity.

pushing all you needed. out sprouting today

Thursday, January 27, 2005

so smash. staple my fingers to my lips. there.

we're in the station wagon to mount vernon.

buy what we can. i'll be small. not knowing

cancer tropics foreign estuaries collections.

these never fail to offend. a new york. these.

what is a series of nicks ending in a brutally

cornered whoop. i shouldn't be made but

completely stubble. a rude tour. i met you

shopping discretely and flourescent at last.

we were tired of that old world we wanted.

here's history.

sky says yes.

birds. and ice.

that's about it.


i was thinking first. in

stone. i will not be bothered now

to say what i knew. so perfectly then.

i. will not.

i was continual. presently chocolate foil. that means.

this bright i was longing for the better. and it comes

a regular. because we can't talk with him in the room.

we code it. where's my perfect phrase. i was consensual

as in the mirror. took my medicine. then back to school.

all this plainness hurts the language. not like mozart's.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
well that was exciting. weren't you among the excited there.

after we stopped using snuff we fell particles to lighter ordnance.

reaching home and calling it. way past the voluntary coiffure.

a way opened as outwards. as we cared to flex and spend.

slight and silent. leaning no. here against the city we meant.

how it goes over farther yet. well-behaved on the other side here.

one gets tired of being the puddle. one. sticky jar. a number here.

given all the time. and typing monkeys. we retrieve any old hat. one letter at a time.

and if some turns out bad or sad. it's a fault. and we'll count it.

groomed. mattiasdottir's cat. as fingers say.

the old paper trick in bits. according to the nation

we took part. as having taken we. no. there are several

shades of green. one of them unpleasant. that sound released

coarse in the growl but no hairball. fleeing maps. taking

them with us. and a wide array of inexpensive colored pens.

as of 1953. then or thereabouts. we prefer this plurality.

we find it tricksome.

also. on the countertop. cords. and plugs.
also. on the countertop. dust.

run precious little one. to a new mephistopheles. misery-

isery. run to partially blind. banquets. run to golden endow-

ments. from the crying of a cat. to the new mental mis-

chance. precious diagnosis. from the back of the missal-

red closet. to the dealer. to the dewlapped diplomat. run

or sweety hold this. just for a. which succeeds

by the grace of it's falling. i wasn't expecting

any journalists but here they are. this. best side

with our backs to it. and as it falls this sound.

brekekex. delicious in a light wine sauce. butter.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
as you couldn't hold your own. or cancel this talk.

telling a bright norther. its all a. pose. can't you tell.

without holding your own in the book. on the book.

it's a joke buddy. heck it's a wring yr neck stumpy.

turned back the cornet stopper that's me. going

against the question. you wanted me in red. you

turned the flourescent balcony over to the cops

& little rules. here. all my little rules laid out.

don't be sad little one. listen.

natural collectors coming.

turns out it's old-fashioned unnecessary. seems the horn

won't come true. gets a valid license under the table &

depends on yr employees saying. what they said was

there's enough for the derrick. we upend yr mockery.

so drilling. really comes down to all those brave men and

Monday, January 24, 2005
more of me in the rude boat. hook out sun dead.

more in the flowerpot. says the gray bugs how.

more or less rustic. more flossing. more shining.

simple as running. more spit more grit more shit.

cardiac on dry land. says to the hole.

heartily welcome to my part. sir. o

by the powder. you wouldn't have a gong.

no purpose lags in plucking higher up the string.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

i fool that poem. it was real stupid. i put that poem

in a real tight bag. it was plastic and it whistled so

the edges couldn't work. i let you see it so you know

it isn't crying but wants to get you. it was stupid. i

know it hurts. it is. but somebody had to do something.

what the world is for. the word. is for itself.

which happens. and replaces a thought with an

energy. we'll call it anything. but what i say

matters in ways. i can't tell. the world. what it

is for. is a work. and a walk. a but what said

it. rough book in hand. a. feet of snow out back.

you'd know how to get out from under the weight

of the ordinary. would recognize the similarity and

replace the portrait with some stray quizzical hairs.

let me take some time to. let you resurface. let them.

return. so for softness sake we go flaming capitulations.

there i said it. a rude portulaca will have its day.

let me ask you. how did the poet keep her mystery down.

it was a long fall then while we repaired the national lit.

summers cremains in little pomes. puffed up for shaking.

for going on only so long. for the walkout portrait in a

line beginning with a word from lincoln. our national

apt. finally comes to territory not so much disputed

as etched. an ability or propensity. for biting tongues.

ticking and flirting with a window

Saturday, January 22, 2005

so long as you avoid. you know the saying. its not time.

unleashed "coverage in the communities" as a creativity.

left over. the saying. about why it doesn't just say what

it means. and then it means rolling and burning. mingling.

what you do with a sluggery moment. sludge for the people

is pretty good. pretty nice. don't you think. my arsenic so

frothy. a verity and a heap of blue geese. gun marks us free.

how. upsets us when i. went for scruffy blue

putting things in. like gum wrappers. receipts

from the avenue food shop. that movie you.

this clarinet. see it chugs along. this stubby

normal known. as a make yr own mistakes. says

i'm busy with mine. one rough root. then a

back to finish your phrase currently

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