Friday, February 04, 2005
some bad coming through as a personal wind.

wasn't this the right exit. wasn't it glowing.

not every idea is worth. the time it takes to.

remember the sun. a confusion of tongues.

word supported grandmothers. their rough trek to mountains

of words. and children asking for light. as yellow red blue

fabrics. for keeping warm enough. the grandmother weighs

for verbs and subtle pronouns. they'll get it pretty soon.

day to day. not as right as a. say. brook.

that knows it's hidden in power & can go

blast a rock. every couple hundered years.

day to day. lacking geranium's edgy helpful

exclamation. it's explicit conversation i'm

wobbled into. an underestimation. a habit.

tore. torn. tored from the high helplessness.

a tower he built. out of time. in psychology

they meant a fissure in the conscious wall.

you get it when you run. after reason so

permanently. as something stone stays put.

Thursday, February 03, 2005
in the picture you forgot. put by the radiator where

heat-warped it goes off like a wild pencil. in that one

i'm dressed. polyester. for stumbling through surgery.

back of the bookcase you see the shadow i cancelled.

and there's too much orange on the recent festschrift.

still. it reminds us to care for each other. as we must.

what silk as the harridan passes. what a cough.

what great measured & reasonable polysemy.

all forces open to light. all rites & silences. so.

what stern council as we approach the fault.

how persistent. what you play with bumpers.

the week before we played. in an old book.

then on the ride home everything came out

of my car. things said what are you doing.

stop touching me. show bowl hands. show.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
i taught the book its theme on the water's even edge.

heroical. a fresh start for commerce. a rising volume.

i forced you to understand. i held your head under.

it wasn't the business i was weaving out of thinking

but feeling my way into the corporate canon and. so

to become the figure in the window after the wipers

thanks to the full sun light. i'm blinking you squinting

you face to face. my donation. and the final thrill of

cutting the figure up against soft blue still urges you

to honor me as a resident of brilliant if not lightning-

quick fanciful alleyways. here the cans and wrappers of

flight seal a space around my private miasma. your azul.

out of bought time

comes foreign interest.

difference trickery.

whipped requirements.

we'll begin in thicket

cowed and crowed

like and as or among

a greenery going far

into our books. costing

everything. reporting

the diminished suite.

the disagreeable quintet.

back to clocks. to find

you know that. let's buy some of. thank you.

warped as an ocean. you get blueberries. you

get an armored view. the sky a clock for all.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005
laugh it trout. long as yr up fins. find me

a coyote a coxcomb a coolish couloir. or

i said. harbor me. in the folds of yr posse

commitatus. i'm wailing for the trout fine.

boiling fresca in this mist-soluble mummery.

his own failing or the entourage. these relations pick

the moment. a red ruse for eighteen rubber star portraits.

he'll never learn but. what a thrilling remake. heavenly

everyday folk in transcendent loafers. telling truth.

... in a cafeteria means more or less coffee.

... in church wears on the knees.

... on the porch promotes a neighborly well.

... as cosmetic renders a surface difference.

... as vision times us to death.

... over the snow melts a savage fact

... in line becomes our freedom-itch

... as now lacks forceful expression

Monday, January 31, 2005
no doors the only windows unsocial the paint

o sense. troubled book. rebel topic.

snivel ancient. mystic ally. alone.

chipped smudged by whose use we wouldn't know.

excuse it before we save it. we're

commended and dubious but. never on

the block. my moribund politician can

tell. a free man comes once every movie

or so. replaced in an armchair breath. by

seedy maneuvers. figurative. feasting. wit.

marked for the cascando. trailing a bogus floral verbing.

all. i ever wanted. was yr. sweet voice. in my earbub.

and next came wringing its fingers. with me as a horse.

titles. cracked for the old bath. our flooded undulations.

Sunday, January 30, 2005
i wouldn't wait in a hospital whimsy. you could

if you were. so amuse yrself sweetly in cotton

swabs. out in the damaged city circles refer to

painting blowing throwing. hush. it's a reverent.

causes a third family home ignition. the old

marble prediction we meant to adjust. i'm

still at a loss for complexity and depth. new

musical seminaries. the family stands up.

ready for the mood. taken from one word.

what is this. arterial. angelical. dynamic

profusion. alright we've heard it in boxes.

we're ready for the hole. big communiqué

with torpid evolutions in red gilt cosmology

but please take yr foot out of my condition.

Saturday, January 29, 2005
coming for foots of it. cinders as reasons.

daily and free. here i am you can really tell.

how the inch relaxed for miles at a time.

lessons as yellow time. lessons at yellow

time. isn't making us. i'm really here. so

my character explains. sorting buttons is.

progressive in a mist. tacky for staples in

thinking this goes with that. just blast away.

my collection tied the campus in knots so

we get all presidential and misunderstood.

spoken low. affectional. poison o

sucks me out. a pox. a trailer as

portion. dragging oceans for yr love.

drag a bridge for yr story. drag a

mention from yr taxonomic blizzard.

the same key. the same key. as cast.

takes my surprises as math attacks.

back to finish your phrase currently

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