Friday, February 11, 2005
for the best stop. for laughing out of mind.

for an axel on purpose. for o any skeptic.

here tunnels. here ruined pages. here the

reggae stroller on an arc toward the next

eden. what our teeth meant in goodbyes.

who. he serves without credentials and picks fitness

for the crowd. so swerve or jump it. masses in faces

weren't no parade loss. who dresses us minute by

night. the tiny rules in wallets are done watching us.

who. we in our golden nerves. immaculate tractors. us.

you must pay this. a standard. a terrible thing

to correspond in evolutionary terms. to an i in

white socks even when the dance is finished

full of. balances for grace. balances for ed's

old. was it. ecosystem. while i'm trying to eat.

about the whale wasn't it a fatal engine. sure.

here in this body. as the harried kinesiologist

shuffles in. we're a subtle contrivance. nerves

sentences. days for pushing centuries without

big ideas. just plenty green shadows. & a guess

Thursday, February 10, 2005
all for the sake of. new things

to say. floats down these orders to

mumble insinuate and impune or. get out

into dearest. love reliant over and under

the current the energy of. subtle soil.

at large is futile. what looks like

a line is really. a canyon as deep.

a finger's force. a child. watching

what snow does to books. while we

lift time like a shirt of adverbs. a line

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

it does get to be pretty boring. as an assent

becomes the night we left the book. the night was

gargantuan in its television. we struggled past we

weathered rude tall weeds and voiceless. to leave

the book. boring that. it does get to be pretty. it.

an arm for the romantic course. a blanket.

what the tree meant in all the bibles. tent

the tribe. against saturday rain. cartoons

are all re-runs. said the games are broken.

you be the priest and we'll be the sinners.

now we need a series. a tool of them.

now in the foot holes. made silver as

tomorrow coming. a brace of lances for

leaves. now. now tomorrow leaves us

going to settle a border. red rocks

all forgotten in a row. some fuss in

a range. of a told stone device. here

sudden. going all a sudden difference.

a box then. in a row of coins. a side.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
add the dry ponder. argument flowers.

a world's possible like birds. beaten.

then another fragment. a claim for. an

option surrounded. meddle with these

in a gray bowl for a while. flatten in

a headache light. busy with bruises.

tell to give. tell in bundles. tell far off.

listed and. proposed as hot crime. denied.

any such as this. and an eventual success.

as the renowned conductor functions. i'm

on stark reality as it bolsters my prime

numbers. i'm pumping the heart of three

with tragedy. hanging the doom of seven.

seizing the hometown palette by the eye.

Monday, February 07, 2005
the hookahs of our youth in crazy world took all the fury.

we were happy then in the hemlock in the laurel caves.

we wrote whole engines of portability and carried them.

we carted them to delectible campuses and revved them.

the hookahs took all the birds and took them to poetry.

quotas blot me. time's green spike.

football currents. a thesis in jelly.

these ruffs and tuffs dunk me down.

i'm all for thumping dread to sleep

the eager the buttered the salted.

intelligent. so tell me. what ruse

was it. you know. we were used

to paper that. a few nights. sure

wasn't a flying insect. read as yr

mechanical hitch. took it for pure

song. was it any girl's. yr muse.

Sunday, February 06, 2005
that when you becomes if not a lie

then an inaccuracy one thin moment

along with the rest. that ineffective

unforgiven slant. when scaredy boy

sits up in light. breathing and an

opportunity. a site as the adults

say. here this site pretense with

a lung full or two and a pulse not

false. tried to say and think one

true thing. so you appears no

ghost for the moment but perfect

in its personhood. perfect for a

site to pitch tent in full light.

o there he is. and the other. with

the other. pale but clearly there.

then is when it. then when it says.

a foot of me in green is enough but a yard's too

many. i was white before the prairie map. was it

death valley. there i was pale blue and privileged

to know it. enlivened as a thousand plants come

trembling from a ruined town.
i wrote this pink.

simple in yellow. contorted in plastic. helpful in how.

why would any one do this.

over and over and over and.

you helplessly reduce what

they seek to talk about

isn't fat. but lean. why do

the francis dance. in a skirt.

when pants are good. why.

self slander. you. there wanted.

blue in constantine. ever meant.

a new sound. without you we're

red severely and whited hope.

seen trying. for ever shall be. real.

for god's stumbling glories. so.

just nice. just another bad one. dried

and blown off. let gone in a second.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

a little more vibrato there for cousins.

we lost them in the seventies. translated

back into the audience. looking for thick

paper. without a recognizable process.

all my hairy cousins then. went looking

for tremendous paychecks. we. on the

tremolo now. o. small as the pale roots.

small in the distracted cafe. in the song.

odds edges. i a soph.

can you hear it. i a

clam in the ocean.

i broke on the in

side. i know it i a

knowing one. of

who talk in the way

off the edged. as odd.

but i wasn't singing did you think

i was such old-fashioned. did you.

i was telling time. it wouldn't listen.

so what. i had a rough symbol for it.

i was modern all the way. an elk.

and the time. the song. the telling.

stood a nuisance. in my way. and

nothing came of it. but. one thing.

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