Friday, February 18, 2005
just fingers going. up. that's all.

and i was ready for the fraction

of a text. so say it. longing goes

to my fingers. yours. going up.

shortens this business of. my

knowing what said it. i knew. it

what he say. go round. a stinger.

of broken others. stupid bits and a

camera. what he saw said it. once

and meant it. really meant it so.

the world wasn't waiting for us.

we took it apart. we really took it.

flat. and flat out. flat as an effect.

would have thought that. the event of having.

a maybe in the ear. wasn't so bad as becoming

the homunculus you thought you saw. intrepid

in my frightening insufficiency. a shortage.

eventually a notion solid as murk. as thought

Thursday, February 17, 2005
that line. what am i chopped liver. what as a noun turning out

professions of terrific sleepyheadedness. there i was up to my

shanks in. was it chopped liver from o so many transfigured.

calves. a gust of virtue in the charnel spot. what am i a sop. a

gore tipped in careful portions. hurry in. hurry in tunnels to me

as formerly constructed of shirt shoes pockets full of minty goo.

torn from the idea of a class. the clacker block.

suffering a reminder to stop it. which tongue

went golden. as i stripped time for a bell's in.

a ball in. was it. a carnival of refusals. that. i

in some sound going quickly. away to hushed.

we would not say from that moment to this. i

what's a saxophone. in here for tears.

look i wasn't even trying. with a dancer.

orders come for one foot and another so.

what's a thinness compared to this vanity

i rain down in mercenary mischief. a woe.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
abandoned on the sures. uncertain. still

as a peacock egg. still as an urgent call

to burma. no longer burma but. as one

other. myanmar. child of irawaddy vast

and greener when i went over. o jungle

day. o python in a glassy tract. o haze.

gone over to the insects. crank of blood

in handy gauze. a plump word. a question

a marble box. i put you in full throttle.

i put a goner in my marble box. dusted

the useful handles. here's a puzzle. what

recognizes it's own fine consequences but

never lets go. let's go. get it. do you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
so far as. since ever this. this is an.

a never nounless. verge. not only to

that which goes on. but well. so far

in its folded. there. since ever. you.

i took my discipline out to play. it cornered

a pheasant. a duck. but the sparrow got away.

i told it to behave. it reasoned over me.

the world needs shaping up. it's a mess.

and i'd agree. but let's back off the bunny.

yesterday is valentine. it means and.

nothing. reviving peppers for marching.

that's no parrots for you. whatever. the

correct answer in a paranoic valentine.

we saw red. and meant i wasn't even.

after the peanuts. a disaster in my head.

to disappear. like a tone. like if you touch

my old. my recorded. my next.

says yr a finger in. in the mix.

master. of arches. tending home.

weren't you ready for the match.

i was. and kindled a rumpus fort.

my inner. my rounded. my very.

Monday, February 14, 2005
rivalry as a jumped up hour. it took me trouble.

which understands that bending a minute

to music might last longer. good soon to be

a self. soon to be golden and dependable

as the next tick the next tock. so i'm done

it. i'm done it. and not so weary as i was.

as you were hoping it might turn chilly and

profusion wasn't necessary but welcome.

we took it as an amplitude of handshakes.

a treason. wastepaper notions about fun

that takes us out of ourselves and puts us

into an opening that smarts in brightness

for a while until our eyes adjust. they say

everything stolen accumulates punctuation.

more imagination. then it stops for a while.

then more. and i get rumpled thinking it's

just us. i was praying for everything and

getting it. mixed up with nothing. and that's

pretty important. too. i was a mouse and

you saw it nibbling. i worried the others

but not you. in your tower. listless as tick

as tock. here comes the world as an itch.

is this finally not the plasticized rain

tarnished window. but a voice slimmer

than ink. it is. you get it. and it says

there's an end to all flatness. it comes

at the most expensive moment.

like two humans held in view. their dog

empty now. and the red leash laughing.

too. there's a long question about integrity

as a wire we might find behind the frame.

we touch it and find outselves hung up.

nesting for a time in the gray body. and

adding also to the material energies we

now understand to be. really true. in fact

other than stuttering. it's an open question.

will we get the soothing or will we falsify a

ruling. i passed out and you picked me up.

so overcome by the saying. you know the

old panjandrum about milk in your bones.

we stand up now. straight. straight. see.

and i feel pretty good about it. all this ice.

can china matter when we have a headache. can it

reproduce in one billionth of a second the blood it

took to make one of these miraculously useless

keychains. one more toaster for the sodden empire.

one more small pill. for good breath. for long life.

can the small fish remember the art that pinned

itself to shallows as light. sure i'm the father of it

clearly i'm the mother of electronical chagrin.

exhuberance as pronounced in mandarin ink

looks like an innovation. for the times. we go

deep and shallow like sprinklers at dusk. dew.

well. we do in principle. but some of us are not

as purposeful or as liminal. so we settled for

a foreign pronunciation and slept till three.

heard in place of. these tricky violent gaps.

it was bird noise in general. without cats.

yessing a path into all our refusals. mine

comes with a lime-green plastic heart. i'm

in tremors and losing time. yr what clouds

compose when nobody's looking. too close.

not a touchtone but a princess.

not a black egret but a solid melt.

not ingenuity on the slope but an arc.

not the stunning but the purposeful primal innocence.

not an edge but here in person

you meant me. you came over with rain.

you heard the dog out back and called

hey... is that you... i was wondering

the same. but it was. we finally got there.

and it was a good time.

fun produces a surplus of nervous

grinning in us. we haven't the. the

purchase price. but we've the. the

power of attendance. so many in

the back office. money for grub

my lean fingers needles poked

past. the smile we meant to read.

which furthers in plasma a brittle hush.

all blues and greens surrender to sight.

now in a throttled. human state.

every struggling corporal issues an arm.

i'm finally a chiming vessel. bounded for

review. bounded as an architect by.

Sunday, February 13, 2005
the present object measures me. in twos

the feather feature goes up. far and we

can pretend it's a falling boy. look at

the falling boy stretched out for three

or is it five decades. look the cloud a

blank field is waiting. ink dies fast a

far way up. for all our scraps a rubber

definition. compared to a bridge if one

(which means it's time to demand an answer
it's time to free up the fluttering forms
that have been watching all this time and
silent as stopped drains have been hoping
that sooner or later we'll notice them in)

Saturday, February 12, 2005
so many angry kids underground. we told them

go outside. play it's such a. nice day. ribbons

are cut. no mamas. no aprons anymore. if ever.

well they went underground. as roots and stones

for moist black unsight. they went to sharpen

their edges into a ruckus down. to fingertips.

look they snarl in worm light. and. do. bite.

as the formation fails to melt it seizes.

we learned the order. it took our order.

i was regretting a line. and bruises.

then i was back in the bricks of allegiance.

you weren't. to call this a beautiful count.

in the last bartok there's a power saw.

still. we're counted lucky. by the fire.

the kid who could dance could dance

did you see how the kid could dance

an arm and a leg and arms and a leg

and legs in a tub in a colossal tub

i really meant the ones in heaven i

mean they sent me to heaven in feet

we unrolled and cut unrolled and we

cut ice we cut famous ice for dance

and i said this is the show can you

see the dancing kid unrolling as if

as we have never seen a blue show a

plan in having to cut and shadow it

did you see how the kid could dance

the kid who could dance could dance

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