Friday, March 04, 2005
there aren't any trains. there are no trains.

and i don't like your tone of voice mister.

think yr better than us. right. that's it.

there aren't any trains. all put away by

the bombs. commonly available as say

picasso formerly accessible as kodachrome.

these iconic works with their engines puff

to the modern. and i still don't like it mister.

arguably epic. and yet hedonistic proportions

are the subordinating conjunction. just before

hundreds of sunny yellow pages fly up. there

we mistook the subject for its information. it's

everywhere in taverns and cafes. in growling

north african shaggy dogs. stuck to shoe-sole

privilege. predicates at risk. their barren coffers.

see. to publish our way through these troubles.

Thursday, March 03, 2005
boys. will

don't tell. and bicker.

it's not a door. is.

this open. space.

based and proof.

of man. youth.

friction. full.

why bomb why.

or what. is.

forced to say

to boiling. art

one holds. arguments

urges. fables to

boys. will

an actual shining. a dress for whispering.

when they want to hear. when it's light

they need. to wear what's left of snow.

a square-shouldered jacket frightens us.

but a shining dress is not so troublesome.

for playing bass guitar. for pitas. for all

this chat. with nothing to do. with class.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
trilling as a place in the tongue we need. as

rachmaninov's les trois petits ébarbages. utter

gossamer in paris. our footage improvises in

modern kilowatts. each of the artists had an

argument for good measure. but the tongue

stopped detail. exports a revolutionary rigor.

waggles for the proletarian muse. this category

unsettles me. aren't you too. unsettled by the

romance. we took it for youth until he turned up

with a comb-over. wages of sin. wags the dollars

like meat near a sick tiger. lessons and harvests

spawn a new lethargy for the old sparkler. moo.

dealing hard numbers. just in time for the bogus division.

just whiling away. at loose ends as you in your robe.

whose heaven is an irritant. hell. another itch.

comes up the riverbank with an armload of bait. ambling

even striding over a field we believed around our necks.

a useful southern gothic. obligations. kudzu. fire ants.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
when it begins you keep guessing.

for the length of a breath. then.

it amuses us. but not you. it says.

guess me. i'm undertaken. i'm slim.

but you are an immense philosopher.

riding a wave. we're blind to signs.

tolerant sun. there i said it. now let's move on.

must there. be. a verb. everywhere. stand still.

in the sea. a tolerant sun. in the stream. ice.

Monday, February 28, 2005
i will have said in looking down

that tremors come for good. it

matters less to know the work

than to have formed an open

sentence from which matters

leak. then in the central place

we find fresh produce resiliently

even accurately posed for sale.

what are you to make of this.

a tale comes to mind but you

were so young. that credulity

took most of your certainty for

rides over long acres in a wagon.

this was some time before self-

service and you were happy to

have your oxen fed sung and steamed

down there where the blind words go.

they are none in truth. none in a blasted virtue.

none in free companionship. none in going. in this.

they are none in recovering. none in back rooms.

they are none for the busses none for the chorus

none in blue gates in dread in jazz memories in me.

they are none in the wetlands. they're none in gas.

none in the branded prose. none roughly overnight.

none the last time we looked. none in me. not a one.

Sunday, February 27, 2005
mirror pushed into the hole.

fit a self with strings.

struggles in the desert.

my walk brings a catalogue.

pursues the grandfather's guilt.

which chapel coordinates mine.

a golden display.

relics for my gradual decor.

an orchestral muse unconscious.

wild genius committing whimsy.

about clothing the journey.

troubled or never married to.

fresh razor employment.

carted into these biographical foothills.

separate the disposable weakness.

sinister discoveries all over.

shame unfolding resilient in bodies.

authentically unusually insightful.

one by one and credibly suburban.

150 black and white photos.

i take the conquering episode.

i whisper to end up dramatic.

Saturday, February 26, 2005
pardoned as. my sentimental. my fort.

a catholic turnpike merger never felt

so right. duress under asylum i make

it. and yours is pretty. standard and

pleasant. we're all forgiven as eight

short liturgies fold into an absorbing

story of semi-heroic rushing around.

i'm packed for a field trip and gone.

tricked in the public display of. an exhibition

of doctored photos. shot up with dying smiling

they remind us of one reproduction. a tradition

in tough neighborhoods. one face. one post.

many faces. ill-fated and blessed. british for a

minute then poor in round lake beach. a trick

for strangers. tear your technologies. to bits.

my psychic. my ontological perversely to be

blown better by bombast. better by breakfast.

binging bungling believing by blueness bitten

by binary blizzards. better. barked beyond by

my ontological. my ophthalmological ably to see

my psychological. is my ontological stuckness in a.

an a. an average ashy accidental allusion. an arch.

an ache as an aversion. an animal abundance. an

aptitude aroused as arrogance. astonished. about

my ontological versus my psychic tendencies to be.

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