Friday, March 11, 2005
remember to put... the lifesaver next to the car keys. in peru

the llama stamps out tiny suns. in argentina blue facist audio

relaxes moonward. it was the tango we missed. it was red

for traction. green for these newer towns. then we came

home to a string of zeros. next to the car keys. all grinning.

pardon in the laughter. landscape freedom merges

a prodigious dine for an elegant warhol. cheap

theater pop. for all the motels on the strip. desire

equates me with a unified germany. pushing star.

pulsed as an acrobat's constellated self-portrait.

i was praying all day for you. i was a fragrant gas.

ordinary technologies' mirage. put my foot in one and went.

never knowing. blind to the way. its grimace smokes mental.

if it was a fragment it would be a story. but not just a small.

one. the works inside whispering golden gears. worn logic.

as much as seduction's rabid bearskin. the bugs. the faith.

Thursday, March 10, 2005
simples and sorrows believe me who's. books come flying

just as a window. simples believe me. a gracious account

of delivery. they came just as. we left our dignity hanging

out. tuck it in they cry. but we in sorrow smother times.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
an aluminum wow. as only 11 gods lovingly liked.

these humpbacked days until spring. make programs

break out in public. no alarm. we're everyone's busy

clock. they call for smutt books. catching the roles

up past midnight. leaning on magazines. we painted

whole rooms. laced. & assigned all FREEDOM's 11 ifs.

who says quite. teacher. and lovely. no one.

look it's an army marching. vile illusion coming

for our loveliness. with the kids out back. the

reasons standing up like tulips. like limbs we

nicked and said quit it. love. i love my nation.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005
better cannibals. that need some. and have been

interested. despite last minute indictments. my soul

is an eleventh-hour exile. spoken over rice and nice

fish. my politics police the miniature museum. force

trotsky into stalin into. soup. of ourselves made of

hunger. it's already too late for seconds. take hours.

mailing maps to keep the catholics flowing. and losing the first

of three sacred elements. bringing contributions up from brook

shadow. or collecting one of the main struggles in wicker webs.

fielding the well-prepared. the apparitions we made of paper.

the betrayals. shaping the new ground jewels and card games.

i'm average in the everyday long time. i'm for basic training.

Monday, March 07, 2005
my so-called minority reasons backward to hell.

it was a bright day. all the bullies looked like

mid-summer nasturtiums. the sky's bruised eye

winked. a cute emergency stirred our polyphonic

nerves. folded the bearer into swelling pockets.

my so-called majority gets a comic arrangement.

Sunday, March 06, 2005
stuck to the metal furniture. puts me in mind to sing of love.

a loose rendition of petrocelli's. next in line comes washing.

the clothes we love better than phony opera. nervous in the

spin cycle but just for the rinse. pick me up and put me down.

i prefer the adirondack to the southern belle. get up. get up.

nicely. through the performance. into gradual retrospect.

here we swoon. without a subject the shifting tone's not.

not an effective decay. only odd. to write it such soldiers.

sure. i could do anything. differently. hammering the last

couple. dislodging part of. my brain comes to conclusions

conjured flame on flame, and deep on deep. my recitation.

enticer. they struggled to conquer. an effortless storyteller.

stumbling the upper middle class life. run off with logic. i'm

a nightgown of meditation. i'm beautiful. the american one.

in rich. in really. in disposable. ultimate. in face. in caution.

entirely as a duck. fictional as the death episode. but true.

Saturday, March 05, 2005
thickened versus ruined. gone versus driven.

heroic versus prolific. measured versus time.

these in the basement remarkably damp. soft

as misery. unkempt. i'm tearing out animals.

they're fouling the set. i'm baking complex

sexes for spiritual controversy. as knowing.

read versus collected. weather versus waltz.

episodic versus telephonic. ends versus end.

seizure knocks me into a traveller. a single abyss.

hasn't the package arrived. has the gust missed

us shaken and stirred. i'm thinking myself clean.

in your image. created for weakly promises to be.

was engineered and rattled by the papers. news

gives me a less contemplative environment to go

enjamb myself. you go too. in the mean time. out.

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