Friday, April 01, 2005

this should convince you to put on your boots. the swamp

is for music. it reeks and reels seductive as an ivy tower's

shelves. frogs frogging everywhere. a simple sentence to

diagram. put my hands in brown water. a deep surmise so

vital it got my knees to itching. an accurate species. laws.

for mathematical provocation. a frog every fourteen inches.

course joe strummer had it. and shut past the door.

his in the wondering night. was a road thing. a bit

on the lam tale we like. the big world diner. heaven

penciled rude. noise. make me the nightshift captain.

i'd serve it. up the sky mountain down the shacks of

white smothered towns. motors no fatigue. no sleep.

shows an open frame. you wouldn't need a dictionary

to fill it. the unreasoned form we take in breathing us.

the flame never came so close to the hole. i took you

for angelic purposes. i took the whole box. packed a

good lunch not knowing if there'd be elms or oaks or

whippery willows. and took the picture where no one

ever shines undimmed. but watch as hunters do. a sky.

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Your credit card debt is a FRAUD!

slave to a slab of heat coming off the sky

slave to bending the next branch

slave to the breathing next or later

slave to justice verisimilitude ephemera

slave to the edges continually slipping off

slave to original music

slave to fetish religion

A New Model A New Mode

slave to finance

YOU need this for YOUR children

slave to death to haunts to great cities and small

slave to enigmas of innocence

slave to the vague one

slave in the judgment slave in the book

Get a Free ONE in 60 Seconds

slave to the seige of improbable delight

slave to the unabridged the faith the language the slaughter

YOU can do this Without intelliGENCE

slave in the afterword slave in the preface

slave in the middle where slaves travel


slave secrets slave churches slave statues

slave soul harmonies slave wit revisionism

slave on the surface slave on the radio

slave to upper-class comedy

slave in the public persona

slave as the only female

slave prince slave king


slave brushing and combing

slave complicating slave

slave filming slave mourning

slave units slave tricks slave opera

ALONG with ALL other Art WORLDS

slave poetry dazzling fascinating

slave keepsakes slave palaces

slave magic treasure

SLAVE more complex than informal

SLAVE hearts in a pile of SLAVE mornings

what SLAVE what long SLAVE what dove

all slave everyday one slave after another

to love to sun to thresholds to cunning

to clouds floors seasonal truths to fluttering

muttering cluttering puttering guttering on

better to say this is empty. at least yr swimming.

sounding the deep flats arguably pebbled over

with drowned bones. not precise. not shadows.

take my hand and. these nuances do no justice.

what you twist twists you. deep cities dreaming.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005
god's mind. no dice. place and time.

in triplicate. my refusal to speak

to generations hence. this gumption

to twist dry skin into an icy crown.

look. it catches the light. perfecter

of here. old horse. a blind whinny.

thinking about the memo. the gift.

or it is all magic in suspense. you can imagine us

as thread. as god liking everything once and then

liking more of it. giving soul to any impulse. ox.

or wolf. let it go on. while our small parts flush

past believing. all intellect for the back porch. &

look the winter. the wind as coyote. the facts all

over our shoes. minute complexity irritates an egg

in my tongue. always put a word out for the sun so.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
in which we find only turning away.

in which fields of winter grass approving.

in which i stand still.

in which a temperature tells human time.

in which the clock venerates.

in which we turn away.

in which a pear lights the way.

in which all objects shiver.

in which a good dog runs.

in which action merits a substantial gratuity.

in which the message of love has consumed.

in which we turn to find.

in which the study becomes single-minded.

in which a flight of the eyes.

in which stresses a sign in yourself.

in which of life in a certain tune.

in which make new marks golden.

in which i mark and mark and mark and mark.

in which my mark encloses.

in which the listening and the digression go.

in which song these options.

in which every word.

in which the scored surfaces of earth below.

in which business and nervous spirituality.

in which a mark refuses.

in which the finding turns to mark.

without a verb a good look. yes an urge

especially. blue as yr own mirror. yes

not now. not later. yes. without persons.

wheels like kettle drums. starling songs

around brown swamps. yes. a hawk down.

without sparrows. no mob in either rich

hemisphere. no down in particular. yes

just a power of when. when it actually

when it consistently. when it even ever.

Monday, March 28, 2005
a rocky feast. compassionate. as willows. each

human being takes a turn from afar. derivative.

it must be that some won't ever get it. i won't.

my mechanical joy drives a transparency home.

the children are well-behaved and silent as ice.

our blue light drives through them. right past.

Sunday, March 27, 2005
what you were looking for. there was too much. expectation.

the boulders. the water. must have meant the sky cornering

down. and you were looking. for the supreme manipulation &

your youth a resolute feud. without lemon. without years.

western Capitalization. And Urgently freely Done beCause

we've Got gods Everywhere. begging Attention like our Pet.

Darling... looks Like a Fine Day in weathery Silk Boxers.

turns me to the foreign beach a goon. these peaceful noons.

arranged as fluent terminals. which on a corner believes i'm

what the next voice proposed. it was life. good and we loved

to worship its big god. breath. for living hunts us rudely out

from edges. and us reading feuerbach and marx. swimming for it.

which came up and demanded any other coming up.

we're settled and anecdotal. beside the frozen

floridians. here she comes with a head full. of

poetry. just past arm's round hole. i'm walking

lightning. don't pass. don't roll off the tongue.

quiet please be quiet this. morning. thank you.

sure the table winces. the tale goes. under the cup.

when we're just unsure. it could fall this way. that.

what light without sun. what violin scouring reason.

a just virus taking us off to day. wild faking day.

Saturday, March 26, 2005
two sneezing wildly in the next room. for anecdotes now.

god isn't an awful distance. no theater with singing ids.

something from life. so disturbed we couldn't say blessing.

a shock to our system turns wisdom into a voluntary spasm.

long loved hoped. this shameless darkening bought by faith.

living in one snake. isn't this what you meant.

for all the rigid lessons a combination lingers.

bees and trees. orphans and geese. double mirrors.

i'm looking at you. final prince of doubtfulness.

is today the central. pebble. in strings of sentiment.

a source you get for free. thumbing. icey catalogues

for a day song. we'll take this one. and this. posed

as an inkling ready as a duckling to swim in saturday.

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