Friday, April 08, 2005
good gruel for you. you get hinges & mysteries.

figure the past was a loss leader. marked read.

you get the next popular footnote. greased &

shameless. nothing to skew. nothing to simmer.

i get an unexamined moment. innocent slogans.

taken to prayer. whose pedagogy stutters.

is this a lesson or is it an audience. mother

in broklyn cracks open the poems. out out

spill shoes throats hands crosses & scripts

predictions on the lower deck. we kneel &

move to the next nervous exercise. knowing.

Thursday, April 07, 2005
help us. as we. scuttle the niche.

drive it down among the purifying

temblors. help us lumber the core.

bless our afternoon fire our spite.

a finical moment. were the hawks done with shadows.

sure. i was uncertain for a moment. but i'm ok now.

here in the new. i fix my spaces. i put you in them.

but birds and trees will have to fend for themselves.

were the hawks. were they done. in timeless shadow.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
i'd been typical and full

so rumpled you left. &

a ticker saved me. it's

a new service. we get

free for clearing other

fields. nature poetry's

lordly combustion say.

never go too long with

reasons. some inches.

some sudden miles so.


except in imagination

life's consort saves

us in sparks winks &



ordinarily as walkers

we please ourselves

in hollows & cool bends



reasonably far gone

on day's devotions

folded & settled in air



before we had

ice as snow

& jumpy wind from no


being witty. i learned a new fruit. i backed off

when it came unfairly. into this new process i

learned everything happening in new skills you

can learn a new rule. mimic a pleasant switch.

stick to shirts with great insects and flowers.

was it fresh air that stunned us into eden or


Tuesday, April 05, 2005
did you think it was for your improvement.

these selfless numbers. dried like raisins.

didn't it just. you think it was a thrill. i'm

urging windows. you get windows and this

time it took to squint. squint. squint. squint.

which comic devices. do you think.

the old woman. the pie. or the frog.

a twisted. flung out. never answered.

geese. dogs. cats. butter in a blue vase.

which comic elements. as in breeding.

his summersault news. there. counteracted.

welts and scratches. a sore bum.

pliers and furnaces. jelly like mud.

which laughter on a theme. of losing love.

Monday, April 04, 2005
if i wanted

confusion, i'd

sting my sole

self and pierce

it, corporal

as it merges

to day's

plain. always.

there are places to go for song. white

porches. i got an itch and a scratch it.

song used to ridiculous syntax. regards

to the public. places where any joe's

welcome bald hoot earns a simple rub.

for smiley ears like it. as for a joke well

look here. tell us something we know.

better quiet than true. or maybe

a battered red grammar. a sheet

of cheap white. unruled. look i'm

saying normal things here. normal

as a goat. i saw one once. true

the way it shit puritanical. o say.

better quiet than this. say prayer.

a pile of prayer on the small desk.

i'm turning back to face. talk about

how long hair. appreciate this form.

where any edge invites a jump. to

Sunday, April 03, 2005
see this is why you shouldn't go benign.

forms and purposes are dry birds flying.

into my olive eyes i'm crying realize it's.

a real deadly word this tear in trousers.

now everyone can see a limited flourish.

you shouldn't go humiliated as in fainting.

or a benign coot shuffling over underbrush.

take time to say which wilderness you meant.

with the actual real carnival. i'm prepared to say

what real words needed. what in fact prepared

me for the swings the slides the merry-go-round.

we went round and flat. but i knew it considerate

of my freely staying put. actual illusion of saying.

here. go where. the next piece. small after local

real carnivals. so large in serious. in the drama of



still door



on fire



and ours

Saturday, April 02, 2005
marsh. stump.

he loses. consciously.

as being

thread. spring fed

a long edge.

you know him.

with crickets now

in changes

so loud we turn.

he loses. conscious

before and

electrical as cities

in choral


two of them.

two paper ones

the dog the other cat

& doctors. representing

the village. exactly seven.

limits. i'm saying two cards.

this inspiring. devout. one

whole. and heartedly nothing

but two against the

form-led world. as flat.

i'm not the real mosquito.

honestly. one side

is empty. one side

ignoring my inauthentic


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