Friday, April 15, 2005
why not say yr meanings in a row. tick them off.

birds. bugs. damp shirts. boxes. footsteps. bricks.

harden as a sea falls. what he said happened.

i can't explain how. geared as an old aspen clamors.

what he said lived for a moment then went.

a puzzled focus. rigors in his thinking muscles. unsaid.

Thursday, April 14, 2005
riding away from these shadows and this menace who

moves. a squirrel sounds behind you. a cold steel ring.

and morning. panning away to a cloud of soot. bred of

a solstice. my hands going to teeth without integrity.

you'll eat anything. large movies. random campaniles.

i can be built out of small parts. and you will still

foreign as a line. cold cord. mine in confusing

you. but you can figure enough to know what

figure i cut. when it's all grass in the wind it's

the seduction you want. even in the tornado.

ephemera means going going. probably far far.

set the line against it. you get a consolation.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
in place there's a book open. whose. is frozen when the book

explodes. i'm watching and there goes a sparrow or a hawk.

but the book simmers. astonished to have been. printed inkly

it is still. not a good book.

it reasons in color. pressed

to deliver the goods. kids

think it sucks too. sure.

nearly boiled. you'd expect the hawk to have knocked

itself out. but no. you must cheer when he retrieves

the frisbee from the mucked up roof. as boys in excess

will cuddle harmonicas. no spiders here. he kills it jumps

spins like nijinsky or jackie chan. the whole damn book.

explodes out to the whole big restless damn empty room.

i was never about it. i was about then dragging

feet becoming. emblematic of a certain rushing.

combat over spaghetti. i realize important eyes

know it. but i was never about. when i desired

it. i went walking. and found it next at sundown.

hot as a human hulk scuttled on a curious reef.

or something just as poetical. it hugged me tight.

queasy enough to initiate imagination. how blue

for the sky goes off. the pony takes over. grits

come to mind. talking about brothers to friends

you recognize an old pattern. repeat it. a bell.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
not that i'm a surface. but certainly.

superficial. certainly. superfluous.

where the paper goes off to no fancy funeral.

there in the word suck. up to it.

i'm a hester who stayed nice. okay.

you'd have to read the surface. if

humiliation prints a new government

of the bullied. lines them with ridiculous

privilege. they just want to be happy.

dramatic in new shoes. personal and all.

immature to. break off. like a startled animal.

how. as we make fire there's a wall. first to

worship. sure my hands are cold. but you've

got answers. wooden trains. eyes like a pope.

gray hammer blues. my enigmatic. invisible.

held down. on black branch. on truly sorry.

how's the couple i met. how's the heavenly

convention. gray hammer blues. some day.

parsed by a sudden sidewalk whose knife.

blunts the rainscape. here. it is going on.

morning duties. collected. touched by an

opus. given time to. and hung from above.

here. i'm constant. neither eating nor. i'm

congratulated. a thrilling combination rag.

Monday, April 11, 2005
who falls if the rut is a precipice.

who if the sky wears thick soles.

who falls when i say useful or

useless under some conditions.

time for shade. word for moon.

swing us there. for cricket eyes.

forgive it. give it a chance.

the pack of lies i pack &

send to is it a summer's

rough corner. the guys &

geese'll have plenty to say.

honk if you love this old

cannard. sun spots them

when the cars pass. slow.

squint. i said forgive it. &

understand it's all taken

from the french. or the danes.

Sunday, April 10, 2005
look the marsupial took it back. on the sly.

a heaven of vegetables and a sweet brown comma.

without inner discourse. idea. we're less than

dust which even. dust. has a certain. je ne sais.

to be dust it must. look the marsupial lumbers

into night's rich treasure chest and plucks

a color from impossibility. a priceless. opening.

hardly the ring. the stick of thorn.

not threaded or cut along the bevel.

these orders came in. one at a time.

or flooded in. multiples of thirteen.

then dancing to the music of falling

on barely finished floors. an idea

then the tools will arrive in red &

in flight. pass the hammer before it

goes winking off to. quickly. italia.

Saturday, April 09, 2005
nicely. learning to participate in the angel.

we wear sweaters and cut magazines. i'm

the stumbled wings of mid-morning coping.

tiny spots on the bug. as a seducible lover

of electric italian country tunes. each saint

painting. my number my sharp blades go go.

no inflexible rule
can be laid down as to
the details
of a leap
by any animal.

... e. m. 1898 ...

as in the previous era.

a cold cut. then a frantic.

we were faithful. it hurt.

but the snickers. wealthy

patrons. knees like bullets.

scolding and ruminant. as

today's open sky seems.

launched thoughtful overtaken

in the name of. a gesture.

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