Friday, April 22, 2005
and having written such shamefulness there's nowhere

to turn for solace a welcoming glance or a blue hand no

comfort for the vileness of a weakness no red sauce no

constitutional defense. all the right's run out of you so.

what i in the road go trying. what i go trying along

to do. when i messing with the volume it go louder.

when a bad guy come around i push him out. go get

a hammer. get like a kid his daddy or hell even mama.

in the road it sunny. this is no lie. nobody sing as a

layer in the road of going. for far into this day. no

other got me in time. no other coming to tell and tell.

like south of the border but not mexico city

here comes an easy break. fable and curtsy

of old blocks and walls. something making up

its way. we get our dues paid and slammed.

then we get hands full of paper and tragic

are they saxophones pushing together. picked

for muscle and some stranger in the eye go.

the way the eye go you'd think it's a pirate.

Thursday, April 21, 2005
i don't do any of that but anxious. but yellow yes.

instead of the pasted letters take a chocolate no.

i'm the son of hipster chance. thrown all over it

like a monkey in the bamboo. wounded eyes for

quarters. ground up me. not doing any of it but

you aren't smart enough yet. still. come back

when you are smarter. in order. with a smiley.

come back smarter and in order. come back

once the lesions have healed. smarter and as

the ribbons of crow filter down come back. we

say. come floating as nurses and smarter than

bellies. you aren't yet. not smart enough. yet.

for stagecraft. and a voice. for going out and back.

we are the thrills and. we suspect the light's on so.

but i am not convinced. the last time we tried this.

is what you meant. does it have the right face. on.

you were collecting me in this and this and the next.

for lights to the day. night. bounding comes of it all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
who gets to read will assign a quarter of the life

to lying. then jumping out of the way. then wild

graynesses of many kinds. then listening to what

comes of bad guesses. you in the eyes of who's

reading are a quizical shape arriving smelling like

a smoked-up century. frayed cuff where the shoe

hits the pavement. wish. wishing. in a good book.

who picked. and slid the desk's ugly song ugly

name into the square. with hands raised to that

window. there i was among the bad ones scratched

for bugs and found some. as the floor shook as i

measured my shadow against the ugly dong and ding.

who picked. and slid the desk's ugly voice ugly

song. and stood with hands raised to a window.

reading into reflected light the bad song of day

of bad people who forget more in the bad guess

we make. of puny organs. organizations. rules.

which thing in the world this is calling.

and rudely. not behaving. god only knows

we say. as if god needs to. but here

i'm kneeling on the world and aching. you

think that thing's dust. so right you be.

as calling it. it comes to hum on its knees.

have received any. haven't joined.

come soon. water rising. merrily.

i mean this canoe holds two. so

you'd let time run out before we

smother the secret. flowing as

the lake breathing. i own these

twenty centuries. i peel them so.

you come too. with useful lungs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
one. is. next. is.

or this. in giving.

no it's. rich or this.

in these. i'm. in a.

before. a so. at all.

on why and ever. also.

by the stare. by liking i.

by which. at closing. as.

so quiet. as. or.

if when. a door.

Monday, April 18, 2005
what gud. what brightnesses in earnest

mean us. when i'm sparkled. yr plangent.

and in triplicate we're rosy as predictable

freudian windows. what guarded melody

took back all its intuition. left us gurgling

& pointing to our buttons. dancing bugs.

uncarefully unstitched. to ruin of fingers

leave a threading. permission to leave and

let me go. uncarefully. made of bonus tick

and tock. stitched. drooling. unready for a

maturity. or hung from a branch of trickling.

Sunday, April 17, 2005
imagine over enough time. it accumulates a language.

graces a stage in soft shoes. wires for vowels. belts

for consonants. imagine over time. it relaxes into an

impression of the great stars. twinkles. twinkle so.

a deer goes two birds. a bird goes a glove.

is enough in paper in sight while the rest

sleep. a woman goes an arch. a wall goes a

fabric of light. and stands for bewildering.

Saturday, April 16, 2005
gorging beyond the neurotic. going full. into it

and out. then you make a small medical doll &

tell it to hurry & stop being so neurotic. no one

wants this edition. but i have ten different kinds

of ink & you need me. as neurotic as delicious

in a sandstorm as one good breath. if i let it in.

not this world the other curls. seventeenth

century hygiene or syntax looks good on a

modern is it adonis. queued. waiting for next

day's parking. stumbling into milton for a cup

of coffee while the wheels get rotated. that

girl there needs more schooling. a hairbrush.

my sir seizing. is that the ocean coming up.

which eye looks in. which tooth cracks ice.

my sir. the windows look all bunched up.

the carpet needs you. the walls a long guess.

if i'm forgotten before i've been written

i'm grovelling as in absence. history tells

me as stone or stone breath in stone shell

curving up to the marble floor. i'm reaching

in dry weather. yr reason forestalls a tale

in me. a cool stable. i'm forgetting what's

lucky in artifacts generations examinations.

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