Friday, May 13, 2005
string string string knot string. for starters.

a bundle packed in an arch. rush of the still

built bringingness. o so there we are minced

and remembering that an inch took today's

long measure. we've got humble starts and

an edge that goes like vague singing. out

that needs a flat surface for its purposes.

we weren't the supple folds of thunder any

more. we're glassness. our traditional ways

come out in thematic baskets of yes and no.

as i will take you to the movies but not the

green berets. my hands are cold enough to

slip off through the wreckage of american i.

Thursday, May 12, 2005
not a good. but a mild

curiosity for words. so

physical. go screaming

at kids in rags. not say

a good. but french in a

twisted film will add

a mild free alien eye.

not a good. but a soft.

you might sound every note of them. still we cannot

fix them in signs. apparently original. stuffing them

i thank them. into brittle pastry shells. my feelings

having nothing to do with them. but perched listing

like drunken tree fowl. there into still small pods of

normality. i'm all over wrinkles and standards. too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
isn't a projected face as an extended arm a gaze

like a jackhammer yearning. some pieces of vague

you know... unspeakable but known in the body's

direction. something you knew pretty well once.

that declines where it used to incline. that there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
if i'd had a story to tell i'd have ground


well. control comes in bright red pages


for reeling down the freaky hole.


have murmurs just like hearts & crowds.


how wild it went down flaming. catholic


calming & complicating rough self saving


pierced as wrinkled scraps of used paper.

targets in combination. i'm flopped in a version of this day.

you're guessing it's a work day. how the voice bullies every

smaller voice. how the bird-like children say and say again

the nuisance of paper under fists. completed and assigned

numbers for leaves for pungent things for every falling sky.

Monday, May 09, 2005
what we do in illinois is we

(descriptive rhythm)

flirt with what the ice age did we

(both parents now)

give up when the professionals come we

(even when heavily veiled)

overlook all the grabbing here

(one child's timeless)

in illinois we get practical when we

(with lesser known elements)

get poetical we

(in public and private)

trim our sight to eight nine ten dimensions tops we

(costumed in red silk)

echo one fragile consequence after the next we

(potentially crippling)

say the cardinals are awful pretty today we

(with black and white photos)

drive away. we do. in illinois.

some eating. mostly eaten on traceries of the stomach

for guidance in difficult bitterness. eating wit with a face

turned up. eating horror in small slices. but finally full as

a book. its rapid instruction coming comic. almost spilled.

maybe handles. maybe a deep red morning. can't you over-

manipulate this green formality toward a new fearlessness.

can't you applaud the shakey birds. busy buster goes pale

for yodels.
but still you suffer the slow. still uncertain.

Sunday, May 08, 2005
you get so long a mostly manageable. confusion. and you

get beloved work. a golden instrument for navigation. i'm

yr polka baby. optimistic as a rabbit flight. full fontal

delight. i'm yr modern o. yr mister jim dissonant maybe.

you have seen your heart. no it was not as our machine.

an argument maybe. on a cellular level in shadow. classical

small minutes. for she places her head at the center of one

large bright circle. she smiles in italian. watching us run up

with accounts of the most difficult exam. we were imbeciles.

our hearts were dental torment. grinding down our defenses.

imagine whole bricks of it. i'm selling whole heavy

chunks of it. & yr buying from moment to moment

an assorted fertile array. for building towards the

far point over past here. where we make red ends

for starters. bricks of call it time. from & to the ugly

and the good. all animated so nearly. fatal to come.

Saturday, May 07, 2005
nothing of tin usefulness. a thirst for mine. injustice

tuckers in back rooms in smoke. once one trembled

over rumors of a book. ferocious names. inevitable

beyond any stretch of the. now incorporeal glances

back through beer talk. as all you could afford then.

undertaken. as a terrific distraction and symphonic

as the best. aspire to. undertaken and predictable

as a mood. there we go just like the beautiful and

the damned. in pairs just so. to pray for the good

to rise as coffee cake. to repair unhealthy longings.

a sleek seam of becoming better. amuck in heavy

waking. go faster go lover go learning. to founder.

in that there's no such thing as. bird. i'll activate

black wing black eye black talon black flight. so

hunkered into skyways of small white goings.

past me. past what i said to nobody this morning.

i was the cute one saying. & you heard it taking off.

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