Friday, May 27, 2005
the best of it. here. a vaguery &

tempting to breathe away. better

between a gargoyle a star. best

for getting touched. gets told &

i mean it. never meant more than

but for the sand in shoes and the redding.

this desert would be fine & empty as say

god. what the wind. what the granulated

rock says. what the breathing up a dune

down a dune. without a word. not a thing

saying. but having in place. what is in it.

Thursday, May 26, 2005
you have to have printed it out there then

i'll let you keep it. being nervous as you are

in print the faces will stop praying down an

urge on you. print it out on any old paper.

there. i'll wind it up & lift you home against a

harsh review. not exactly woodpeckers but

flat birds you worry about. this paper is not

a tree in the printed shade. it's just us again.

boys that are smart know

a friend's explanation goes

a fierce bombing raid. for

subject & not a quaintness

they say. hike it up. saying

o the slow dance yeah. &

reasonably well foreign the

way smart boys play old &

embody urine stains & suns

as treasure. as a privacy.

my imagery's like a charmed circle. & more potent than fact.

misunderstood as a New Mexican mirage or as his mother knows

it's hired to find a fourteen-year-old grandiloquence. in patches

for losses. my imagery misreads secrets that bind families together

at the margins of the elite ... the gradual confluence of disappointment

& a maze-like modernity. o. it walks with me. and it talks with me. it

the intimidated at half an ounce. weren't drawling well

& spitting familiar. so we took the other way. years ago

a franchise. burgeoned. you say. we're knocking & actual

as fact. without the blues. so we get to specialize.

frighten the colonies. go round about. sentimental.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
i will build it blankly.

& so light

without walls. coming into color.

i didn't mind your blur.

but the walking stuttered. we

meant to. stand still

stars & trees built in a leap

& open.

next it must come. faster in the naval museum.

fear of waves. finally my anguish is adult & distant.

all backyard rippling up. foundations tempestuous.

parentage rare & exclusive. a lusty paradox in wet.

were we. damaged in a small collection. as sons.

forgot my horn thus it. any finger. any thought.

how the rain shows us in dear old stockholm. grinning

into pippi's mirror. making the joints as we go bent.

as any finger. we weren't exactly terse. but formidable

in our roving colloquy. headless for starters & gone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005
it couldn't be the newness. mustn't be for stale.

this exclusion. boys far away from girls now. now

a nice day. how it feels is an arrangement. made

on a warpy frame. but still nice despite an excision.

when theory. long nails and bravery in pastoral seethings.

it pointed and shivered. the grey monastic appetite going

mad into ancient & vulnerable humanities. the tree so.

there the sky so. like ruthless lambs. when shining in bees.

assorted presentations on the williams family. bitter tired

hopeful now and then. weren't listening while carpenters

drilled their lifestyle into likewise vibrant misunderstandings.

my own family's enchanted evening. sensitive material art.

Monday, May 23, 2005
zipped & waterlogged as a bruise we're finally a banquet.

as in the later films of washington. where. umbrellas figure

just as. call it. license. to organize a circus. we on purpose.

tortured the precious. most precious true liberty into style.

to convince my catastrophe. i'm a sleepy town.

to rescind his threat of arson. i'm elegant & mysterious.

my parts full of color leaving tidiness. childish

as in confessing a series of ritual sayings. done in

gaming toward sinister turns. i'm a light. a pinpoint blue.

Sunday, May 22, 2005
it was my privilege that got suspicious under voices. you hear me.

i made a small pile of it because i could. i watch you inside beating

an egg. to become a kidding. the froth must go up a new divinity's

bendy straw throat. i waited all afternoon to develop an historical

prose & i found you struggling with the words it took to believe in.

without a red-headed one in it. it isn't hungry. but sly.

will trip you up. call you names. a dodgy icon. or some

shameless gravel mob. without a red-headed one in it.

you get to do almost anything you want to do in grey.

do not in yr homely. style or text. excuse a prayer as a request.

you were making and talking. making and pronouncing the day.

and it comes in profound. in deplorable. in accomodating. morals.

do not request a new driver. watch the residue you slough.

which window will glisten. do not yawn into laughter. just go on.

Saturday, May 21, 2005
tanning piecemeal. we resemble these opportunistic melodramas

that cancel themselves on a daily fad. there we shoulder our own

disappearance into what we might become as the plot unfolds in a.

breathless common dignity. or here we pull the finite switcheroos

we're famous for. culling inadequate parts of me of you of anyone.

setting them off like dear small sponges. or a sun. what an end.

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