Friday, June 03, 2005
with hands so small to never play the piano.

remembering these jeans have holes in them.

they who come back looking for old songs.

hasn't there been enough shame at last.

to recommend an author to decide which season.

old and tardy cuts past an untransforming grammar.

while thinking no words but splinters.

my impersonal attention to distances will suffer.

forcing milwaukee to comply with his innocent.

as hands so small to remove whole paragraphs.

following was it.

by the right to never stand up in class.

by breath to speak holes through any day.

cornered in whispers as hawk-fallen sparks.

there i go polite again. merely rookish in ire.

you too completely flubbed under floors of

us and us and us. flocks in fact of dopey

psychology they say. which makes us one

swirling mumble out to the center where it.

& i'm a tremor a timorous tumble a tongue.

Thursday, June 02, 2005
i'm quite scarey now actually. pin my tie back.

take me for princeliness in a black car. ugly boy

in a black car. but he makes alot of money. & so

books feel good in a cabana. while i scare a

uniform down from the ceiling. look it's god in his

final exam.
god makes me scarey in many places.

now that settled. us. you can't

even say box anymore. (some-

thing here) once gone stays put.

offers her chips to. adjusts her

skirt. he knew what he meant. a

political or an artistic sort.

suppose you need. but which call comes in

then you appear ridiculous and posing. your

own voice said back to your own voiceless

face. suppose you need. well i'm always here

for you. and grimace. a face made voice call

me. you'll feel better when the oranges come.

what you want is a nice. yes. one of those.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
wishing for a gap. a hole in the language tics.

we're all old women now. nothing wrong with that.

even he went here & there did this & that. famously.

catching a cough mid-flight. it goes singing.

for now. no singing. but who in a second. in a minute.

u r a faggot it goes. in song it's a. thrush.

matter of fact this moving was a stirring not

a shaking not a quick leap not a propulsive

gulp. i'm writing from the damp moraine. new

shuffling ever gets enough of me. i'm slow as

you know. a glacier. to turn yr historical into

my trademark elusive. my heart my heart my

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
in it without the obscenities please. whose ideas

go plastic & radical as the uprooted saying. why

haven't you done anything for us. there i said it.

i mean the obscene in such beautiful ebony ends

& curves. for captions even never listen. it's blood.

we're still a war. we're a war still. i forgot

& we're a war. & still. what it said. how we

are still a war when i forgot. we were. still

a war & all that. it means i forgot war. & i

said what. we're a war in it still. & still.

hole opens & i mutter in watercolor. do something.

but here we've got earthen urges toward loss &

this bright home turning significant. we watch as i

mutter in oil. never expected this. artifacts binding

edges against simple erosions. my saying you see.

beat the predictable. beat it to hell while

yr pulling staples from the old year. there

a bright idea this. kid isn't. forgetting it

& forging a new techno out of the typos we

set. carefully in the center of the meadow

unrhetorical as inside in. all encouraged &

satisfied to have beaten back an expector.

whimsy with blueberries. all unsold books must be eaten.

fact is. i'm a pretty good graphic device.

first wrote gelatinous back under santa fe's watchful.

you don't like it. you don't like it. one bit.

with these beeps that call us out we never stop receiving.

and we like that. like it very much thank you.

Monday, May 30, 2005
wasn't it for pockets of subjects that we belly up to saying.

wasn't it for a mountainous delight in hunting wild science.

wasn't it for the introductions & consequences unfortified.

wasn't it in a rude deafening electronical fit all for reading.

for offending my kabuki decade. i get teachings &

rivals. while away. these photos came with hand-

sewn apologies & reasons from the fierce market book.

as funny as counting my wit. it goes off & nothing bleeds

or burns but. i go on troubling with roses the deer ate.

& not even trying to be funny. not counting the tulips or

what the cat left on the rug. a grossness of fact & form

as poetry fudge ripple yogurt. nobody even found my tail

target. will this finish a woman. married into the desert

reversed by commerce & pronounced fit. for trade & com-

panionship. an end to all brittle to all blind to all washers

& dryers. exchange woman for fate. you get devastation.

Sunday, May 29, 2005
why keep writing martyr in yr head. an arguably innocent

abridgement. deliver me from such subway facts. adopting

& accusing the little half-bred pups. their fault in religions.

their fault in critical affections. their fault in political wounds.

the very monster brought the city. said it followed me home.

so now's the journey out. faith victims piling out. to reason.

o heart. piano. every room is brilliant you

said it as clear glass. bounding into justice.

when the war goes on to lick our lies. you

call it forging the diligent wild man. justice

for a crystal goblet. my guess. a page you

strained through Art & Dinner for real justice

o heart piano listen. i'm ready to sentence you.

Saturday, May 28, 2005
that you can take what you find. as 1st principle

you will. seem to be waking from a long seeming to

have been walking uncertainly or even asleep. you

come again to take what you find. it's all you have

and are bent to it like old trees. or children be-

coming a week or month from now what they find. so

there. your beautiful thing is another or another.

in seeing what you said becoming what fear found in

another rule that may be final. the way sleep has

named us into saying. the way it pushes back. to be

to big of words. since he lost. & really read

it backwards for a quest. to get answers i

bet he got alot. but not to big of words &

phrases i got. as answers followed me in.

home. & i kept. & called them by good names.

well come in. i are not eating itself for morning

not for turning away for looking at morning eating

itself in greys and greens. what cd you might sing

it pays for itself and eats itself so come in fella.

come in for good in salient trousers. bring heaven.

slice of tree slumber. sliced yellow bird & gone.

back to finish your phrase currently

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