Friday, June 24, 2005
are you working flatness still. sure you are.

an egg on the saddle. a boulder's holiness.

are you compact in the message. certainty.

pockets of breath & waiting more waiting &

yr causing me to. stop it. resolves to nice

acoustical & plainspoken. saying this is

you and us. nice for the moment looking

possibly. like a couple of founding fathers.

Thursday, June 23, 2005
swallowing the pursuit of adventure we get scorpions up

under the hood. we get penniless cynicism. we get prison.

and still the well-educated morning stands like a maze of

muddy trails. who did you think would. what had he said

at last. where was the skull eventually fractured. all these

pronounce us injured. forcing a talent for every affliction.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
let three wasps stand for a serious endeavor. let the flowers

disappear into italy or france. where all the saints commenced

drawing themselves inside out. lingering over needles. going

home to treat with harbingers, hunter-gatherers, tinkers in

metal and wood. let the wasps lie low. let them count extra.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
how there can be. how there

can be there can be. too many

words were nerves

in saying

god this or the other

many trips to the well

and hiding small

things. i'm

well hidden


Monday, June 20, 2005
time is what. you. is aces kids. is powerful juice.

as a walk to the woods for a howl of neil young.

can this be a fact or another faker. clicker clack.

a walking off. that incredible silence and weight.

just. about the weight of the longest word. as a

tending towards. for trouble's an eventual color.

gradually murdered by dollars in discrete bits.

and cynical for no reason. and fractured as a

sleeper. here i'm the map you get for knowing

where in black and white on nearly every page

i took possession of our sad & careful mistakes.

Sunday, June 19, 2005
one might feel unable to tell the stories.

i won't be entertaining. or useful. so there.

one in an argument. one's feet are invisible.

i like that deep yellow. on that car there.

one holds something back. all in fear.

i'm in the center with all my psycho friends.

one goes to sleep with someone else's music.

a love poet without the time.

all issues posing as waiting against.

blow me up. go on.

river river river river go on.

all the priests should go away for a long time.

presently shadowed from much the same kind of place.

just to say that i didn't say it not in that way.

there are his coffee poems there are no booze.

faker on the television.

or a love poet in terrific nubile extensions.

if suffering is thousands going off as one and another one.

off to seasons i imagined.

the new pope on a sunny deck sings now a bee stung.

not knowing enough of the current or rope of history i'm one.

broken tractor that's okay.

all the hints are buried in plain sight and valleys.

flatness flatness flatness flattens flatness.

speaking for the western avenue crowd.

close to.

do i need this honesty in my former corruption.

with explosions unfair dripping. all bad things something.

for solar panels are the way to go.

they have their own reasons for running as they do at home.

in bare feet. spending too much on oneself.

(some perfect music here)

then the non-expressive trick of riding alone on the bus

walking nights or caves. weather. not

saying and happily hiding

brand names roughly. coming off. young enough to know.

you can stop wherever you mean to.

being many and singular is a trouble i volunteer for you.

dead ends find ours just when you get to feeling a friend's

barging in asking for that book. yours was all in the dust.

being cut off and ragged i'd rather disappear than call you.

from ambition we get noises all night and tension at funerals.

how i get from here to that leaf. or that rock. to a postcard.

Saturday, June 18, 2005
guests must be 18 or older. so prescribe victory.

a corral is wanted. what did i say in the old way.

as crushing soughing spells. there were signals we

missed. ever too young to get it. percolate saying

as expecting the guest. to be 18 years old or more.

it mattered then that there would be no jesus talk.

go further to apologize go nicer

go cool.

good advice for bleeders & common

voluptuaries. soak

the nice people reading culture into.

sharing an

edge overlooking the shrinking please &

thank you

and might refuse to recognize their own children.

in pieces a few paces past europe. in curious books.

bleeding as they always. in unscrupled exploits. go

drumming in other more fatal libraries. shock values

fall from the first chord into politics. we bought

cars for going. but they would not go. they stayed

and now their own are supplanted by their new ones.

back to finish your phrase currently

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